Nice Kicks x New Balance 1600 Grand Anse

Nice Kicks has come together again with New Balance to produce the NB 1600 “Grand Anse”. This special make up was inspired by the beautiful Grand Anse beach on Grenada, a Caribbean island nation in the West Indies.

While Grenada may be small in size, the island is full of heart and culture. Complimenting the beautiful scenery of beaches and bays around the country is the beautiful people and friendly demeanor of Grenadians.

More than just a beach, Grand Anse is a cultural center of Grenada. Grand Anse plays host to many festivals and fetes where one can immerse themselves in the island life of food, music, dance, sport, and art.

Stay tuned for more information about this project as well as personal accounts from our founder, Matt Halfhill, who lived in Grenada in his younger years.

Photographs of the New Balance Grand Anse by Luvinish Karnani. If you are ever looking for a Grenada photographer, be sure to contact him at his portfolio site.

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  • Frankie Arreola

    I need these shoes asap!

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    NickErase12 nicekicks drop to much blue. Blue is for the gays

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    Great job Nicekicks these are too fresh.

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    looks like a general release shoe with very corny inspiration.very fiegish.

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    hay kuya bryan

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    nicekicks ok I pay like 25 bucks for them geaser shoes lol

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  • Val M Chasteau

    Can I place an order now?

  • Val M Chasteau

    Are the words Grand Anse written anywhere on the shoes?

  • Perla Mamaril

    Oh ang ganda! Pwedeng hiramin pang hike sa run way!


    The shoes will be available mid March.


    The words are not written on the shoes, no. Grand Anse is the inspiration through and through all the panels and colors of the shoes. Stay tuned for Matt Halfhill’s personal accounts of the shoes in the coming days.

  • Val M Chasteau

    Thank you.

  • ClifCs6

    Really glad these shoes aren’t nicekicks employee exclusives. Thanks nicekicks!