Manu Ginobili Blows Out Shoe During Game

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Is this just a San Antonio Spurs thing?

In last night’s game between the Detroit Pistons and the San Antonio Spurs, guard Manu Ginobili flat out ripped through his shoe during a defensive play in the first half of the game. While guarding Rodney Stuckey at the top of the key, Ginobili planted before his foot instantly burst out of the shoe.

According to San Antonio Spurs Equipment Manager Travis Wade, Ginobili has been wearing this shoe – the Nike Air Max Closer IV - since 2009. Now, Ginobili, a player who is most comfortable wearing the exact same pair of shoes night in and night out, will be forced to switch to a more current performance shoe. “I’ll be switching to the LeBron 11 now,” said Ginobili, while examining his blown out sneaker at his locker. “I have a few NIKEiDs on the way.”

Ginobili, who spent most of last season’s games in the Nike LeBron X, says he’s a big fan of LeBron’s shoes because they are durable, sturdy and “hold up great on the court.”

“Manu is so hard on a pair of shoes,” said Wade. “Hopefully the LeBron 11s hold up for him and last as long he plans on playing.”

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70 Comments on "Manu Ginobili Blows Out Shoe During Game"

  1. YellowingSucks

    Why lebron 11s lmfao? Only people I see wearing those on the regular are college players who don’t know any better.

  2. Kevin Jimenez

    Nike is making cheap quality products now a days. Even all those sneakers they try to retro u can tell is not the same quality.

  3. James Gleason

    Yet another example of the shitty quality of what nike has been putting out. Maybe this embarrassing moment will wake them up and produce a better quality product….

  4. Laurens Jansen

    Looks like nike is using the Same crap materials as Jordan brand :) … Or wait, 5years of NBA rotation? Damn thats a good Shoe :)

  5. Eddie Redice

    poorly constructed shoes that athletes and celebs get for free but we pay for and this is a prime example of the quality

  6. Marlow TheAuthor Franklin

    He’s wearing a $85-$90 pair of shoes that aren’t made for how hard he plays. Step it up Manu!

  7. Tristan Snaps Trinidad

    Almost of all our stuff are made in china because Most of the US company take their production line in china or some 3rd world countries to avoid high price labours & strict enviromental laws. Thats why there’s a lots of unemployed in the US & Western countries.

  8. Bobby Dixon

    Using one pair since 2009, under NBA conditions, and they lasted this long. I don’t know what more you’re supposed to expect.

  9. Kimba E. Coleman

    Those Nike shoes lasted 5 years, you can’t say thats bad quality! Nike products are good, stick to Anta or Ni Ling cry babies.

  10. Matt Smith

    What Bobby said….but I’ll add this. You guys are yelling at Nike to make better quality shoes clearly have not thought about how much the price would jump. $150 Air Max’s would go up to $200 and then some.

  11. geokthree

    chrislittmann nicekicks Thanks, man. This is what happens to players who switch their shoes out once every five years. Ha.

  12. geokthree

    chrislittmann Exactly. Thanks. I was there and witnessed it first hand. Matt Bonner instantly started laughing on the bench.

  13. geokthree

    treykerby chrislittmann Right. He wore the LeBron X. He said the air bubble kept popping on him, so he stopped wearing it.

  14. RaymondTheDean

    some of these comments are idiotics…  he was wearing those for 5 years..  that’s pretty good considering how hard he plays in them.

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