Nike Kobe 9 Elite Volt

The Kobe kicks just keep coming. Following the unveiling of three new colorways, we now get our first look at the “Volt” Nike Kobe 9 Elite. A white base sees the topic tone pop in Flyknit fashion, with black working in as an accent color on the branding and lining. This limited edition launch will release exclusively at 21 Mercer and Dover Street Market New York on January 26th.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Volt”

Release Date: January 26, 2014

Nike Kobe 9 Elite Volt

  • Rataface805

    These are ok. How much are they going to charge for these?

  • Jeremih Miles


  • R.j. Ortiz

    Eric Carias I like….

  • Dillan Johnson


  • Markus Adadrian Hernandez

    Niigggggggggaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Alexander Davis


  • Ryan Taylor

    Aw, so he finna retire and take up boxing? Nice.

  • Chris Hancock

    Unds these, and they might last til lunch before being ruined.

  • Manuel Bolaños

    Ibrahim Al-Arnous

  • Robert Topel

    Wrestling boots.

  • Cyrus Isla

    pacquiao shoes

  • Nysim Charles

    Aye they FIRE!!!!!! Alexander Davis

  • MusikFiend

    Rataface805 $225

  • Eddie McDonald

    Zachary Dean Culbertson

  • Richie Bias

    Ruptured alkalies makes super high top shoes Lmfao

  • Alexander Davis

    we should cop them bro Nysim Charles

  • Nysim Charles

    Ard when they drop Alexander Davis

  • Roy Morales

    I volt no

  • Jason Villalobos

    These look tight as hell to ball in.

  • Carlos Sanchez

    Way to high

  • Juan José Izquierdo Arias

    Osvaldo Rivera Panelli Holmigui Black Mammba

  • Alexander Davis

    ima find out but they have 3 colorways Nysim Charles

  • Michael Durham-Sangster


  • Osvaldo Rivera Panelli

    AHHH!!!! las quiero bien brutal!

  • Ryan Christian Canlas

    Joseph Yumang

  • Juan José Izquierdo Arias

    estas si que estan pasa bro Osvaldo Rivera Panelli

  • Mike Mr-nyc Titboy Lawrence


  • Zoe Esteves

    Matthew Wong Kevin T Nguyen bruh

  • Jj Barnes

    Gonna get me a pair I’m not really interested in kobes but these r pretty cool an my gf likes Kobe’s

  • Paolo Carlos

    Inspired by manny pacquiao..^_^

  • Mitch Low-Morris

    Dylan Arnold

  • Michael O’Brien

    Christopher Bartels

  • RauShaun White

    Yoga Flames!

  • Tim Chhin

    Command force cw

  • RaheemIgbadume


  • RaheemIgbadume


  • Mike Williams

    Girls shoes!!!

  • Ernest John Cranmer Jr.


  • Marc Carrasco

    boxing shoes!

  • José Israel García Rodriguez


  • Erik Wiersma

    Austin Wiersma should I get these or the 6’s for myself?

  • Johnny Rodriguez

    Alina Martinez, Mizael Martinez

  • RDG9

    I really hope they release this colorway here in the Philippines.

  • Jhobel Banoy

    boxing shoes

  • Maximus Hypicus

    WO WO WO Moon boots!!!!

  • Jason Villalobos

    Ya u couldnt wear em out. Lol.

  • Maximus Hypicus

    The moon dude.

  • Mohammed Salman

    Martin Al-Malik Esparza

  • Austin Wiersma

    You honestly couldn’t go wrong with either! These are beast I didn’t know these were coming out Erik Wiersma

  • Erik Wiersma

    They drop feb 26 Austin Wiersma

  • Anthony Wickett

    Sam Garza

  • Cesar Gonzalez Reyes

    Maria Figueroa

  • Ji Yoon

    Kevin Hobby fresshhh

  • Kevin Hobby

    Only selling them in NY Ji

  • Ji Yoon

    i know….but they r niccee Kevin Hobby

  • Kevin Hobby

    Ji Yoon true

  • Kasonde Chishimba

    I think the Kobe 9 is actually a real nice sneaker. It’s just the height that gets in the way. But the low tops are sick in my opinion. Much more practical for actually wearing.

  • Eddie Redice

    look like some women nike boots i got my girl last year and some wannabe Nike Air Mags

  • Dero Boonz


  • KiafaReneeHair

    MikeLowery__ is such a great person

  • MikeLowery__

    KiafaReneeHair that was random .. Your NEVER nice to me lol

  • KiafaReneeHair

    MikeLowery__ lol that was for your avi and shut up your such a LIAR I’m very nice to u lmao

  • MikeLowery__

    KiafaReneeHair oh & see u bein mean now

  • KiafaReneeHair


  • Holmigui Black Mammba

    Cuando salen

  • iam_ZeKe

    MikeLowery__ wat yu think tho?

