Fat Joe Talks Player Exclusives & Names His Sneaker Collector Mount Rushmore

Apr 1, 2014 | Ian Stonebrook |



The term ‘OG’ is frequently heard in the sneaker culture, but it’s typically used to label a pair of kicks rather than an individual. Fat Joe is a person worthy of the title in every sense. The original Celebrity Sneaker Stalker headliner, Joe’s Jordan debuts pre-date the column, with many of his music videos and TV spots serving as unofficial Sneak Peeks.

Approaching the 10 year anniversary of his infamous ‘shoe lick’ on MTV Cribs, Joey Crack is back with MTV2 for the new series Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave. On the day of the premier, we catch up with Joe to talk Jordans, Air Force 1s, PEs, baseball and his Sneakerhead Mount Rushmore. Read on to see who makes his list.

Nice Kicks: From the first Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red” retro in the “Make it Rain” video to today on Instagram and CSS, you’ve been debuting Jordans for a minute. How far back does your relationship with Jordans go?

Fat Joe: I just want to keep it positive, but everything I did in the hood was because of Jordans. I was trying to rock a fresh pair of Jordans. What’s weird is that we’re still trying to rock a fresh pair of Jordans! (Laughs) That’s what it was all about for me. Being fly, working hard so I could get a fresh pair of Jordans. My relationship with Jordans is just Day 1.

Nice Kicks: Looking back at the “Lean Back” video, you showcased your closet with at ton of PEs. How did you get your hands on those pairs?

Fat Joe: A lot of them were through being friends of athletes. My most famous story is taking Rasheed Wallace’s PEs off his feet. Like, I took them off his feet. He was in the middle of Philly, I went in the store and bought him some regular Nikes and f*cking took his PEs! [Laughs] I get them from everybody. The [toughest] guy in the world is Carmelo, and he’s my brother. I’m with him everyday and he won’t give me a pair of PEs. We’ve got them from everybody though, whoever you name. Ray Allen, Chris Paul, we’ve pretty much got them all.

Nice Kicks: Transitioning to Forces, you were also pretty heavy in the AF1 game.

Fat Joe: I still got the Forces. I’ve still got thousands of pairs of Forces just sitting. I’m waiting for them to heat up again. I’ve got so many pairs of Forces that it ain’t even right. I’m dying for them to get popping again so I can just pull out the collection. I might have every pair of Forces – I don’t know what I don’t have and I’m not gonna lie. My Forces game is crazy.

Nice Kicks: We think we know the answer on this one, but which pair of Air Force 1s is your favorite?

Fat Joe: Everybody knows my favorite pair of Forces are the Linens. Just the cream and the pink – those are my favorite. Those are my all-time favorite sneaker, to be honest with you. They’re scarce, man. I used to have like four pairs, but I wear my Linens. That’s the problem. I f*cked up like all four of them and then I went on the hunt and caught me like three new pairs, but it was the hardest hunt you’ve ever seen in your life. The problem is sneaker collectors know I’m serious and everybody wants to be the best sneaker collector. The one sneaker that I love, love, love and everybody knows are the Linens. So, I’m looking for the Linens and I’m trying to pay whatever they want, but nobody wants to sell them to me because they’re like, “F*ck that, he ain’t got these so we ain’t giving them to him!” [Laughs] I put the APV out on every sneaker collector you could name, the best of the best, and they were all like, “We ain’t got ’em,” and I’m like, “Motherf*cker you got em, y’all just don’t wanna give them to me!” That’s the kind of problems you have when you’re a big sneaker collector and everybody is gunning for you. It’s friendly competition.

Nice Kicks: Speaking of friendly competition, we understand your son is also into sneakers.

Fat Joe: My son robs me. I’ve got to stash certain sneakers in the elevator so he doesn’t take them. He feels like he has every right to. [Laughs] I remember one time I gave him like 200-300 pairs of sneakers. I built my own rack for him. I was like, “Here you go, but don’t touch that over there, none of that!” This [kid] doesn’t even touch any of the sneakers I put on the rack for him and goes for the other side. It’s crazy…it’s just crazy.

Nice Kicks: What’s your collection like these days?

Fat Joe: I don’t know how many pairs I actually have. I don’t even want to make it public, it’s too many sneakers. I’m blessed, that’s all I can say.


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