The Nike LeBron 10 is the tenth signature from Nike Basketball shoe for LeBron James and the fourth LeBron signature designed by Jason Petrie.  Fresh off a second consecutive MVP season, an NBA Championship, and a Gold Medal at the 2012 Olympic Games, LeBron keeps adding to his Hall of Fame resume. Since the initial release we have seen a swarm of LeBron 10 colorways hit the selves. Unlike its predecessors, the Nike LeBron 10 switched it up and dropped in lifestyle models that include the “EXT” and “NSW Lifestyle” mock ups. There was also a Nike+ variation of the LeBron 10 that allowed the wearer to monitor your intensity and track any progress made while in the shoe. Like with the Nike LeBron 9, the LeBron 10 will be available on NikeiD where customers can design their own LeBron 10s however they see fit.


Nike LeBron 10
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10
nike-lebron-x-crown-jewel-sport-pack-01_1Nike LeBron X “Crown Jewels” nike_lebron-x_white-university-red-crimsonNike LeBron XWhite/Black-Red Nike-LeBron-X-10-Cutting-JadeNike LeBron X “Cutting Jade”
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10
nike-lebron-x-blue-diamondNike LeBron X “Blue Diamond’ Nike-LeBron-X-10-Pressure-Nike LeBron X “Pressure” Nike-LeBron-X-Dunkman_06Nike LeBron X “Dunkman”
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10
nike-lebron-x-gold-medalNike LeBron X “United We Rise” nike-lebron-x-christmas-1Nike LeBron X “Christmas” Nike-LeBron-X-Floridians-AwayNike LeBron X “Floridians Away”
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10
nike-lebron-x-10-carbonNike LeBron X “Carbon” nike-lebron-x-all-star-area-72Nike LeBron X “All-Star” nike-lebron-x-10-lavaNike LeBron X “Lava”
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10
Nike-LeBron-X-PrismNike LeBron X”Prism” Nike-LeBron-X-Yellow-DiamondNike LeBron X”Yellow Diamond” Lebron-X-Black-history-monthNike LeBron X”Black History Month”
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10
nike-lebron-x-pure-platinumNike LeBron X”Pure Platinum” Nike-LeBron-X-VOLT-1Nike LeBron X”Volt” nike-lebron-x-what-the-MVPNike LeBron X”What the MVP”
Nike LeBron 10 Elite Nike LeBron 10 Elite Nike LeBron 10 Elite
nike-lebron-x-ps-elite-white-goldNike LeBron X EliteWhite/Black-Gold Nike-LeBron-X-PS-Elite-Superhero1Nike LeBron X Elite”Superhero” Nike-LeBron-X-PS-Elite-miami-dadeNike LeBron X Elite”Miami Dade”
Nike LeBron 10 Elite Nike LeBron 10 EXT Nike LeBron 10 EXT
Nike-LeBron-X-PS-Elite-HomeNike LeBron X Elite”Home” nike-lebron-x-ext-corkNike LeBron X EXT”Cork” Nike-LeBron-X-EXT-DenimNike LeBron X”Denim”
Nike LeBron 10 EXT
Nike LeBron 10 Nike LeBron 10 NSW Lifestyle
nike-lebron-x-ext-hazelnut-1Nike LeBron X EXT”Hazelnut” nike-lebron-x-ext-qs-black-suedeNike LeBron X”Black Denim” nike-lebron-x-nsw-lifestyle-hazelnut-new-1-Nike LeBron X Lifestyle”Hazelnut”
Nike LeBron 10 NSW Lifestyle Nike LeBron 10 Low Nike LeBron 10 Low
nike-lebron-x-nsw-lifestyle-stadium-1Nike LeBron X NSW Lifestyle”Stadium” nike-lebron-x-easterNike LeBron X Low”Easter” lebron-x-low-ohio-stateNike LeBron X Lifestyle”Ohio State”
Nike LeBron 10 Low Nike LeBron 10 Low Nike LeBron 10 Low
nike-lebron-x-low-hardwood-classicNike LeBron X Low”Hardwood Classics” lebron-x-low-spriteNike LeBron X Low”Sprite” nike-lebron-x-low-sonic-yellowNike LeBron X Low”Sonic Yellow”
Nike LeBron 10 NSW Lifestyle Nike LeBron 10 Low Nike LeBron 10 Low
nike-lebron-x-low-akronNike LeBron X Low”Akron” nike_lebron_x_rasberryNike LeBron X Low”Rasberry”  nike_x_low_WatermelonNike LeBron X Lifestyle “Watermelon”



Just like with the LeBron 9, the LeBron 10 resonates with many LeBron fans. These are the kicks King James wore as he won an Olympic Gold Medal, MVP trophy and his second consecutive championship.

After a slow start to the 2012 season, the Miami Heat turned things up after a two-point loss to the Portland Trailblazers in mid-January. The Heat would not lose consecutive games for the remainder of the season, during that time, they also reeled off 27 games in a row, the second-longest win streak in NBA history. During the ’12-’13 season, James averaged 27.0 points, 8.1 rebounds and 8.0 assists during the streak, while shooting a whopping 57.5 percent from the field and 40.6 percent from three-point range. King James carried the Heat to win 66 games, matching the best regular-season record of his career and winning his 4th MVP trophy.

James’ stellar play continued through out the postseason as the Heat dominated the Bucks and Bulls in the first two rounds. Miami went on to faced the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals. Unlike their two previous opponents, the Pacers proved to be a formidable foe for James and company. After rebounding from a Game 6 loss, the Heat went on to dominate the Pacers in Game 7 to win by 23-points. On to the NBA Finals, which allowed LeBron to seek redemption against the San Antonio Spurs. The Heat lost Game 1 in Miami, then alternated wins and losses until Game 6. Being down 3-2 with the championship title on the line, the King exploded with an amazing performance in Game 6 with 32 points to tie the series up. For Game 7, King James once again did not disappoint. Racking up 37 points in an unbelievable 48 minutes of action to win his 2nd consecutive NBA title and NBA Finals MVP trophy.