To close out Season 4 of our Sneak Peek series, Nice Kicks associate editor George Kiel visits South Beach to check out the 500+ sneaker collection of hip-hop mogul DJ Khaled. Watch the sixth and final episode above, which features a number of shoes exclusive to the first record producer/label executive we’ve spotlighted in the series.

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    dj khalad I do kno wat u saying. lol

  • Swaggy3

    that’s it?

  • Dave P

    what a wack ass collector. Dude doesn’t event know the names of kicks he is wearing. Just hears that might be limited and drops money from his trash music. At least fat joe knows his heat

  • SneakerCreatureS (@snkrcreatures)

    I COMPLETELY agree with Dave P, trash ass episode!!!!

  • tricia

    This is the worst episode ever, hes not passionate about his shoes. Hes just arrogant and bragging while plugging his stupid non relevant logo. Theres no history, no story, no heart felt connection behind each shoe. A real sneaker collector is very passionate and very heart felt about their entire collection, each shoe tells a story, and takes you back to a certain time or period in your life along with the feelings when the shoe was acquired. I enjoyed all the other episodes but this was such a let down. You should have scrapped this episode.

  • in2deep

    yall some haters.

  • Tight Rope

    Wackest episode ever…!!

  • cdott

    I can’t believe how terrible this is. This is the definition of a hypebeast! from birth he says? nah, this guys is fake! he music is wake, and now I dislike him even more so. They aren’t going to like me anymore? when did anyone ever like him? Seriously a huge let down for a season finale. Mainly because of his ramblings about having to take duffle bags because people might have nice heat on, while hes on the road. Taking 30 watches? come on man, this guys a fake, and way to arrogant of a human.

  • http://NiceKicks Josh Watts

    Lee talk more shoes. You sound like a damn fool.

  • KC

    “I call these the Red Sea” Lmao now that’s a true sneaker head.

  • D Lass

    You’re a liar – DJ Khaled

  • r

    This dude should quit cocaïn

  • pookie

    “season of first” the first hypebeast and non-sneaker person to be featured on sneak peek. This dude got GRs in his duffle bag talking about going to war??? Kids that works at McDonalds got more heat than this foo!!!

  • Portertrain

    It took me a day and a half to finally watch this segment … I could only watch it in 1 minute incraments … WTF is this guy talking about ? Cringe worthy suff .. Get some sleep..enough of the hard ass one liners … Speak English ?? And Kicks if there was anytime to bring out subtitles surely this is the appropriate guy …. He’s like Stallone at a spelling bee !!

  • dan tha man

    was this a paid promo or??? he showed like ten pairs of almost all GRs

  • juan

    he says he been a sneaker head but has nothing but new sneakers …

  • Juno

    He brags too much by being an A**ho** and arrogant! Its like the purpose of his shoes are for show off! why need to bring 30 pairs just so you can pull out a shoe incase the guy next inline has a better heat than you?….you should be proud of what your wearing that day reagardless its a limited or a GR….He got no love for his shoes and his too materialistic to be called a sneakerhead. Man who made this guy a millionaire!?????

  • Bazza

    Absolute cockhead

  • Khaled Sucks

    Is this guy retarded or is it just me?