Footwear Faceoff: Ray Allen vs Rajon Rondo

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The Boston Celtics as a whole rock some of the better sneakers in our Kicks On Court regularly. Michael Finley, Nate Robinson, Rasheed Wallace, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo have all been seen in some nice footwear at least once. Although the latter two players form one of the more potent point guard/shooting guard duos in the game today, we have them going against each other in today’s Footwear Faceoff.

Ray Allen laced up one of his many Jordan Icons PEs, while Rajon Rondo continues to sport the newly-designed Nike Hyperfuse model. Allen’s Icons own a black and green colored base comprised of patent leather and leather, while Rondo’s Hyperfuse PEs? are colored in white and green. Which basketball sneaker player exclusive interests you the most? Does Ray Allen’s patent leather Jordan Icons stand at the top or are Rondo’s Nike Hyperfuse the best sneaker in today’s Footwear Faceoff?

**Note**: Participate in our newly-designed Footwear Faceoff voting poll below and choose whose basketball sneakers you liked more.

Ray Allen laying it up in the Jordan Icons
Ray Allen turning the corner in the Jordan Icons
Ray Allen wearing the Jordan Icons
Rajon Rondo attacking the basket in the Nike Hyperfuse
Rajon Rondo wearing the Nike Hyperfuse
Rajon Rondo in the Nike Hyperfuse


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