An old sole gets a modern makeover on the Jordan Future. Following the footsteps of the Air Jordan 11, the Future does a brave job of veering off the well-treaded retro path by losing the lines, attributes and nostalgia associated with archive, hybrid and lifestyle product. A woven upper upper packs sleekness and duality, accented by 3M weaving for flash and contrast. Asymmetrical lacing keeps things progressive, while translucent soles pop with color. Check out detailed photos by Liz Barclay via Complex below and look for the first Jordan Future to launch at select Jordan Brand accounts on March 1st.

Jordan Future

Release Date: March 1, 2014
Price: $185

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

  • jasman23

    waiting for them gum soled editions to drop!

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  • 615_615_

    Dirty bred looks nice but yeah the gum bottoms’ll be the one for me

  • Lorenzo Cantu


  • Xuan Anh Pham

    Jimmy Minh Nguyen “colorways” lol

  • Mark Alvin Cruz

    Andeboy Agdan

  • Jimmy Minh Nguyen

    OMG…. Is they cool grey and infrared …. That better be. Bout to click on this article.

  • Cody Cobra Comanda

    the combo of 11s roshe runs and 15s

  • Alec Rosemy

    Curtis McNickles

  • Envy Smith

    “Asymmetrical lacing keeps things progressive”

  • James Dais

    Michael Palma

  • Mon Co

    Jose Uy

  • Curtis McNickles

    Theyre firm Alec Rosemy

  • Francisco Companioni

    Hiro Oshima BRED’S ARE FUEGO…

  • Kushington McPuffin III

    throw up

  • Zoo Kidult

    BK Back To Basic

  • Raymond Jnr


  • Jason Lazaro

    Amy Cantor

  • Rafael Israfil

    Dope !

  • Pat Cordero

    Richard Francisco Dale Sabado

  • Kyle Dancin-Machine Mangood

    im upset because i thought they were 11’s

  • Ross Grover


  • Misfit Mur

    I bet these be some of the most comfortable j’s ever

  • Raudy De Leon

    im feeling them.

  • Ephraim de Vera

    Conrad II anu masasabi m0 dito?

  • Jorrick Wesley

    white shroud with that red sole= Nice.

  • Dre Price

    It’s sad when the bottom of the shoe is the best part.

  • Dustin Arnold

    Like em

  • Jason Patterson


  • Yohannes Quiles

    Hmmm….it’s a glorified sock with 11s stuck to the bottom. Maybe a cop if the silver/lime foams don’t happen. ..smh

  • Freddy Dover

    Wtf is these

  • Zaren Cochrane

    Jamal Anson

  • Carlos Valencia Jr.

    It’s like jordan 11 meets the roshe run.

  • Renato Kalugdan

    looks like a banig shroud Jason Diaz

  • Jason Diaz

    Renato Kalugdan A really cool, reflective and expensive banig shroud

  • Jessie Combs

    These are horrible. Only reason everybody tripping bout these is the 11 bottoms

  • JR Sneaks

    Anthony Ortiz

  • Luis Reyes

    Richard Serpas

  • William Huang

    Bryan Hsu Jason Yang Richard Wu Dylan Wang Roger Zhang

  • Brittany Gaylor

    Ewww wtf

  • Eric Cavros


  • Donnie Mitchell Dupuis

    I think there dope

  • Michael Davenport

    Mykai French

  • Ricky Reyes

    Only if they were $120

  • Neil Jones

    Idk about this Andrew Musgrave

  • John Betz


  • Chandler Jackson

    These are atrocious

  • Joe Shaeffer

    Casey Shaeffybabe I like the breds

  • Hiro Oshima

    Definitely copping both!

  • Jared Propper

    Cliff Reynolds

  • Andrew Yan

    Preston Lam to ball in

  • Jehoash Zukurimokaariri Arun

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  • Tony Live-Free Jenkins

    dislike button plz!!

