LeBron James Debuts Nike LeBron 11 Elite

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LeBron James Debuts Nike LeBron 11 Elite

The latest LeBron is here. Visiting the Chicago Bulls, LeBron James chose the Windy City to debut the Nike LeBron 11 Elite. Captured in a photo by Jim Ice, this retooled rendition of the LeBron 11 is prime for the playoffs and possibly redefined for LeBron’s feet. Over the course of the season, LeBron has favored the Nike Zoom Soldier VII over that of the LeBron 11. If this game is any indication, we could see James rocking the LeBron 11 Elite through the rest of the regular season and throughout the playoffs. Let us know what you think of the Nike LeBron 11 Elite in the comment section. Tune in tomorrow for more shots of the LeBron 11 Elite in Kicks On Court.

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22 Comments on "LeBron James Debuts Nike LeBron 11 Elite"

  1. OmegaKing

    It took me a WHILE to spend over $160 for my kicks. I just can’t go to nearly $300, which is what I assume the Elites will be.

  2. ccr

    for $275  these motha fcukers gone stay on lebron feet,    i aint spending over $200 for a damnn wide released nike sneaker,   its the principle more than anything especially when they cost less than $15 to manufacture

  3. simpguy24

    The new elites are dope. I was loosing hope with the lebrons because the 10s were straight butt. But nike gotta fix that price situation. 275…is just way too much.

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