“Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes.”

-Tinker Hatfield

Marty McFly’s Nikes are coming back in the future. Today, during an appearance at Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab in New Orleans, legendary designer Tinker Hatfield discussed the Nike MAG releasing again in its scripted year of 2015 with an authentic power lacing system. His response, quoted above, confirmed the return of the storied sneaker in its intended form. When they came out of nowhere and released in 2011, the MAGs lacked the automatic-lacing feature. Originally scripted in Back To The Future to be created in 2015, Hatfield also mentioned the self-tying 2015 recreation will be extremely limited. Tell us your instant reaction in the comment section below, and keep hovering over Nice Kicks for any future developments on the Nike MAG 2015 release.

UPDATE: Tinker Hatfield talks Nike Air MAG 2015 release & power laces at Agenda Emerge.


Nike MAG coming in 2015 with Power Laces!

Nike MAG coming in 2015 with Power Laces!

Nike MAG sketch by Tinker Hatfield

Nike MAG sketch by Tinker Hatfield

  • AllForTeags

    Well, looky what we have here.

  • Philip Rempe

    Matt Rempe

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  • Paolo Mercado

    limited release again. not surprised but that means I have like no chance of getting a pair. Would be dope regardless.

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  • Sophie Koligi

    Nathan D’Cruz rad cuz

  • Frank Yang

    It’s gon retail for like 9hunna

  • Freddie Corleone


  • Harris Kreloff

    Hmmm..not sure If I like these yet…Maybe They Have To Grow On Me

  • Jaime Moreno

    Omg Jesus Moreno!!!!

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    Kenny Macleod

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    Marques Jay Bastian

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    Devin Clay

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    Those look dope

  • Josh Krause

    Not worried about the shoes!!!! Where’s the hover board?

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  • Christopher Chavarria

    3.2.1. All the hypebeast started camping smh

  • Lance Philip Dellota

    Melvin Dela Cruz Vhong Carreon

  • Joe Weaver

    Martin Kieser u got cop they called Marty mcflys lol

  • sneaker_head3

    nicekicks YEESSSSSSSS

  • _JSWAY

    nicekicks _JuwanBeckford !!!

  • onlyOGcolorways

    “nicekicks: Tinker talks about the Nike MAG returning in 2015. Power laces included. -> http://nicek.is/1jjgfkd http://twitter.com/nicekicks/status/434501236625137666/photo/1”

  • Spicy_Murray


  • actuallyluis

    nicekicks oh hell yes. Tinker is the man!

  • TheQuakerOatsGuy

    “re-creation.”  But yes, these are insane and I’d cop in a heartbeat.  I’m sure people will take out second mortgages for this.

  • Isaiah Adams

    release to the public? *melting inside*

  • KushGod___

    TerrenceTB nicekicks i read the article earlier

  • _dann_e

    nicekicks I’ve been waiting for this release for almost 4 years now . Tinker, you are the goat.

  • NickCool3

    Aknight023 Yes!

  • J_o_r_d_a_n_02

    nicekicks Spicy_Murray would you judge me if I wanted these?

  • Director Lexxington Lenard

    Top 5 all time sneaker

  • Chris Anderson

    Hank F. Swaggingtons Lebron Bryant

  • Lebron Bryant

    Chris gay I’m reselling for Yeezys lol

  • joks

    This is something im excited to OWN….

  • NolanRian

    DLoweKilo nicekicks the ugliness still included too?

  • AbeRenteria84

    nicekicks J23app Sick can’t wait

  • Spicy_Murray

    J_o_r_d_a_n_02 nicekicks haha no

  • Jason McMahon

    back 2 the futur

  • Dianne4589

    “re-creation.”  But yes, these are insane

  • Pedro Silva

    Jonathan Salazar

  • Ryan Vanderhorst


  • Kenny Llantin

    Lookin like futuristic hospital socks

  • Justin William Stanton

    Chad Fumich!!! Power laces!

  • Izaiah Graffiti Rodriguez

    Sexy , always wanted them

  • Taggart Veloso

    Toni Bernal

  • GusTheOnlyBus

    nicekicks TylerPeet21

  • Steve King

    They gone nd done it.