  • Eddie Redice

    good eye

  • Tolik Rayevskiy


  • Penny Filipe Loloa

    William just cos I know you love your shoes

  • Rodriguez Matthew

    Yeah these are ugly ( I’m just saying this because I want a pair and are hoping everyone sees how many “ugly” comments there are so we won’t have resellers )

  • Mikey Botelho

    Wow i thought they had new 11 Colorways coming in the FUTURE damn it jordan Ben Wilson

  • Mark Cugini


  • Eddie Redice

    theyre actually dope but not $185 dope

  • Mykai French

    Michael Davenport ugly to me

  • Lloyd Cubacub

    Jon Delos Reyes

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  • Mike ‘Hat’ McCarthy

    Cole Lemos

  • Jonathan Franco

    Almost started to digger then I saw the back shot , no bueno !

  • RaheenThomas

    wtf is that a rough draft of the 11’s???

  • Michael Cruz

    Are these fake?

  • Michael Cruz

    The website legit or what?

  • Paolo Hanopol

    15s slash 11s

  • Austine Standley

    They’re getting better in my opinion when it comes to colorways but still one ugly ass sneaker

  • T.i. Timbo

    And1’s? with Jordan 11 soles…

  • Steven Au

    Gerald G Goh Choo Chung Siang Tak Wong

  • T.i. Timbo

    …cop, if they’re under $100

  • RaheenThomas

    theyre real…..mj need to fire his designer

  • Sal Galdamez

    Alex N Monica Monroy

  • JamesRoseDurant

    fake? Russell Westbrook wore them while he was at this year’s NBA All-Star Weekend.

  • JamesRoseDurant

    Will consider buying the Bred colorway if it was cheaper. $180 is just too expensive.

  • Chad Baker

    Joseph Greenwald

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.

    FRESH!!! :)

  • Jae Edwards

    Lmfao @ they do look like and1s with the 11s sole

  • Hector Delapaz

    Yes! Please continue to hate so I can pick up a pair with ease!

  • Lynnette Piña

    Luis Piña

  • Kevin Munster

    This shoe had to cost .95 cents to make.

  • Bud Weiser


  • Eric Johnson


  • Mike Moody

    I’ll hoop in those

  • MarkLucas1

    $180.00 Jordan 15Lab11 Roche….No thanx.

  • Willy Pham

    jordan roshes?

  • Dilshad Muradi

    Nice shoes

  • Chico Suave

    Aramis Lugo

  • Andrew Musgrave

    Gotta have em Neil Jones!

  • Brandon Francisco Caceres

    $250 footlocker

  • Michael Hovsepian


  • Tyrone Wilson III

    Not for 185. 120 at the most

  • Richard Wu


  • Jesse J. Vasquez

    Umit Singh thoughts??

  • aaronb

    Can someone say Roshe Run With the jordan sole on the bottom?

    I can buy 3 pair of Roshe’s the price of theses shoes…. They dont look like they are worth no 185$ I dont care if there “future” or not. Theres nothing future about theses shoes. Id rather put a down payment on the Nike Air Mag in 2015.

  • AL Boogy Lao

    Waste of a sole.

  • Patrick Lovell

    Pretty dope just seen this on the unlaced app!

  • Gregory Tovmasian


  • Brenton Chua

    Jude Fernandez – starting of March spending…

  • Johnathan Laxa Woo

    Stop making those!

  • Marquise Peele

    Khamani Moore

  • Luca Bocseri

    Brandon Chu r these not nasty….

  • Ric Ray


  • Erwin Bayongan

    Not a basketball shoe nomore. Im sure you would break your ankles with these shoes.

  • Fred Jones

    Spencer Wright IV Kevin Squeak Harrington y’all copping or na

  • Austin Victoria

    idk about these Derick Alva

  • Kenny Roache


  • Derick Alva

    Wtf Austin Victoria

  • Austin Victoria

    haha what

  • gnuboss

    Does not want….. it’s sad, but for me the outsoles are the nicest part!

  • Joseph CodeBreaker Smith

    Byron Johnson read March 1

  • Sebastian Føns

    Kan Aof Niyomthai !

  • Mark NoZe

    Worst Jordans Ever!!! :-/

  • Mark Surridge

    Jason Scott – still not sure on these!!!

