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For the first time in 20 years, the Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” will be available to put on your feet with a retro release this Saturday. With the popular hue perfectly placed and the nostalgia of Michael Jordan’s North Carolina roots, these classic AJ 10s are highly anticipated, but how do they look on foot? From denim and sweatpants for a casual look, to cuffed pants and khakis for a more formal setting, the latest Jordan Brand retro allows a wide array of styling options.

Browse through our latest On-Foot Look to get a full preview of how the Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” will look when worn with different styles of pants. Tell us how you plan to sport them in the feedback box at the bottom of the page, and find the latest Jordan 10s February 22nd at select Jordan Brand retailers, including in-store at shopnicekicks.

Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue”

Colorway: White/Dark Powder Blue-Black
Release Date: February 22, 2014
Price: $170






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  • dontcallmereem

    you guys gotta work on the pants selection for these articles

  • Afolox

    nicekicks you see, this is why you should almost never wear Basketball kicks off court, it’s America’s worst contribution to fashion ever.

  • SoleTakersLTD

    Last chance to reserve the Infrared 6 ‘TORO’ which drops tomorrow @ 8am EST. Get your new sneaker reserves for the Reds and others at – thanks!

  • Damian Bradley


  • Jae Edwards


  • Ethan Graham

    Last chance to order! Infrared AJ6 red toro’s drop tomorrow at 8 AM EST. Get your limited sneaker reserves today @

  • Isaiah Williams


  • Santania Brown

    I got to have these pre order tomorrow

  • Kenneth Harrison

    Super plain. That little bit of blue on the sole & sock liner lol

  • TyKia Hamilton


  • Elmer Lee

    Im loving my gamma blue 12s

  • Fya King

    Pookie Brice u got them already

  • Stephen Kosewick


  • SoleTakersLTD

    Last chance to reserve the Infrared 6 ‘TORO’ which drops tomorrow @ 8am EST. Get your new sneaker reserves for the Reds and others at – thanks!

  • Vicente Bargas

    Might scoop bust out in summer

  • Ric Ray

    Well, 3 raffles. One didn’t call me back. Still might be able to stand in line for them at 6am saturday morning.

  • ellingtonaerion

    is it me or the white look like grey???

  • Co0kz718

    nicekicks :(

  • Ricardo Johnson

    too plain

  • Kenya Middlebrooks

    Evan Bauer these are so sweet! U should get these because I’m awesomest

  • Samson Gewargis


  • Tra’von Flynn


  • Tamesha Green

    Nice simple classic pair of js just lik I like dem already got my ticket 4 them

  • George Hunter

    i gotta start shopping on-line the lines at the store be toooooooooooooo long

  • JustRob Will

    Classic joints right here JUST RIGHT!

  • Devin Minn


  • Kian Catapang

    Mac Inocando ganda!

  • Stanley Phanor

    Jason Glidden got them n still want an other pair lollll

  • Jason Glidden

    One to keep 😉

  • Rob Craven


  • Mit-b Detriotpiston


  • Mac Inocando

    ano pre? bili ba tayo neto?

  • John Eroles

    Mike Simeon

  • Mike Simeon

    cop paps. SRP 😀

  • Jose Chavez


  • Joko Bagus Siswondo

    Yeah! AJ ever imo

  • DreWflYoNe

    nicekicks can’t wait to pick these up tonight

  • Juan Acevedo


  • Minh Tí T?n

    Thanh Bui l?y con này ?i ??p h?n Lebron nhi?u

  • Mark Gonzalez

    Zamir Boney

  • Ray528

    90% sure it will be an easy cop. Got 12 raffle tickets out sz 11, and on top of that, I remember walking into Champs and getting my Steel 10s last year. No biggie. If its next to impossible to cop in your area, hit me up before the release. i might be able to hook you up with a diff size other than sz11.. 220 shipped. No hypebeast crap. I only do a bit over the retail for doing the favor… I just do this to get shoes out of resellers hands. 6025165829 only txt

  • Ray528

    @Afolox nicekicks Most shoes such as NIke’s are made as a functional shoe aimed at a certain sport or physical activity. Running, basketball, skate, etc… A lot of other brands are the same way. If you’ve ever worn any on a regular day out, then you are not the one to speak…

  • Eddie Redice

    no but your girl will pick me up a pair

  • BSumida1

    Got a 9.5 on lock. Let me know if anyone wants it for $230 shipped.

  • Ashley Lucas


  • Ray528

    Alright its confirmed. I got 2 sz 11 and 1  11.5 ready for tomorrow. Let me know

  • Casey F Gerberding

    I only like the 3’s, 4’s, 5’s and 6’s

  • SoleTakersLTD

    LAST CALL TO ORDER AJ 10 ‘POWDER BLUE’ – THEY DROP AT 8AM EST TOMORROW. Get your pair easily through we are 3+ years PayPal Business US-Verified and we guarantee shipping or a full refund! Use for your shoe reserve needs!


    Easy cop tomorrow!

  • Aigner Floyd

    Yo Bobby

  • TrillKickz

    Text me reselling 8 1/2 – 13 6233837620

  • Better_Jake

    They are fire with those camp pants