  • Gelo Zabala

    Dane Andre

  • TheIsaacMiller

    nicekicks HEYsparky07 oh god I can’t wait

  • AJ Falco

    that’s future like NBA 2015 😀 like kind of weird 😀

  • chillwill148

    all these people waiting on a release that they arent gonna be able to cop..sad just a waste of time

  • Frank Valentine

    There goes the neighborhood!

  • Rueben Flores

    Here we go…

  • Rueben Flores

    Josh Rojo your much awaited grail…

  • Alexander William O’Neal

    Waste of money

  • Edgar Puente

    Kikes Maldad

  • http://www.sneakerautobot.com/ SneakerAutoBot.com

    nicekicks  These come with a hoverboard too?

  • Eissej Peñaserada

    Jason Lalu boss :)

  • Eissej Peñaserada

    Anna Yu John Crispaul Kenn Valenzuela Mil Ross

  • HEYsparky07

    TheIsaacMiller nicekicks you like em?

  • Lester Martin Castro

    Futuristic :)

  • Arianne Calderon

    Arveen Calderon

  • Eddy DeBrito

    Brandon Aguilar how am I gonna get these?

  • Kevorkology

    “nicekicks: “Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes.” – Tinker Hatfield http://nicek.is/1jjgfkd” This is the dream!!!

  • Prestigious

    I’s a dream come true until someone strikes out due to limited quantities.

  • Yael Duran Meier

    Sky Radaza Villarin

  • Calbert Tan

    Matthew Chu Mickey Lee

  • Jeffrey Cabrera

    Ronnel Barrera

  • Jermaine Hill

    Bout time

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  • Carlo Almazan

    back to the future 😀

  • Adam Drapala

    just another release re sellers are going to buy just to sell for 10 grand

  • SevSmith

    The Thing is will they go out this time to the public and NOT just celebs Thats what is the annoying part

  • DavisMarriott



    DavisMarriott money being saved!

  • Vince Miguel Benedicto

    my childhood

  • DavisMarriott

    hOODnERDCEO haha good luck man!!!

  • Yule Christian Tizon

    Britz Torres

  • Johan Spreafico

    nordine bey Yann Petitpoisson Raphael Cosson

  • Johan Spreafico

    Romain Gastoud

  • Manuel Jandrasits

    Ralph Garger

  • Del Rosario Jade

    hala tagal pa ???hehe.xd ang GAnda

  • Rj Pangilinan

    make a million pairs

  • Blake Anthony

    It’s going to be a $1 million per shoe string man

  • Mark Frederick Mauro Geronimo

    ugly shoes

  • Marco D Nepomuceno

    Another skill that will soon disappear . . .

  • nordine bey

    Wtf!!!Johan Spreafico

  • FranzBob Cartman

    Arianne Tumala

  • Myk Camacho Roxas

    HAH! Looks like Marty McFly’s shoes from Back to the Future! ;-P

  • Miggy Matibag

    This should have been made earlier and released in 2014.. just like in back to the future

  • Katie Jackson

    I so want these !!

  • Mike RugbyBoi Harvin

    Those are the Marty mcFly shoes 2015 from back to the future

  • Mash Sapmi

    choya o

  • BDarce

    Jarlath I am all over that Jarlath! Cue 21 year old saying: “who’s Marty McFly?”

  • lost_boy28

    Jarlath Right, they’ll be going on my 30th birthday present list then.. Awesome :)

  • Lee Mele

    Cain Barber Christian Impey McFlys

  • Mikko Cortes

    Nicolai Stepanov, enough adidas.. the future is here xD

  • Arl Tabernilla

    Mldita ma lam na 😛

  • Lance Somera

    What are power laces?

  • Shiela Bermudez


  • Icha Elazegui


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  • _ludaCHRIS

    It’s definitely gunna be a pack and cost like 500 dollars

  • SherwinJr Aquino

    Looks like boxing shoes..

  • Jek Arellano

    Henry Chan

  • HonestVinny

    Jarlath all about these. Pity I won’t have $5000 to get them if they ever materialise!

