Footwear Faceoff: Nate Robinson vs Rasheed Wallace

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We’re sure the majority of you would put your money on Rasheed Wallace scoring in the post if this matchup ever happened on the hardwood. However, both of these players are arguably evenly-matched when it comes to footwear on the basketball court.

In game 4, Nate Robinson wore the Nike Air Max2 CB94, a very classic basketball sneaker during the 1990s. The all-white, perforated sneaker is considered one of the better sneakers in Charles Barkley’s sneaker line without a doubt. Of course, Nate added some green laces to coincide with the Celtics color scheme. As for Rasheed Wallace, he laced up a white/green Nike Air Force 1 Hi for the second time in the 2010 NBA Finals. Sheed lost our last Footwear Faceoff as he went head-to-head with Kobe Bryant and his “Big Stage” Nike Zoom Kobe V; however, will he tower over the minuscule Nate Robinson in this sneaker battle?

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Nate Robinson wearing the Nike Air Max2 CB94
Nate Robinson wearing the Nike Air Max2 CB94
Rasheed Wallace wearing the Nike Air Force 1 Hi
Rasheed Wallace in the Nike Air Force 1 Hi


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