Android Homme

Wish x Android Homme Mach-1

Android Homme is a footwear company that makes fashion and sport inspired casual sneakers. Their products use a combination of classic and futuristic cues in both flashy and simple makeups. They have collaborated with the likes of Wish and Karmaloop.

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GE x Android Homme Mission

GE x Android Homme Mission

Ground control to Major Tom, the GE x Android Homme Mission takes it to the moon in the materials that made it possible back in 1969. While General Electric is best known in the current marketplace for their appliances, they provided the silicon rubber that went into the moon boots worn 45 years ago by Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins during their outer space exploration. Celebrating the anniversary of their famous flight, the GE x Android Homme Mission will launch exclusively on Jack Threads this Sunday at 4:18 PM to the tune of 100 pairs. GE will preview the pair in 360 degree fashion tomorrow on Snapchat.