Jordan Future Upcoming Colorways

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Jordan Future

An old sole gets a modern makeover on the Jordan Future. Following the footsteps of the Air Jordan 11, the Future does a brave job of veering off the well-treaded retro path by losing the lines, attributes and nostalgia associated with archive, hybrid and lifestyle product. A woven upper upper packs sleekness and duality, accented by 3M weaving for flash and contrast. Asymmetrical lacing keeps things progressive, while translucent soles pop with color. Check out detailed photos by Liz Barclay via Complex below and look for the first Jordan Future to launch at select Jordan Brand accounts on March 1st.

Jordan Future

Release Date: March 1, 2014
Price: $185

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

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  2. Yohannes Quiles

    Hmmm….it’s a glorified sock with 11s stuck to the bottom. Maybe a cop if the silver/lime foams don’t happen. ..smh

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  4. Rodriguez Matthew

    Yeah these are ugly ( I’m just saying this because I want a pair and are hoping everyone sees how many “ugly” comments there are so we won’t have resellers )

  5. SoleTakersLTD

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  6. aaronb

    Can someone say Roshe Run With the jordan sole on the bottom?

    I can buy 3 pair of Roshe’s the price of theses shoes…. They dont look like they are worth no 185$ I dont care if there “future” or not. Theres nothing future about theses shoes. Id rather put a down payment on the Nike Air Mag in 2015.

  7. Cuzzy Bam

    whatever happen to incorporating airport architecture and air craft design or anything aeronautical into the shoe design…no we get hefty flex trash bag x jordan 11 smh

  8. gh23

    i thought only the green ones were releasing march 1st?

  9. Oscar Navarro

    Tbh am done with the sneaker game it’s full of carp homies from the 90s real sneaker Head would be ashamed

  10. TravisBishop

    ok i know everthing is not classic anymore but this crap is y the nike and jordan brand is going dow every1 jus loves the classic this new #sht aint wrkin out at all ps open a nike store in trinidad a$ap

  11. dezzie79

    I refuse if these are a hit then jordan brand will start to make 185 the norm instead of 170 which is too much as is. I know I copped them gammas at 185 but that was a holiday release this is some random bs they gonna make 10 colorways of at that price.

  12. Cbrooks489

    I’m so in love with these.. Most of y’all saying that there ugly because of the lack of fasion sense and wouldn’t even know where to start with wearing these.. Those days of wide legged denim and corny matching new eras are over ppl, get with the times.. On another note.. Half of y’all got 75 pair of kicks and rock them with 3 pairs of jeans and 2 pairs of cargos lmao.. 3 of the 5 are probly Levi’s the other 2 wranglers lmao.. Get y’all Bret farve denim wearing ass’ off the feed please!!

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