Agenda Report // Upscale Vandal’s Tradeshow Sneaker Rotation

It’s the top of the week and Nice Kicks is at Agenda Las Vegas for the last tradeshow of this season. Previously hitting Long Beach and New York City, we’ve been a fixture of the fashion forecast Agenda always proves to be, but we’re not the only renowned regulars here.

Upscale Vandal has been in the mix at each and every Agenda of 2017, standing out with his style on the foot and his presence on Agenda’s social channels. The man behind the birth of En Noir and Tackma as well as a style consultant for Pusha T and J Balvin, Vandal knows what’s up when it comes to kicks. Find out what he’s been wearing at Agenda this season and why in the pages below.

NikeLab Air Force 1 Low “Citron”

“You heard I came through in a yellow lex & hopped out in the Air Force 1’s with yellow checks”

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Upscale Vandal: “I think I was the first one with those. Obviously I’m from New York and Air Force 1s are a thing, but the Lux ones are a no brainer. The premium leather is butter soft and I had gotten the two colors before that — the Burgundy pair and the Veg Tan pair. I knew they were crack, but when I posted the Burgundy ones people went insane! Like, “Yo, where’d you get those?” and I’m like, “Damn, y’all slept on these?” They had like five colors and I’d only seen people post the mids and I’ve always hated mid Air Force 1s. But with the Lux Lows, whenever that shoe comes out I’m getting them.” ”

So, Matt from Corporate posted the Citron joints and I hit them immediately. I ordered them, paid for them, and then I hit Danny Nunez from NSW to ask when they were dropping. He told me they were already in the stores so I went right to the store and bought another pair so I could pack them for Agenda Long Beach.”

“I wore them at Agenda, everybody was like, “When are these dropping?” They got like 4,000 likes on IG! That’s higher than normal for me and the impressions were crazy. I used The Lox/Jadakiss caption to pay homage to the original ones that were a little different, these are like a revamped version of those. I bought three pairs of them because I know I’m gonna wear the f*ck out of them, and it’s not even summer yet. The Citron Lows killed Agenda.”