Jim Harbaugh Gave Pope Francis “Michigan” Air Jordan 5 PEs

Apr 26, 2017 | Ian Stonebrook |



According to ancient Hebrew scriptures and Pope Francis, 2017 is a year of jubilee. Well, the captain of Catholicism has even more reason to smile and be joyous thanks to a gift from a buddy in Ann Arbor.

On tour with his team in Rome, Jim Harbaugh delivered the Pope a pair of the very rare and unreleased Air Jordan 5 Michigan PEs along with a U of M helmet. While we cannot confirm at this time whether or not Pope Francis will rock these or keep them deadstock, best believe that if he does break them out he’ll headline Celebrity Sneaker Stalker.

On that note, while sports have always been a place of great debate, the only question now is who is the coolest coach in amateur athletics: Coach Harbaugh or Coach Cal? One takes his team overseas and blesses the Pope with PEs while the other rocks mismatched OVO Jordans from Drake to recruit.

The answer? Gotta be Harbaugh ‘cuz it’s better to give than receive.

Stay blessed.

Also funny…

Lead image via @AlanHoldren props to SB Nation


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