Tinker Talks Of 2015 Nike MAG Release

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“Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes.”

-Tinker Hatfield

Marty McFly’s Nikes are coming back in the future. Today, during an appearance at Jordan Brand’s Flight Lab in New Orleans, legendary designer Tinker Hatfield discussed the Nike MAG releasing again in its scripted year of 2015 with an authentic power lacing system. His response, quoted above, confirmed the return of the storied sneaker in its intended form. When they came out of nowhere and released in 2011, the MAGs lacked the automatic-lacing feature. Originally scripted in Back To The Future to be created in 2015, Hatfield also mentioned the self-tying 2015 recreation will be extremely limited. Tell us your instant reaction in the comment section below, and keep hovering over Nice Kicks for any future developments.



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Jordan Howenstine is a full-time Staff Writer for Nice Kicks who is originally from Lansing, MI. He is a basketball addict and sneaker enthusiast currently residing in Austin, TX.

166 Comments on "Tinker Talks Of 2015 Nike MAG Release"

  1. Paolo Mercado

    limited release again. not surprised but that means I have like no chance of getting a pair. Would be dope regardless.

  2. TheQuakerOatsGuy

    “re-creation.”  But yes, these are insane and I’d cop in a heartbeat.  I’m sure people will take out second mortgages for this.

  3. Christianne Sadiri

    this shoes is pretty cool but ill not trust this shoes. look at the design the experts may be tell that, this is good or safe but for me its not

  4. SoleTakersLTD

    Missing out on new sneaker releases? The infared ‘toro’ 23’s have been
    postponed – get a reserve through SoleTakers.net – the sole reason to
    stay in the game. USA ONLY shipping- we do all major shoe drops!

  5. fly2def

    “milliemaddi: fly2def yea and you can stay your ass home with those shoes!” You ain’t feeling the Marty McFlys?!?

  6. t3chnolus7

    milliemaddi fly2def Not bustin your chops, just sayin’! Those shoes came out in 1985…from the looks of your pic, you weren’t born yet

  7. milliemaddi

    t3chnolus7 fly2def lol I know ugly when I see it….they came out two years before I graced everyone with my presence

  8. Sicko123

    Price is going to be ridiculous I am sure but I will be cool to see how they will be able to pull it all with the power lace system


  9. Lord_o_Trvpbvsh

    nicekicks I can already see these things malfunctioning and taking ppls ankles off. when can I get a pair?

  10. Michael17048728

    nicekicks Tinker Hatfield confirms Nike MAG release, if only people could just buy them, People are out here using bots

  11. jumpman890

    wow thats crazy i can’t wait…. although many ppl will not be able to get those , i bet only like celebritys and long time sneaker collectors will get those….. I can only dream/wish

  12. KevinDonovan1

    Last night someone uploaded via Tikr app leaked demo photos  http://blog.tikr.me/2014/04/29/leaked-photos-power-laces/

  13. Stevie gee

    Im waiting this long for a limited release again damn hate when Nike and Jordan keep doing this that mean you ain’t about to get them

  14. Jeremy

    Omg can y all plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make this in a 6 1/2 plzzzzzzz plp with lil feet like my self never get the good shoes

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