Olympic Diaries

Olympic Diaries: Series Recap


In case you missed it…which one was your favorite?

Olympic Diaries (2008): Jason Kidd: “I’m Back With Nike”


Jason Kidd has returned to where it all started.

Olympic Diaries (2004): Sheryl Swoopes Explains Origin & Crossover Success of Nike Air Swoopes Line


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Sheryl Swoopes reflects on the design process of her signature line, Olympics, and her unforgettable encounters with Michael Jordan.

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Olympic Diaries (2000): Ray Allen Recounts His Most Memorable Jordan Moments


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Ray Allen reflects on debuting the “Olympic” Air Jordan 6, He Got Game, guarding MJ, and his favorite Jordans.

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Olympic Diaries (1996): Gary Payton Details Creation of the Nike Air Zoom Flight “The Glove”


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Gary Payton tell all about the Nike Zoom Air Flight “The Glove.”

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Olympic Diaries (1992): Patrick Ewing Speaks on Why It’s the “Perfect Time” to Relaunch Ewing Athletics


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Patrick Ewing speaks on why it’s the “perfect time” to relaunch Ewing Athletics.

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Nice Kicks Presents: Olympic Diaries (1992-2012)


Olympic Diaries will be a must-read. Check back on Monday for the first installment.