George Kiel III

Associate Editor. Houston, Texas native. Fan of basketball and basketball shoes.

Air Jordan XX9

Jordan Brand is slowly but surely turning the tide. There was a time when all anyone ever considered from the storied brand was retro after retro after retro. For many, that is still the case - Air Jordan 3s, 4s, 5s, and 11s will never really vanquish from the forefront of sneaker enthusiasts' minds because, aesthetically, they're timeless - but to those enthusiasts I say, "Open your eyes." The latest and greatest in technology and innovation is being composed from the same brand that gave you those aforementioned classics. The brand made a valiant effort in attempting to get the masses to focus on their technology-driven mindsets by releasing the unprecedented Air Jordan XX8 - a shoe many frowned at because its design was so contrasting to anything we've seen from a basketball shoe - in December of 2012. The shroud turned people away, which is understandable to some degree; it's not everyday we see a shoe's cut creep up to one's shin. However, the majority of those who got past its uniqueness and actually gave it a try raved about the craftsmanship of the shoe and most importantly the Jordan Flight Plate, which has become a requirement and standard because of its unmatched cushioning.