  • Kevin Curtis

    Soo retro 11 fused with Nike roshe

  • Jason Yang


  • Paul Santos


  • Gary Davis II

    Upcoming TRASH

  • CopiedBYMany

    nicekicks I’m not feeling them

  • brthofPHRESHair

    nicekicks those are horrible

  • Christian Aguilar

    not bad to be in my closet

  • Rabbi_Allen

    nicekicks smh Simba2135

  • David Price


  • BenicioFortycal

    Leo23 c’est degoutant ca

  • Leo23

    BenicioFortycal je confirme, c’est répugnant :/

  • Shoesbandit

    nicekicks And 1 made some like this already….the shoe failed for a reason.

  • Bryan Hsu


  • NapoleonAGomez

    nicekicks not feeling these…might be good for ball tho #ugly #jordan #future

  • Working2Adream

    nicekicks im kinda feelin it. different, people will get use to it and be like “cop!!”

  • Witness_Wu


  • Cuzzy Bam

    whatever happen to incorporating airport architecture and air craft design or anything aeronautical into the shoe design…no we get hefty flex trash bag x jordan 11 smh

  • Tychon M. McCode

    People gon be coppin just cuz of the bottom lol

  • ChristianX_18
  • xaviermolnar

    nicekicks I dond care what anybody says I like them. At least hype wont kill em for me.

  • xaviermolnar

    nicekicks I don’t care what anybody says I like em. at least this way hype wont kill ’em

  • Alvin Lee Avriett


  • hunter_chase7

    everyone doggin em just like the kobe 9, both kobe 9 colorways sold out in minutes.

  • Jacquez Mar’Shawn Morgan

    Pass… They look like trash bags smh

  • Paulix Castle

    I digg them.

  • Glen Ng

    Jeremy Tan Jerry Poh

  • gh23

    i thought only the green ones were releasing march 1st?

  • Oscar Navarro

    Tbh am done with the sneaker game it’s full of carp homies from the 90s real sneaker Head would be ashamed

  • Matthew C. Earl

    not even cool. maybe id buy for like 50$

  • YahiMohammedAbdi

    looks like roshe runs

  • Austin de los Reyes

    I am so glad Jordan is doing this… it’s their strategy to rid the world of hypebeasts

  • Kyle Robbie Robinson

    Trini Boy Balthy i tell yuh is not leg

  • Louis Farrell

    Don’t like the look dog it aint pretty at all

  • TravisBishop

    ok i know everthing is not classic anymore but this crap is y the nike and jordan brand is going dow every1 jus loves the classic this new #sht aint wrkin out at all ps open a nike store in trinidad a$ap

  • Antsizzle Branch

    Kome on MJ I would rather u keep puttin out diffrent kolors of the first 20 Jordan’s

  • lenylando

    In my head these look  a lil better than the og 11

  • Bryce Langford

    Christian Lambert

  • Justin Lao

    With no nike check, therefore it lacks the appeal

  • dezzie79

    I refuse if these are a hit then jordan brand will start to make 185 the norm instead of 170 which is too much as is. I know I copped them gammas at 185 but that was a holiday release this is some random bs they gonna make 10 colorways of at that price.

  • Darren Da Silva White

    Graphic detail looks like a tooth and small horseshoe……

  • Richard Wu

    actually i might’ve been wrong.. the last picture makes them look a lot better

  • Richard Wu

    i would get a pair and wear em like roshes

  • Jonathan Ng


  • Cbrooks489

    I’m so in love with these.. Most of y’all saying that there ugly because of the lack of fasion sense and wouldn’t even know where to start with wearing these.. Those days of wide legged denim and corny matching new eras are over ppl, get with the times.. On another note.. Half of y’all got 75 pair of kicks and rock them with 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of cargos lmao.. 3 of the 5 are probly Levi’s the other 2 wranglers lmao.. Get y’all Bret farve denim wearing ass’ off the feed please!!

  • bronumsee

    Its the J’ XI, XV and 28…all fused together. Look closely…