Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” Release Date

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20 years after its original release, the Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” is making a retro return. One of the rare original colorways of an Air Jordan model before 15 to never rerun, these AJ 10s are finally back two decades later. Maintaining its original DNA from 1994, the 2014 “Powder Blue” 10s feature a tumbled leather upper and an elastic lacing system. A white base splits black portions on the tongue and sole, detailed with the signature powder blue hue on the inner lining and outsole strips. Air Jordan is embossed in the black leather tongue and MJ’s accomplishments up to ’94 are chiseled into the outsole. Tell us if these are a must-have for you in the comment box, and get a pair February 22nd for $170.

Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue”

Colorway: White/Dark Powder Blue-Black
SKU: 310805-106
Release Date: February 22, 2014
Price: $170



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  1. SoleTakersLTD

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  2. dr_mario_XXX

    nicekicks No, cuz I’m sill waitin’ on my PUBLIC RELEASE of Oregon Duck 5’s. No more Marky Mark rockin’ these. It’s ours. Duck fans. Real.

  3. GoonerBay

    Caliguy Ms_APayne djid4 only bad thing is, I don’t own anything powder blue. Gotta get a shirt to match, at least lol

  4. djid4

    GoonerBay from Nike? If anything you can return em for free. Or at a nike store. Have you been looking on eBay for how much they’re sellin4

  5. GoonerBay

    djid4 from footlocker. I’ve seen a few bids around 230 in the size I got. I’d try to sell on CL to avoid fees. Being careful, of course

  6. djid4

    GoonerBay yeah. Meet somewhere public with cameras. Maybe the mall. Or target. Not just the parking lot. But inside.

  7. GoonerBay

    Ms_APayne Caliguy djid4 Ash, I’ve seen a few guys outfitted on ig, using their shoes as the base. Gotta say, they look sharp. #gamma12

  8. GoonerBay

    djid4 yup. I’ve even seen the police say the public can use their stations for exchanges. I didn’t know that about Nike o line, though.

  9. GoonerBay

    djid4 good to know. I found using FL online to be fairly easy. You think going through Nike is better though? I like the free shipping.

  10. djid4

    GoonerBay It always takes me forever to get through on FL online. Like always gives me errors adding to cart. They’re my last resort though

  11. GoonerBay

    Ms_APayne I’ve never really done outfits. It’s been something I’ve wanted to try, though. Gotta have good shoes, though! Lol

  12. djid4

    Ms_APayne Caliguy GoonerBay elle_kae can’t even see her full outfit. But I can just tell from that pic that she’s rockin em well.

  13. GoonerBay

    djid4 thanks for the info. I’ll decide what to do when I get them. If the orange is right, I may hold onto the shoes. But, I think

  14. djid4

    Ms_APayne Caliguy GoonerBay yeah. I guess I like seeing a train wreck on my feed from time to time. I cringe sometimes. LOL

  15. GoonerBay

    djid4 I’m talking about the 6’s. I’m looking for a pair to match Giants gear. Some pictures show it has a very similar color

  16. GoonerBay

    djid4 I noticed that in some pics. They’re all a little different. If I knew was the true color, I definitely would’ve gone for the reds.

  17. djid4

    GoonerBay there might not be any super cool giants colored ones right now. But if you’re spending $160. The nike flyknit lunar1 is a must

  18. SoleTakersLTD

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