Always iconic, the Air Jordan 1 silo gets dressed up on the new Jordan Shine. Taking after the iconic original, this upscale installment retains shape while shifting structure. A premium leather upper ditches conventional paneling in favor of a woven midsection, contrasted by smooth styling on the toe box and heel. Get a preview of the Jordan Shine in the image above from GQ and look for these to launch in the near future at Barneys New York.

  • Trevor5513

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  • King Stevens

    I like it. tired of the retro and ones ive been wearing since middle school

  • Edwin Eddybeat Hamilton


  • Sumit Pithakothi

    The are awe’stylish.

  • Warren Welds

    They look like somethin Jeremy Scott would make

  • Eddie Redice

    look pretty gay

  • Cuzzy Bam

    Didn’t Eddie Murphy wear these in The Golden Child?

  • Iseeulookin973

    I get it with trying to chase another market but for a purist these are shelf editions if I wanted to wear upscale I would buy an upscale shoe i.e gucci, louis. You wouldn’t go to the Chinese restaurant for curry chicken. Just saying

  • Eddie Redice

    thats cause youre a grown man now and time to put that BS to the side

  • King Stevens

    I know right

  • Jason Steele


  • Envy Smith

    And I thought the Jordan Future was ridiculous

  • Lance Somera

    Somewhat cool though.

  • Cg Love

    Them tight

  • Andre Alvarado

    if peopel can walk around and wear thyem high end quality kicks from GUcci Prada, Balenciaga, MArtin MAison WHoever.LOuie V .. then they could wear thesew cause them high end kikcks are all ugly as hell

  • Julian Fox

    The red 1s r sikk kikz.

  • Donnelsky Montes

    mukang banig

  • rant and whine

    unbelievable FUGLY

  • Brandon Field

    Fresh asf

  • Dan Nardo


  • imsoactive

    I can swag these out with my girl in public I will definitely copp the all reds

  • Naptowns Finest


  • Eliseo Hernandez