Draft day is over, and acclaimed quarterback Johnny Manziel is now the face of the Cleveland Browns as well as one of Nike Football’s most notable endorsers. The Swoosh slinger has already produced the first-ever Nike Pro Day Collection, but will he have a signature cleat? Up and coming sneaker designer Quintin Williams has come up with cleat concepts for what a Johnny Football shoe would look like as a part of his “What if?” series. Drawing inspiration from the recently unveiled Nike Vapor Hyperagility cleat, his revised renditions feature new additions in Cleveland’s brown and orange color combo, as well as a special red makeup for one of Johnny’s biggest fans, LeBron James. Check out the concept designs below, and tell us in the comment section if you want to see a Manziel signature in the future.

Note: this is not a design created by Nike but a concept design constructed by Quintin Williams. Do you think this style fits Johnny Manziel?




  • tking

    Yes would like to see him have that signature cleat hope it will be released to the public

  • Donuts

    Does not fit Manziel because he definitely does not deserve a style like this or a shoe for that matter. Has not had one snap in the NFL and already Nike is designing products for him. For all we know his career can end on his first ever snap.

  • Melissa

    Anyone with half a brain would know that these would sell, just like the ridiculous amount of Browns Manziel jerseys that have been sold. Gig ’em and Go Johnny, Go!

  • diana

    when they are released to the public… ??