  • Andrew Thomas

    Ryan Lorenzo Rush I know they’re not Jordan’s. But I love these

  • MikeLowery__

    iam_ZeKe i like them.. Certain colors is wavy

  • iam_ZeKe

    MikeLowery__ im feelin these

  • MikeLowery__

    iam_ZeKe those & the white ones i just posted is wavy .. I dont think their meant for jeans tho

  • iam_ZeKe

    MikeLowery__ wrd, i just told mal, those in da summer #Win

  • Ryan Lorenzo Rush

    Smh…Andrew Thomas

  • Andrew Thomas

    I know. It’s the under armor shoe all over again. But I love these type of shoes.

  • MikeLowery__

    iam_ZeKe def a summer sneaker

  • iam_ZeKe

    MikeLowery__ gotta get release dates lol

  • Noel Byron F. Gervacio

    wahhhh !!!!!!!!!

  • Aim High

    Pretty dope

  • BlackBottleBoss

    BlackBottleBoss basketball15_sa

  • Eric Carias

    R.j. Ortiz you know these are inspired by Manny Pacquiao? I don’t like them.

  • R.j. Ortiz

    Yeah i read that in a article. I like them thou

  • Sabin Macklin

    Justin Yun

  • Juan José Izquierdo Arias

    feb 9 por ahi rawi Holmigui Black Mammba

  • Brittany Lynn Carter Presutti

    Naw not my typa shoe to high

  • Rannie Jay De Castro

    Pare Ghepoie Reyes ito astig n kulay!

  • Robin Hübbers


  • Paolo Formento

    nice .. favorite color.

  • Wen Genuino

    Damn damn damn. Therw goes my savings

  • no7_Charz

    CheriseMitch noooooo ugly

  • OG_Mhadi

    nicekicks nah lol.

  • KiLmattic

    nicekicks Ehh

  • streetstarnorbe

    nicekicks ThisisEsmoove I like these

  • chedda7

    nicekicks clean

  • impopsfrisby89

    nicekicks Is that for basketball or boxing…LOL

  • ThisisEsmoove

    streetstarnorbe nicekicks his sneaks keep getting better…


    Alphonso_S nicekicks lmaoooo “great for sprawling”

  • E_Yousif


  • dlemley1

    nicekicks do you guys know the retail price for the Kobe 9?

  • H_esluvBombay

    nicekicks y’all really think someone is gonna pay 225 for these lol

  • CTfromDEEP

    need nicekickss: Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Volt” ->”

  • lzkyle

    nicekicks ????

  • jaredbrown3411

    nicekicks bensandberg32 nvm kobe 9 are sick

  • youngdavis03

    nicekicks are they still 225

  • Nat William


  • Anthony Billups

    J.r. Drake NY only release

  • bensandberg32

    jaredbrown3411 nicekicks there better be some sick color ways

  • amandakenyon18

    “nicekicks: Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Volt” ->” take it back, these antclems27

  • Marcus Raven

    inspired by manny pacs shoes

  • Ryan Taylor

    Ah ok. That explains it. Thanks man.

  • DogWk

    nicekicks Bbook05 haha ima get before you haha

  • Zachary Dean Culbertson

    Eddie McDonald interesting, id have to try them on though, theyre so high!

  • Williss Tan

    dang, how big are the shoe boxes?

  • hard2getshoes

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  • Jojo_France10

    nicekicks NPeyakov2 These “Volt”

  • NPeyakov2

    Jojo_France10 nicekicks I want those!!!

  • MichaelDParr

    SoleDeVida agreed. I am loving the IXs. I might be in the minority though.

  • SoleDeVida

    MichaelDParr I like this CW. I seen the darker ones and didn’t care for them

  • MichaelDParr

    SoleDeVida agreed. I really like this color way. Think I’m gonna enter the raffle for them.

  • SoleDeVida

    MichaelDParr hey might as well. good luck! :-)

  • MichaelDParr

    SoleDeVida for sure. Thank you very much. Figure head into the city this weekend and check the Super Bowl stuff out too.

  • SoleDeVida

    MichaelDParr that’s whats up. what team you rooting for?

  • MichaelDParr

    SoleDeVida honestly don’t really care but I would like to see Peyton get one more. Like Seattle too though.

  • SoleDeVida

    MichaelDParr not keen on anyone either. I enjoy watching though, so who ever makes the best plays gets my hoots and hollers lol lol

  • MichaelDParr

    SoleDeVida lol that’s awesome. Doubt I’ll stay in the city for the game though. Would rather watch from my own place or a friend’s.

  • SoleDeVida

    MichaelDParr agree. gonna be cold, need warmth of a house and comfort of a couch

  • BarrackOSwagga

    @H_esluvBombay nicekicks  lol sold out every release and less than 2mins.