Blue Collar Kicks: 1 on 1 with Stalley

Ohio native Stalley has been putting in work both in the booth and on Celebrity Sneaker Stalker. The Maybach Music Group MC has been a fixture of CSS since arriving on our radar and has rocked retros, new signatures, and everything in between en route to multiple voting poll wins. After getting the scoop on his current rotation, we chatted with Stalley to hear about the kicks he grew up on and if fame has affected his kick connections or music collaborations.

Nice Kicks: How has your success as an artist changed your accessibility to sneakers?

Stalley: Not too much, but it?s helped. I?ve always had sneakers and I?ve always been a collector. Now, I?ve just got more people I can call for sneakers [Laughs]. People need to know that I?ve been a sneaker dude. I don?t just do it because I?ve got money, or I?ve got a connection, or whatever. I?ve had sneakers and you?ll see, so just keep watching because I?ll pull stuff out that?ll make you know that I?ve been around for a while. I?ve got some more exclusive heat coming. I know a lot of people become these first-time sneakerheads because they?ve got money or they bump into the right people, but I come from this.

Nice Kicks: What?s your first memory of sneakers growing up?

Stalley: I just remember kicks being everything. It was the basis of your whole outfit. I?ve had everything from Ewings to Jordans to Nike Cortez to Air Max 1s. I remember not worrying so much about what I had on because if I had that certain shoe my whole outfit would look nice. It?s definitely something that?s been a part of me growing up and just around me. Growing up, everybody cared about sneakers. It was kind of like Do the Right Thing when Buggin? Out was walking around with his toothbrush trying to clean his shoes. It was that same type of feeling. That?s the memory for me, and that?s when I really fell in love.

Nice Kicks: Growing up in Ohio, what were people around you wearing?

Stalley: When I was growing up, it was about the Robinsons, the Pippens, the Jordans, the Rodmans, and the Ewings. Where I?m from, it?s a smaller town so we also got into the Shell Toes, the Cortez, the Air Max 1s, and the Air Max 90s. If you see me now, I?m in basketball kicks. I love the basketball silhouettes and I love the bulkiness of some of the shoes.

David Robinson's Nike Air Force 180 Pump

Nice Kicks: Were there any models from your childhood that you wish you could bring back?

Stalley: Every Nike basketball sneaker from the 90s! I want the David Robinson kicks back. It?s funny because every year I?m like, ‘I wish they?d bring these Pippens back. I wish they’d bring the Reggie Millers back.’ Everything is just coming back! Nike is doing a good job with it.