215 Greens Road
Houston, TX 77067

Brands sold at SF2:
Converse Limited,Crooks and Castles, Shmack, CLH, Mighty Healthy, Greedy Genius, Five Four, Ether Denim, New Era, American Needle, Twins, Famous Stars and Straps, Burton Lifestyle, Rocksmith, Triumvir, Gravis, Creative Recreation, Royal Elastics, Converse Limited, AKA Stash House, Hollywood Cartel, Sedgewick and Cedar, Exact Science as well as a ton of Nike Air Force Ones, Air Jordans, and Dunks on consignment.

On the north end of the nations 4th largest city, Houston, TX, you will find one of the latest sneaker spots to open up in the “Bayou City.”

The person behind SF2, Teresa Waldon, has been into sneakers for quite some time. We got the opportunity to ask her a few questions about what got her started into shoes.

Matt – Nice Kicks: When did you realize that you were really into kicks?

Teresa – SF2: It was the Air Jordan III. I had every pair and I even had doubles of the Black/Cements. Back then Mike was tearing it up on NBA on NBC every Sunday right before the Jordans would get released.

Matt: You told me before that you didn’t grow up in Houston, where did you grow up?

Teresa: I actually grew up in Hawaii. I lived in a tiny little village. I had to get my kicks by taking a LONG busride into the city, and then another two buses to get to the shop that sold Jordans.

Matt: You said the kicks dropped on Monday right? So wait, what about school?

Teresa: What about it? When I was cutting class to get my fix, I knew I was addicted to sneakers. Nothing is an addiction until it starts making you change the rest of your life and that was when I realized that I had a sneaker addiction. Like Spike said, “Its gotta be the shoes!”

Teresa wanted to put a spot in Houston that was not just sneakers and not just fashion, but rather a good blend of the too along with a dash or music and hip hop culture. When asked about the name, Teresa defined SF2 to stand for “Sneakers and fahion. Sneakers comes before fashion because we dress from the ground up.”

At SF2 you can dress literally from toe to head (feet first!). SF2 has about ever major line of street wear that is making noise on the street. Along with the clothing, SF2 has a great collection of fitteds. SF2 has one of the largest selections of Astros fitteds in Houston. When we stopped in, there were 51 different colorways of Astros fitteds – of course to match with the kicks.