Allen Iverson’s jersey will officially rise into the rafters of the Wells Fargo Center on March 1st. Coinciding with the monumental milestone, his first signature, the Reebok Question has been created in a special “Banner” colorway for the occasion. Jersey material and suede each grace the upper of the sneaker, bearing the colors the 76ers wore back in Iverson’s early career, while a white sole holds things down on the bottom. The release date on these “Banner” Reebok Questions is March 14th, with 1996 pairs set to land at soon-to-be-announced Reebok retailers for $160. Until then, drop your thoughts on the celebratory kick in the comments section, and check out what Iverson himself had to say about the commemorative sneakers:

“Words cannot express what it means to have the 76ers organization retire my jersey.  And to have Reebok make the Banner Question that’s symbolic of this event makes it even more special.  The Sixers and Reebok are two partners that have always had my back and for that I’m forever grateful.” – Allen Iverson






  • RalphLouieHilfiger

    so nasty must cop

  • JordanTes

    nicekicks i love these but i never like the colorway questions come in.

  • Philly1598

    I hope to get these.
    I remember going to the games when I was little watching AI tear it up.

  • Syloe650

    an absolute MUST for me! my all time favorite player!!!

  • jmfforever


  • jmfforever

    nicekicks cop

  • FordGriffin_

    nicekicks C.O.P.

  • Maybelllne

    nicekicks MUST SEE Miley’s worst outfits leaked on this list !!

  • SimplyHype

    nicekicks well damn


    _BringMyDadBack Nah dem hard af

  • _BringMyDadBack

    ITSKEYGUDDA yeah they a look better on boys doe.


    _BringMyDadBack Yeah yep when them come out

  • _BringMyDadBack

    ITSKEYGUDDA hold on I’m finna look.

  • _BringMyDadBack

    ITSKEYGUDDA on yo birthday


    _BringMyDadBack Dem my gift?

  • _BringMyDadBack

    ITSKEYGUDDA you kill me! Are they key?


    _BringMyDadBack Yeah b Haa

  • _BringMyDadBack

    ITSKEYGUDDA I’ll see what this money looking like “b” ?

  • _BringMyDadBack

    Baggs_mg ITSKEYGUDDA LOL BOTH OF YALL KILL ME! Y’all can share the shoes then

  • dr_mario_XXX

    nicekicks Dear God, those are fug.

  • Baggs_mg

    _BringMyDadBack ITSKEYGUDDA haha he wear a 10 I wear a 10.5

  • _BringMyDadBack

    Baggs_mg ITSKEYGUDDA you better squeeze yo toes in them mfs! Ha

  • LilDree305

    youngchamzz nicekicks would you think of the Jordan Futures?

  • youngchamzz

    LilDree305 nicekicks hell yeah

  • youngchamzz

    LilDree305 I’m too big of an 11 fan to miss those

  • LilDree305

    youngchamzz nicekicks thats my next cop

  • LilDree305

    youngchamzz we gotta spark one soon homie

  • youngchamzz

    LilDree305 next week . Most deff

  • LilDree305

    youngchamzz im down

  • joedubatl1988

    nicekicks cop if they wasn’t so limited

  • BallersShoes

    “nicekicks: Release info for the Reebok Question “Banner” -> Cop or drop?”

  • priest757

    Finally he’s getting his just due…. Va’s finest i will be copping these….. And for those who think these are ugly then you’re not a real sneaker head when it comes to a all time classic shoe for a future H.O.F player as in Allen Iverson aka ( Bubba Chuck)…..

  • TonyWells

    Wat time these going onsale online