Nike Kobe 9 Elite

Likely not last and certainly not least, we see the Nike Kobe 9 Elite in a Black/White motif. This classic yet trending color palette makes use of the model’s Flyknit upper, with reflective silver accents offering literal and figurative flash. Like the “Volt” makeup, look for this Nike Kobe 9 Elite to launch exclusively at 21 Mercer and Dover Street Market New York on January 26th.

Nike Kobe 9 Elite

Release Date January 26, 2014

Nike Kobe 9 Elite

  • DanielSavage

    All these new CW’s are making me REALLY look forward to the low top. I like a lot of stuff about this sneaker…but the cut is just too out there for me personally.  I can see myself stacking lows when they start dropping, though.  Those carbon fiber hits are nasty.  
    I’m yet to own a flyknit shoe, so I guess the Kobe 9 lows will be my first….if/when they drop a CW that resembles the one shown here or the grey joints that were unveiled earlier today.

  • Brent Austin McClintock

    :) :) :) CANNOT WAIT!

  • Daking James

    Damn them bitches hard

  • HillZmusic Mgmt

    Kobe has THE WORST collection EVER. Everything after krazy 8’s was just horrible. Maybe comfortable for ball but for rockin…. #PureTrash

  • Rico Rei

    Marvin Sulit

  • Chris Hancock

    God forbid basketball shoes dont meet your “rockin” standards…

  • Gustavo A. Avalos

    These are pretty dope. Not gettin em tho. lol

  • Dindo Valde Sala

    HYPERFUSE 2011 or PACMAN’s? FUGLY sh8t!!!

  • Brandon Bolo Marrero

    Those for boxing??

  • Alfredo Harris

    He’s wearing a high top shoe now

  • Eugene Stowe

    Looks like a boxing or a wrestling shoe

  • Jhelou Parker A Cagulada

    i like this

  • Jayvan Javier Santos Zayas

    Chris Amaury Desardén Mateo

  • Rommel Cabarlo

    Low cut version of this pls

  • Johnny Rodriguez

    Alina Martinez, Mizael Martinez

  • Jorrick Wesley

    How much?

  • Jonathan Johnson

    I need a low top version to hoop in.. Come on Nike!

  • Emilio Avalos

    Xiomara Toscano these are the best color way

  • Carlos Driscoll

    Bring them to the Htown

  • BrandonHaines

    They will eventually grow on you all…let Wale get a hold of em…I’m sure he might be able to put together a outfit for yall to mock. #DMVnative You know how we does

  • Maurice Smith

    I love Kobes can’t wait

  • Rudy Lucena


  • Ptah Provo


  • Dero Boonz


  • Eddie Redice

    watch a Air Mag colorway drop lol

  • Alexander Davis

    Nysim Charles

  • Richard Vasquez

    Levi Ramirez

  • Dmitriy Zimin

    Would’ve been better if cut a bit lower. Almost good design excpet that height

  • Jannell Pinto

    I want these!!!!!!!

  • Magic Mamba

    Nike Kobe 9 Elite is the best Nike shoe ever created.

  • Roel Canque


  • Haoran Zhang

    Choi Syyt

  • Ryan Angelo Mojica

    kobe the boxer

  • Brandon Watterson


  • Travis Harrison

    This is sooooo f**ked up they’re not releasing them here in CharlstonSC

  • BigO_123

    iam_kmart nicekicks ooh those are nice! But idk I want the white for some reason

  • iam_kmart

    BigO_123 nicekicks damn never mind. Apparently they are only selling today in New York along with those white ones :/

  • BigO_123

    iam_kmart nicekicks wait I saw the white ones said they come out in like march

  • iam_kmart

    BigO_123 nicekicks im talking about the ones with that bright yellow. You want the grayish ones we talked about yesterday?

  • BigO_123

    iam_kmart nicekicks yeah lol they’re not having these here? The bright yellow or black ones?0

  • iam_kmart

    BigO_123 nicekicks nah. I just read they came out today in new york and only there. Hopefully they come out later on

  • BigO_123

    iam_kmart nicekicks I wouldn’t doubt it. It would be dumb if they didnt

  • iam_kmart

    BigO_123 nicekicks I might just wait then.I dont wanna drop 200 on a color way I dont really want

  • BigO_123

    iam_kmart nicekicks I feel you. I’m okay with any color way but I want the white ones more than any

  • Marcus Raven

    im telling you bunch of bball divas

  • Andrew Kairupan
  • Fabrice Guagliata

    New Nike Skiing shoes ?

  • hard2getshoes

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  • YellowingSucks

    Idk if you’ve seen the real kobe 9 lows but they aren’t flyknit. They look like they’re going to be Engineered Mesh again. Maybe that’s why they decided to put the Elite in the title to distinguish the two shoes grom each other which makes sense because they usually use different/better materials on the elites. Also I think the elites are better than the lows.

  • YellowingSucks

    Fellow SC native. What up Chucktown!

  • YellowingSucks

    You sound sooo stupid right now.

  • PaoloSBulaun

    how much is the price of that black/white motif.???

  • ncredibo

    These drop’d already???