The Cardi B Classic Leather Reebok Collection is Dropping Soon

Where to Buy Cardi B Classic Leather Reebok Collection

Cardi B is back again, coming with a new collection of Classic Leather Reeboks. This collab comes just after the announcement that adidas sold their sister brand, Reebok, to Authentic Brand Group (ABG) for $2.5 billion. After a quiet couple of years at Reebok, this purchase left the sneaker community wondering what ABG has in store for the flat-lining sneaker brand. ABG took to Instagram to announce the purchase and posted a picture of Cardi to celebrate. This has us wondering if the art of celebrity collabs is what ABG has planned for Reebok, but nevertheless, Cardi B is a great place to start.

These relatively simple Reeboks turn heads with a monochromatic leather upper that comes in shades of pink, green, burgundy, and white. Cardi is known for her rambunctious personality and flashy style, so we’re surprised to see a collection that offers colorways that are lowkey and refined. Regardless, these sneakers stand out with their suede patchwork detailing that flaunts stylish construction. For more attention to detail, the sneakers sit atop a stacked midsole that is embellished with lugs for some added quirkiness. 

The Cardi B Classic Leather Reebok Collection will be available on Friday, August 27, 2021. You can purchase them from or at select retailers for $110. For more Reebok releases and updates on all your favorite sneakers, follow @NiceKicks on Instagram.

Cardi B Classic Leather Reebok Collection

Colorway: Sandy Rose / Hunter Green / Triathlon Red / Ftwr White
Release Date: August 27, 2021
Price: $110

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