The 13 Best Allen Iverson Shoes

Oct 30, 2013 | Ian Stonebrook |



2. Reebok Answer I “All-Star”

Reebok Answer I "All-Star"
Reebok Answer I “All-Star”

Dress a shoe in patent leather? Good. Dress a shoe in all red patent leather? Great. The Reebok Answer I “All-Star” subscribed to the two easiest ways to make a shoe better, creating a red reptile finish. Despite a breakout rookie year and stellar sophomore campaign, the Answer did not make the All-Star team his second season and thus the shoe was never worn and not released. Years later samples would surface causing hoopla of a possible retro of this cult classic. While we do believe this model did in fact release as a hyperstrike, locking down a pair of these is about as hard as locking down AI in an iso situation.


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