The Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” Brought in Over $20 Million for Retailers

Jun 4, 2016 | Darren Griffin |



The Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” proved its historical and monetary worth last weekend, when the retro Jordan brought in over $20 million during its celebrated return to retail.

According to SportsScanInfo, the famed Air Jordan 12 movedĀ 100,433 men’s and 22,939 kids’ pairs for a total sum of $22,270,931. And while this number is staggering, what SSI tallies doesn’t include sales from or Nike’s direct-to-consumer stores. Thus, the data that sums $22 million only represents a portion of what the “Flu Games” really did during their May release.

While cultural perspective and contending stock successes may certainly say otherwise, Air Jordan retros are still performing exceptionally well. Accordingly, Nike as a brand has never left its top spot. As far as the “Flu Game” 12’s are concerned, it’s just another notch of the Jordan Brand belt.


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