Celebrity Sneaker Stalker Spotlight // Travi$ Scott

H-Town, you got one.

Hailing from the Lone Star State but raging worldwide, Travi$ Scott officially released his debut album, Rodeo, today.

Having handled production on Yeezus, guested on Magna Carta Holy Grail and appeared on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, hip-hop’s hierarchy has been getting the spark from La Flame for more than a minute now. For fans in the know however, his solo work has been just as strong if not stronger.

Dropping two acclaimed mixtape/EPs and now Rodeo, Travi$ has structured a sound that’s continuing to shape and shift the genre. Just as his production, performance and rapping skills are sharpening, so is his style. In the last year, Scott has been a staple of Celebrity Sneaker Stalker and now a formidable CSS MVP candidate. From kicks to clothes, see how his look has evolved over each solo release.

Owl Pharaoh

Album artwork photo via The Masked Gorilla

Early on, much was made of the story of Travi$ Scott meeting Kanye West, and the two eating Taco Bell on Hermes plates. In a way, it’s become a metaphor of sorts as Scott sonically serves greasy indulgences on a polished platter with high profile company. On Owl Pharaoh, his debut EP, Travi$ tangles tales of angst, romance, raging and coming of age alongside the likes of A$AP Ferg, Theophilus London, Meek Mill, Wale and more.

Shots of Travi$ in Yeezys by Michael Knapp, other select photos by Mike Coppola, Frederick M. Brown and Jamie McCarthy all for Getty Images via Zimbio

From a style standpoint, Travi$ has always blended genres of fashion much like his music, taking streetwear in a grunge direction, often clad in hunting camo in his early days. The Vans Old Skool, Bathing Ape Bapestas and Nike Air Yeezys were all in rotation on the foot during his OP era.

Days Before Rodeo

Album artwork photo via Wikipedia

While anticipation was at fever pith for Owl Pharaoh, La Flame officially arrived with Days Before Rodeo. A free album and an incredibly good one at that, Travi$ took his sound to new heights, bringing in the young talent of Atlanta with the tutelage of Houston’s own Mike Dean. Still, the vision was clearly Scott’s and the sound was truly something new.

Crowdsurfing photo by Teresa Kroeger for Getty Images via Zimbio and Yeezy 2 photo by Thomas Welch for Highsnobiety

Around this time, Reebok had the smarts to sign Travi$, making him the young face of their Classics campaign. Travi$ was a regular in Workouts and Insta Pump Furys, often lacing them with gear from Palace and Givenchy. Though he was on the Reebok roster for most of the DBR run, he still kept Old Skools and Yeezys on deck.


Album artwork photo via Genius

Narrated by T.I. in a similar fashion to that of Common on Kid Cudi’s debut Man on the Moon, Rodeo continues to stretch Scott’s sound by playing with beat flips, filters and distortions. Awesome album artwork adds to the package literally and figuratively on his retail debut.

“Supreme” Air Force 1 by LaVan Anderson

Currently a free agent in the footwear space, Travi$ has been rocking anything and everything from “Taiwan” Air Force 1s to adidas Ultra Boosts and Alexander McQueen PUMAs. Yeezys old and new remain staples for Scott as do designer and streetwear garb, getting burn at his high energy live shows.

Travi$ Scott’s Rodeo is available now on iTunes.

Lead image shots by Jamie McCarthy, Teresa Kroeger and Robin Marchant all for Getty Images via Zimbio.