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If you missed last night’s game 5 of the Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers series, you failed to watch one of the better games of the 2010 NBA Playoffs. Ron Artest and Jason Richardson both hit spectacular shots late in the game; however Artest’s glass shot at the buzzer propelled the Lakers to victory once again.

Although Ron Artest may have hit the best shot in the game, did he sport the best Peak signature sneaker in the Staples Center last night? Jason Richardson also wears Peak, and his signature sneakers own a primarily black leather base with multiple orange and purple hints to coincide with the Phoenix Suns color scheme. Artest’s sneakers own a mostly white leather base with multiple purple and yellow details to connect with the Lakers. It also seems as if Artest’s Peak model features more of a bulkier build than Richardson’s Peak silhouette. With that said, which player owns the better Peak sneaker?

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Ron Artest celebrating in his Peak signature sneaker
Jason Richardson celebrating in his Peak signature sneaker


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