Gilbert Arenas Offers a Glimpse Into His Sneaker Closet

Gilbert Arenas has been a frequent find in Celebrity Sneaker Stalker as of late, and has always been a Kicks On Court headliner. After having his own personal signature shoe, the adidas Gil Zero line, Agent 0 now has the freedom to wear whatever he pleases. Today, he gives us a glimpse into two of his many sneaker closets, which he says hold over 2,000 pairs. With an array of Nikes, Jordans, and of course adidas, Arenas covers the entire spectrum from vintage classics to unreleased models.

Gilbert Arenas’ Instagram is still young, so go follow him for future exclusive looks and comical posts. If you could take one pair from Gil’s collection, what would it be? Tell us your pick in the comment section below, and keep surfing Nice Kicks for everything sneakers.

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