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  • Kerby Clynne

    mag kano po eto sir

  • Willie Velasquez

    Anu yun? BACK TO THE FUTURE 3?

  • Rommuel Kalugdan

    Back to the future shoe

  • Da Yeezy Unkut Ntaban

    Booba l’avait déjà dans caramel en 2013

  • Jon Gani

    Is that Marty’s shoes from Back to the future?

  • Daryl Antonio

    Roseann Paras ganda bie.

  • Jhonnie Jose

    Ilike that

  • TommyFresh03

    LarenzoBland sooooo ugly

  • Edsel Nieva

    $$$6000 shoes…..

  • Alex Perez

    Will probably release at like $5000 and we could see them hit $10000. No joke.

  • Eddie Redice

    didnt want them then and dont want them now

  • http://Holderofaboulder.tumblr.com Just_A_Person

    Um how about we just GR a non powerlacing version for 2015.

  • Brian Moore

    They gonna kill people over this. Smdh

  • Barry Jones II

    Gotta scheme up on these these!

  • Christianne Sadiri

    this shoes is pretty cool but ill not trust this shoes. look at the design the experts may be tell that, this is good or safe but for me its not

  • Vergel Juntilla

    i want that! 😉

  • Jerome Villanueva


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  • Erickson Dumlao

    astig yan ah

  • Stephen Lim

    Mark Garrido Kae Guerrero

  • milliemaddi

    fly2def yea and you can stay your ass home with those shoes!

  • Danilo Bautista


  • Jake Barbosa

    mag kano po yan

  • fly2def

    “milliemaddi: fly2def yea and you can stay your ass home with those shoes!” You ain’t feeling the Marty McFlys?!?

  • milliemaddi

    fly2def nah….all you need are some leggings and an oversize sweatshirt to go with that outfit!!

  • Enan Geno

    How much is this????? 😉

  • Ace Jerico Regalado

    in phillipines the price of that is 370 000 pesos .

  • Herbert Chua Yu

    similar to the movie Back to the future

  • Commander_James

    DatKiDTrey_3 nicekicks NOOOOOO!!!!

  • DatKiDTrey_3

    Commander_James pretty cool right?

  • Commander_James

    DatKiDTrey_3 auto laces are sweet

  • henrycd3

    matbruner I’ll still take a pair of Mars Blackmon IV’s any day

  • t3chnolus7

    milliemaddi fly2def Too young Amelia. You are just too young.

  • milliemaddi

    t3chnolus7 fly2def Hahahaha yea ok

  • t3chnolus7

    milliemaddi fly2def Not bustin your chops, just sayin’! Those shoes came out in 1985…from the looks of your pic, you weren’t born yet

  • milliemaddi

    t3chnolus7 fly2def lol I know ugly when I see it….they came out two years before I graced everyone with my presence

  • t3chnolus7

    milliemaddi fly2def They aren’t for everyone. I’d buy a pair for nostalgia if they were, say, $40…haha!

  • RNChristivn


  • Sicko123

    Price is going to be ridiculous I am sure but I will be cool to see how they will be able to pull it all with the power lace system


  • JonjosephBonaparte

    Definitely. ….

  • Spolcom

    It’s there gonna be shoe insurance now?

  • AlexanderSyrinxLebedev

    Shut up and take my money!

  • mexiking2365

    nicekicks at 500 a pop and sell the ish outta it.. NO NEED FOR THEM TO BE EXTREMELY EXCLUSIVE

  • austins0n

    nicekicks all Tinker said was power lacing and air mags are just assumed?

  • shinypb

    danwrong todd Oh man, want so bad.

  • Lord_o_Trvpbvsh

    nicekicks I can already see these things malfunctioning and taking ppls ankles off. when can I get a pair?

  • gjanak

    nicekicks “extremely limited” as Tinker says pretty much equates to 5K or more

  • RealBDub23

    nicekicks whatever happened to the pair he wore in the movie??

  • csjumpman3

    nicekicks he just confirmed power laces, not necessarily power laces on the MAG

  • OmegaKing

    Crazy to think these shoes two months later could finance TWO S. American vacations. Wow, capitalism.

