Going Green: History of Nike LeBron “Dunkman” Sneakers

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The Nike LeBron “Dunkman” series is arguably one of, if not the best, ongoing sneaker series today. Over the weekend, we received our first look at the “Dunkman” Nike LeBron 8. A few of you were happy to see this mockup, while others preferred many of the previous “Dunkman” LeBron shoes and rightfully so.

Our staff recently compiled a list of all of the Nike LeBron “Dunkman” sneakers that surfaced since James’ sneaker line began. In this feature, you will see some of the recent “Dunkman” releases, as well as some of the mockups that never released to the public. Take a look at our Going Green: History of Nike LeBron “Dunkman” Sneakers.

Nike Zoom LeBron II “Dunkman” PE

Many people criticized Nike for only releasing a small selection of Zoom LeBron II colorways to the public. That said, many colorways surfaced on the web but did not release, and this particular player exclusive was one of the most loved. Would you purchase this pair if it released?

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