Nike Air Force 1

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Nike Air Force 1

Launched in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 forever changed the game of basketball footwear and for Nike.

The young brand had gained a little bit of traction in the game of basketball shoes, but when Nike introduced the Nike Air Force 1, the bar was raised up a notch across the entire field of competition.

The Nike Air Force 1 was the very first basketball shoe to feature Nike Air cushioning which was the saving grace for many ballers who quickly ditched their vulcanized or flat bottomed cup soled sneakers for something with some comfort.

The Nike Air Force 1 came and went in 1982, but in 1984 three retailers from New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore grouped together to bring back the Nike Air Force 1.  If it wasn't for the people on the streets telling these shops how badly they wanted the AF1 who knows if we would have ever seen the Nike Air Force 1 and all of its legacy ever return?

Nike Air Force 1 for sale

The Nike Air Force 1 is sold at a variety of retailers from boutiques, to regional chains, to nationwide mall retail shops. Online you can find a decent selection of Air Force 1s for sale directly from Nike at or from eBay.

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