  • Michael17048728

    nicekicks Tinker Hatfield confirms Nike MAG release, if only people could just buy them, People are out here using bots

  • JForJeremy

    King_Kash1 super sized tent forsure

  • jumpman890

    wow thats crazy i can’t wait…. although many ppl will not be able to get those , i bet only like celebritys and long time sneaker collectors will get those….. I can only dream/wish

  • KevinDonovan1

    Last night someone uploaded via Tikr app leaked demo photos  http://blog.tikr.me/2014/04/29/leaked-photos-power-laces/

  • Stevie gee

    Im waiting this long for a limited release again damn hate when Nike and Jordan keep doing this that mean you ain’t about to get them

  • Jeremy

    Omg can y all plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make this in a 6 1/2 plzzzzzzz plp with lil feet like my self never get the good shoes

  • Weedy Day

    I gotta have em

  • Kevin L Shackelford

    Josh Brigham

  • Fernando Flores


  • Dimar Mejia

    Chaldrik Cooper

  • Sam Sneed

    Already gotta pair

  • Maurice Stokes

    Got em

  • Florent K-yo

    Anthony Casado Yoann Laguerre

  • Shaun Anderson

    Travis Webster

  • Ernest Ghameshlougy


  • Sam Vox Rock

    Pete ????

  • Pete Kambarami

    They must be bought

  • Raj Chana


  • Travis Webster

    Looks expensive lol

  • George Grias

    Kwstas Apostolopoulos ????? ??!

  • Maurice Stokes

    Actually rate by a magazine as the best pair beside the ones mj fox only gave to charity

  • Maurice Stokes

    Pic in my crib

  • Nonito Martinez

    Yegan Lo Montro MeN…..

  • Colin O’Donnell

    Kristin McBlain Savko, told ya!

  • Sam Vox Rock


  • James Martinez

    Tony Carrasco

  • Virginia G Mattei

    I’m so over these sneakers when it comes with the Levitate skate board then we can talk.

  • Jay Dee

    Israel Pena it’s alive

  • Jay Dee

    Kevin Flores oh wow it is 2015

  • Oscar Amaro

    Shits on abc family the movie back to da future 2

  • Hebron Canlas

    I need these John Oliver Foe Eric-Rowena Hansen

  • Eric-Rowena Hansen

    In black it will look cool hahahahah

  • Hebron Canlas

    Lol they can be bball, boxing and snowboarding shoes.

  • Derek OMalley

    And the Cubs are gonna beat Miami in the World Series!

  • Harry Chen

    looks like a FANCY CAST..lol

  • Derek Lewis

    This shoes isn’t for us little people if you not a star or plan on spending at least 5 grand or more for get it just being real

  • Jean Marcel

    Luma de Oliveira

  • Kwstas Apostolopoulos

    poly trela gia tis ahdies asta

  • Gary Swartz

    Jake Swartz

  • Mouhcine Hunk Mekkioui


  • Isaac Chan

    Jordan Crutch?

  • Mark Mattis

    Spencer Mike

  • Devon H Farmer

    Only pair of shoes I want this year

  • Dennis Ke

    Maro Sommer

  • Nicholas North

    Says the guy who’s only pic with any footwear shows him wearing fckn flipflops ??????????

  • Alex Terpay

    This was LAST February…. Dammit nice kicks!

  • Joey Ginz

    Jamie-Lynn Lucas-Bratzler

  • Sean Arceo

    Gerome Kyler de Guzman

  • Juan Santos

    I’ll bet you it’s going to be 1,500 U0001f613

  • Karloswestsyde Folife Lee

    I always dreamed of having them but looks like the dreams Will continue

  • Carlo Almoro

    Mark Magsino

  • Danny Dougs

    Tim Loftus power laces! far out

  • Emmanuel Carriaga

    The very definition of hype

  • Ryland Poulin

    Stephanie Bagamary

  • LeyaJones

    try 8,000$ a pair

  • Jack forward

    I love back to the future so much and I want a pair of these so much. Limited supply means that most of the people that really want these will not be able to get them because of other people that can of ford to spend 1000 dollars+ on a pair of shoes. Please don’t ignore this comment!