Converse First String 1970s Collection 2014

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Two fresh style codes of the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star are on their way as a part of the First String 1970s Collection. These Chuck Taylors are bright to ring in spring, but their colorways mirror the upcoming event with the same name. NBA All-Star is in New Orleans this year, and this purple and teal combination mirrors the host Hornets’ hues, but with throwback aesthetics. Built to represent the model’s makeup in the 1970s, these Chucks have increased cushioning, a larger toe box, and heavy grade canvas. Watch for these vintage First String Converse to hit shelves in early February.



Source: Hypebeast

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  1. Steven Wenner

    I wish they would do an “original” throwback. Everyone seems to think these shoes were made in the ’60s-’70s, when they were made in 1917.

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