On-Foot Look: Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-Man”

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The Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-Man” is the latest volume of the wavy silhouette, and On-Foot Look is hitting the streets to profile the heroic mold. This striking style code graces the already bold Nike Air Foamposite Pro, making for a can’t-miss combination that presents a number of daring wear options. Transitioning in a gradient effect from vivid blue to black and light crimson, front to back, the “Spider-Man” Foams utilize the iconic character’s famous hues in a streaking graphic. Loud enough to stand on their own, these web-casting kicks have the ability to save any outfit.

Jump through all of the pages to see how the Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-Man” will look when worn with different styles, from denim and cuffed pants to camouflage and khaki. Let us know what you’d lace them up with in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and stick a pair February 8th at select Nike retailers, including shopnicekicks.com.

Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-Man”

Vivid Blue/Black-Light Crimson
Release Date: February 8, 2014
Price: $250






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90 Comments on "On-Foot Look: Nike Air Foamposite Pro “Spider-Man”"

  1. Tony Bradley

    What difference does it make if they were solid colored or not? If the shoe is ugly, then it’s ugly! The color isn’t going to make the silhouette nicer, dummies! You “sneakerheads” are the most shallow and picky ppl on the planet. These actually look nice on feet anyway. Half of y’all claiming “DROP” ate gonna cop anyway lol

  2. YeigotemAll

    nicekicks changed my mind you gotta actually be Peter Parker to wear dem shits or Stan lee #ratherhaveissue1

  3. DandJrepairs

    These will go well with a ……ummmm……uummmmm….a spiderman costume….or a immmm…uuummmm, somebody help?

  4. Better_Jake

    SneakerAutoBot.com haha yeah, pretty soon we will have the “Nike” foamposite pro avenger pack……. Get all your favorite superhero shoes.

  5. SoleTakersLTD

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