Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” Officially Released

To the surprise of the entire sneaker community, the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” launched today at Nike Store. To the surprise of no one, the shoe sold out immediately.

The oft-delayed, constantly sought after signature sneaker for Kanye West has been a talking point of the sneaker community since Kanye West debuted the all-red rendition on Saturday Night Live. It’s lack of a release date, paired with a refusal for royalties, led West to leave Nike and partner with adidas-- a move that could see KW x adidas product and stores as soon as this September.

Today at noon CST, the thought to be cancelled “Red October” colorway was released via a Tweet from Nike Store. The true definition of a quickstrike, or modern day ‘hyperstrike,’ the launch was with out forewarning of an official release date and dropped on a Sunday– a day which typically doesn’t see new product become live.

At this point, we would say the “Red October” saga is officially over, but based on today, who knows? Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for any future information regarding the official availability of the “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2 and let us know if you were able to pick up a pair in the comment section.

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  1. camdubb2 says:

    53wolve nicekicks sold out tho

  2. ChrisRav says:

    Got a pair!!! So lucky

  3. 53wolve says:

    camdubb2 not for me

  4. Rataface805 says:

    Nicekicks you suckers on on the late train shoe released about 2 hrs ago. Solecollector put it up right away. I commented on your previous post saying the red October yezzy dropped around 10:45 pst and you hatters deleted my comment (bitches)

  5. Kameron Middleton says:

    i coped um

  6. Sara Nouri says:

    11 minutes

  7. Brian Hannon says:

    Ray Torres

  8. Freddie JR Morales says:

    Aaron Adams

  9. Juancarlos Benavidez says:

    Estuardo Moino

  10. Nicholas Peña says:


  11. Sam Abron says:

    Travarus Heroclan Sayers

  12. Roman Glass says:


  13. Prince Jacobs says:

    People bout to get sticked up for these.. Thats like someone eating in ur face and aint no food left.. Why cant anyone buy them if they want them..

  14. johnG6 says:

    Rataface805  okay.

  15. St Laurent Joe says:

    last ditch effort to capitalize on Kanye’s celebrity status since he jumped ship for Adidas

  16. Baber Munir says:

    the price is ridiculous

  17. Jay Jackson says:

    Shits ugly but the flip though lol

  18. Kirren Rimal Roy says:


  19. Jake Lawrence says:

    Copped to flip

  20. Micah Weiss says:

    droooooool !!!!