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Kickstarter: The Shoe That Got B.o.B Hooked

B.o.B raps and plays guitar, and just as his new mixtape No Genre Pt. 2 suggests, he does things his own way. While his flashy stage get-ups play well to his charisma, his approach to style and sneakers is more laid back than his double-time flow. "I don't rush to anything. I'm like a laggard. I like to sit back and see how it plays out first." Honest and patient, B.o.B hones a kick collection that's more than modest, with "ParaNorman" Foamposites and "Bin 23" 5s serving as standouts. Still, there's always that one pair that really kicked it off, so we caught up with B.o.B for this installment of Kickstarter to hear about the shoes that got him hooked.

Kickstarter: The Shoes That Got Timeflies Hooked

It's media day, and Cal Shapiro and Rob Resnick just woke up in Chicago. Better known collectively as Timeflies, the duo begins the morning by discussing what Jordans they'll wear that night to perform at halftime of the Chicago Bulls game. "Playoff" 11s only seem right, while "Toro Bravo" 5s would've been rocked had they made it into the luggage. It appears it will literally be a game time decision. While Cal and Rob's current rotation ranges from "Black Cat" 4s to "Fighter Jet" Foamposites, both are honest and lighthearted about their humble and fairly recent taking to sneakers. We caught up with Timeflies to hear about the shoes that got them hooked in this installment of Kickstarter.
Kickstarter The Shoe That Got Dillon Cooper Hooked

Kickstarter: The Shoe That Got Dillon Cooper Hooked

Regular readers of Celebrity Sneaker Stalker are becoming more and more familiar with Dillon Cooper. The 21-year-old Brooklyn MC has a solid sneaker game, bolstered by a musical background, charismatic personality and impressive flow that has hip-hop scouts paying attention. Currently on the road with The Underachievers, we caught up with Dillon to hear about the pairs of kicks that started it all for him.
Kickstarter The Shoe That Got Kydd Jones Hooked

Kickstarter: The Shoe That Got Kydd Jones Hooked

Austin, TX is well known on the music map, home to epic festivals and icons of the rock, country and indie scenes. 512 native Kydd Jones looks to add his face to Austin's music Mount Rushmore, showing out on a yearly basis at SXSW and opening up on tour stops for the likes of Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar. For this installment of Kickstarter, we caught up with Kydd to hear the story behind the pair of sneakers that started it all for him.