Resembling a component of the “Untold Truth” Pack, Shane Victorino gets hooked up with a “Baseball” themed custom courtesy of Sab One Customs. Featuring red stitch detailing around the toe cap, a baseball-esque off white color is seen on the forefoot, backed by blue tumbled leather. It’s an ode to the baseball bat as the posterior end of the sneaker features wood grain, while red accents are peppered throughout thanks to the eyelets, Swoosh branding and outsole. What are your thoughts on the revival of a “Baseball” themed SB Dunk? Feel free to leave your opinion in the appropriate section. is a media outlet that compiles notable news and happenings related to the sports footwear industry. Nice Kicks, LLC does not, and does not intend to manufacture, create, sell, distribute, or advertise the aforementioned sneakers.




Source: @sab_one

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