Situations will arise when an amazing shoe hits the web without origin or a story. But, hey, you’ve gotta be smart about it. Unofficially dubbed the Air Jordan 3 “Solid Gold” by how we see it, this Usher exclusive may one-up that of JT or Drizzy Drake. Seen once before, it appears Mr. Raymond has decided to un-DS these, perhaps breaking them out for an episode of The Voice. While these will most likely never launch, would you cop if they dropped? Let us know in the comment section.

  • Silvestre BM

    Just get some gold paint and JUST DO IT hahaha… look like customs.

  • Walid Rebbouh


  • Austin Nichols

    Usher’s? Hell no. I don’t think I’d even do it anyways.

  • Ryan Rocha

    No no no

  • Dustin Nelson


  • George Diaz


  • Jeremy Everett


  • Nat William

    “”HELL NAW””!!!!

  • Ato Keyser Söze Campbell

    Easy pass

  • Buzz Lightyeer

    Jordan Donner

  • Jacob Dawson

    no because pretty sure there worth more than i am

  • Xavier SwaggedOut Conyer

    omg hell ya

  • Austin Jay Paz


  • Javi Sol


  • Jason McMahon

    hell yes

  • Nic Jurand

    only if the gold is real..

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  • Kai Lewis


  • Michael Kim


  • Derrick K. Kennerly

    Usher is gay

  • YellowingSucks

    Js are played. Gimme some Kobes

  • Gabriel Dadoun



    nicekicks Usher

  • Gambino_Lazy

    nicekicks only if i were a RNB sexy flexy ass dude like Usher

  • Noisy26

    nicekicks Usher naa The Stephen curry Or Melo gold Shoes Are Raw i Think It’s from One of Them, Not shur.

  • NUMBruhX
  • AyMr_Carter

    nicekicks Usher not with them creasing!!

  • wavyasstone_74

    nicekicks nope the creases look more noticeable

  • BlairKirkley

    nicekicks Usher HELL. NO.

  • my__villa

    nicekicks Usher I need a some shades with these

  • chenkin

    nicekicks Usher Yes!

  • Titan_Spotlight

    nicekicks Usher naw im good of that look like golden ticket of willy wonka

  • SandisoNcube

    nicekicks without a doubt!!!

  • Chelece Gordon

    yes dem fresh

  • Kunakorn Daenkhanan

    If I would be in the position of Usher…I would rock bit€hes around the world instead of thise ugly kicks. But…he might doi
    both if it:D

  • Allthingsarepos

    nicekicks Usher only if I was performing on stage

  • Andre Brisker

    No cuz, they’re not solid gold. And if they were I wouldn’t rock em I’d sell em period.

  • WoahParker

    “nicekicks: Would you rock Usher’s pair of “Solid Gold” Air Jordan 3s?” who wouldn’t ?

  • AlexanderIsOG

    nicekicks Usher how much would they be?

  • dougtrav1

    nicekicks Usher yes

  • Dominic Bandle

    if you say no then you just cant pull it off, id rock them like what

  • SicilianBelle

    nicekicks Usher so fly!

  • Shawn Parfait Kn

    WANTED WANTED!!! Nike More Uptempo sz 10US. facebook me!

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