Kevin Durant earning another All-Star nod was no surprise. The guy is pretty much unstoppable these days, making a case for being one of the best scorers to ever play the game on a nightly basis. Getting geared up for New Orleans, the Nike KD VI “Illusion” is full of flavor, packing a printed upper atop a glow-in-the-dark sole. Handdrawn imagery appears all over the exterior, while a graphic lining adds to the “Gumbo” recipe. Get a detailed look at the Nike KD VI “Illusion” in the gallery above and mark your calendar for a February 14th release date.

Nike KD VI “Illusion”

Multi-Color/Green Glow-Black
Release Date: February 14, 2014
Price: $150

  • SoleTakersLTD

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  • Genesisecnka

    nicekicks oatomsko proably the same person who flaged every single episode

  • bhillyaheardme

    SpiceJr good god they so fire! Smh..didn’t even know they were doing tickets. My only hope is online?

  • BB919

    bhillyaheardme SpiceJr wait they already did tickets for em round here?

  • bhillyaheardme

    BB919 SpiceJr yea they did them Sunday. Did them for the KDs,brons, and both 6s dropping

  • BB919

    bhillyaheardme SpiceJr

  • BB919

    bhillyaheardme SpiceJr ain’t no way all the stores did that. There’s still hope

  • bhillyaheardme

    BB919 don’t know bout that. It’s not looking good tho. Not all the stores getting them

  • DomoniqueBrooks

    bhillyaheardme BB919 nicekicks do those come in youth sizes? Those are cute

  • SpiceJr

    BB919 bhillyaheardme I called Sunday and buddy at footlocker said they did tickets that day smh

  • bhillyaheardme

    DomoniqueBrooks I’m not sure. They limited release so they may only be men’s size.

  • BB919

    DomoniqueBrooks bhillyaheardme nicekicks I’m sure they will

  • itxyogirlkoko

    nicekicks they not ugly but the color is

  • kingcole06

    BB919 bhillyaheardme SpiceJr Man this sneaker game is all the way messed up! Will I ever be able to walk into a store n cop w/o a ticket

  • bhillyaheardme

    kingcole06 BB919 SpiceJr yea you will…some new balance! Lol

  • tcw255

    The KD VI as a shoe itself is okay at best. I’m truly just not a fan. And how many colorways are continually going to drop? The all-star series of sneakers from Nike have gotten worse and worse. The last series I liked was the galaxy series in 2012. Since then, they’ve been pretty bad in my opinion. Add this one to the collection.

  • Mvrkmensv

    MendezMarconi you got me maaaan?

  • MendezMarconi

    Mvrkmensv maybe.

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  • SicilianBelle

    nicekicks purdy

  • Jbrown50

    nicekicks best in the pack

  • staringsean

    nicekicks online release only??

  • errerwrewre

    r these limited? i hope not

  • et2014

    I got these for sale from Footlocker hmu, size 10.5,