Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” Officially Released

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Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October Officially Released

To the surprise of the entire sneaker community, the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” launched today at Nike Store. To the surprise of no one, the shoe sold out immediately.

The oft-delayed, constantly sought after signature sneaker for Kanye West has been a talking point of the sneaker community since Kanye West debuted the all-red rendition on Saturday Night Live. It’s lack of a release date, paired with a refusal for royalties, led West to leave Nike and partner with adidas-- a move that could see KW x adidas product and stores as soon as this September.

Today at noon CST, the thought to be cancelled “Red October” colorway was released via a Tweet from Nike Store. The true definition of a quickstrike, or modern day ‘hyperstrike,’ the launch was with out forewarning of an official release date and dropped on a Sunday– a day which typically doesn’t see new product become live.

At this point, we would say the “Red October” saga is officially over, but based on today, who knows? Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for any future information regarding the official availability of the “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2 and let us know if you were able to pick up a pair in the comment section.

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144 Comments on "Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” Officially Released"

  1. Rataface805

    Nicekicks you suckers on on the late train shoe released about 2 hrs ago. Solecollector put it up right away. I commented on your previous post saying the red October yezzy dropped around 10:45 pst and you hatters deleted my comment (bitches)

  2. Prince Jacobs

    People bout to get sticked up for these.. Thats like someone eating in ur face and aint no food left.. Why cant anyone buy them if they want them..

  3. Benjamin Smarrelli

    Replica’s for $90 look mint. Buy 5 and should be good for 6-12 months even if you get mugged a few times

  4. Adam Drapala

    umm Kanye is the one that wanted a GR shoe. He wanted the yeezy’s to be a regular, staple produced shoe. Nike wanted to keep them limited. They wouldn’t give him that hence why he left for Adidas. Kanye is going to have a full line of sneakers as well as clothing threw Adidas.

  5. TrentonBiersack

    bissett_ben yeah it’s ridiculous. Sadly we’ll never see a Nike Air Yeezy 3. Would have liked to get my hands on these.

  6. MichaelBeiswenger

    i was in dennys when these released and i somehow got some in my cart…. i was in shock and probably freaked everyone around me out, SO HAPPY THO I GOTTEM

  7. ChristopherParisReid

    *Anyone why purchases these after Kanye West has blatantly parted ways with Nike is a [fool]. What exactly were your reasons for getting these kicks? I’m guessing you’re the type that still rocks those Adidas Crazy 8’s and call them Kobe’s. Same goes for D-Wade and his former Jordan alliance. Once the ‘endorsement’ connection is obsolete and/or void…IT KILLS THE VALUE OF THE PRODUCT.

  8. MichaelBeiswenger

    ChristopherParisReid  the reason is to flip them you retard. i sold mine for 3,200.00 
    what are you doing with your basic life? (ha) (ha) nothing

  9. Sam Gibson

    I know there replicas but i dont care no one will call me out or anything, plus for $100 you cant beat it, i have the solar red reps that I got for $70 and there still going strong

  10. Andy Lee

    if you look at it, nike doesn’t really make a whole lot in terms of profit off yeezys seeing as to how limited they all are.

  11. Neezy

    ChristopherParisReid  “It kills the value of the product” for whom? Speak for yourself. Although Jordan Brand is under the Nike umbrella, I don’t seem to recall the day Jordan left Nike to create his own brand, did the Nike sneakers of his lose any value. I don’t ever recall any of Tim Duncan’s or Kevin Garnett’s sneakers losing value after opting to part ways with Nike either. In fact, it made them more sought after and more “classic.” To the point about not calling “Crazy 8s” by the name they once were, Deion Sanders is an Under Armour endorsee and ANY retro of his past sneakers, albeit without the “Prime Time” goal post/home plate logo, is still AUTOMATICALLY a Deion Sanders sneaker. Your logic is pretty flawed.

  12. jimmiy443

    His sister got her own dam livewebcam. man she does all kinda freaky stuff in there for free too…heres her livecam room… w w w . x. vu/lana44

  13. xxsabernate

    I got through on a pair!!!!!!! Extremely lucky I guess : O I got a size 9. It was extremely fair no bots limited qs and hyperstike releases should always be like this.

  14. nastynox

    xxsabernate totally agree, gives you a legit chance to get a pair of kicks and not worry bout the hype beast or BOT lords lol

  15. JoeUshki

    nicekicks NO Got the notification late.But i am looking forward to the NikeID (Hopefully its the Yeezy 2).If not its a “Epic Fail” NIKEiD

  16. RainofPhilly

    nicekicks Why must yaw bring this up again! Lol, but not really Lol… Plz let us heal, move on, and let the Nike Yeezy era R.I.P.

  17. mexiking2365

    nicekicks close but no cigar.honestly wouldve sold the ish outta that kick n bought me a way one ticket to brazil.

  18. Neezy

    Ahnubis  His comment is from Facebook (if you didn’t notice the “F” icon). = He’s responding to someone who posted a pic of fakes.

  19. SoleTakersLTD

    Never miss out on a sneaker release again.. we offer reserve spots at  . Deadstock +  Guaranteed to ship or your money back.

  20. Sicko123

    They tried to down play its release, that sucks for the Customers to Wanted them, now people are getting RAPED with the Prices on EBAY SMH…

  21. Flipping_kicks

    I have a size 12 for sale and I just might sell my pair for the right price. Please hit me up with offers 646 439 7770.

  22. drainer

    Free shipping pay at your door after you see best hook ever trust this guy is supper legit I got few pairs every thing they sent picture to my cell then 3day later on my feet

  23. ChristopherParisReid

    MichaelBeiswenger …u sell shoes for living? would u like a cookie, or something? i manage my own business. i have letters after my name. life’s not so basic, at all actually. you should use that $3200, and go take a few classes at your local community college, kid.

  24. MichaelBeiswenger

    ChristopherParisReid MichaelBeiswenger  your original comment said that “once an ‘endorsement’ connection is obsolete it kills the value of a product” 

    these yeezys are the most sought after and expensive nike shoe since the air mags. you obviously need to re evaluate your knowledge of shoe hype. have fun running your weak ass business hahahahaha

  25. I just got my authentic pair from for mad cheap. They shipped it to me for free, I l9ve these sneakers but only wear them on special occassions. Must have! Thanks Kix Heaven!

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