Kicks On Court: Matt Bonner Signs with adidas, Wears Crazy 8

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Matt Bonner has found a new shoe home.

The 10-year veteran shared the news with us of him signing to adidas before last night’s game between the Thunder and the Spurs in the locker room. “I have finally found a shoe home,” said Bonner, while seated at his locker with a pair of adidas Crazy 8s in his lap. “I’ll be playing in these.” The Three Stripes brand confirmed the signing of the “Red Mamba” prior to tipoff of the aforementioned nationally televised game.

Bonner specifically went with the general-released Crazy 8 Grey/Black-White – a shoe he says he’s worn for the past two weeks during practices – in his adidas debut last night. Yet, this is far from the first time Bonner and the adidas Crazy 8 have joined forces.

“That used to be his go-to shoe in high school,” said Luke Bonner, Matt’s younger brother. “We both played in that shoe in high school, and it’s so funny how it has all come full circle.”

Matt raved about the Crazy 8 and stated that playing in the shoe is what ultimately led him to sign with adidas. Not only is he ecstatic about his new deal, but others in the organization are just as excited. “We welcome it with open arms,” said Travis Wade, the head equipment manager for the San Antonio Spurs. “adidas has sent a lot of different models to Bonner throughout the past two weeks, and he really likes the Crazy 8 because of the material and the padding on the inside.”

Now that Bonner is signed to adidas, will he participate in wearing the brand’s special night/holiday makeups?

“Um, I wouldn’t mind wearing green shoes for St. Patrick’s Day,” said Bonner while pointing at his hair. “I’m Irish if you haven’t noticed yet.”

**Note** Check back tomorrow to hear Matt Bonner reveal more details about why he signed to adidas in the latest episode of Kicks On Court Weekly Recap.

Kicks On Court

Matt Bonner (center) wearing the adidas Crazy 8 Grey/Black-White

Kicks On Court

Matt Bonner (left) in the adidas Crazy 8 Grey/Black-White

Kicks On Court

Matt Bonner lacing up the adidas Crazy 8 prior to the game

Kicks On Court

Matt Bonner lacing up the adidas Crazy 8 prior to the game


Kicks On Court

The adidas Crazy 8 sits atop the New Balance 8026 outside of Matt Bonner’s locker

Kicks On Court

Matt Bonner’s locker

Kicks On Court

Matt Bonner’s locker

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  1. Adam R. Michaud says:

    If Matt Bonner can get a shoe deal, anyone can.

  2. Brendan Anderson says:

    Finally they give him a shoe contract again. First shoe contract was new balance I believe

  3. Jestoni Jimenez says:

    Yes! So deserved! Bonner is a humble awesome guy! His new balances were running dry! Check out his nicekicks interview!

  4. Luke Atkins says:

    Sabin Cirstoveanu

  5. Doyle Song says:

    Rob Nam the “Red Rocket” switched up on the Old Balance!!!

  6. Patrick Romero says:


  7. Chris Lee says:

    Lol he was begging for a new New Balance deal..guess Adidas is better.

  8. J.b. Lusher says:

    Best Kobe shoe ever made

  9. Chris Powell says:

    he had a NEW BALANCE deal ….

  10. NiceKicks.com says:

    If you want to watch our original interview where Matt discusses his deal with New Balance and looking for a new deal, here is the link -> http://nicek.is/17c2i66

  11. Sean Garner says:

    Whelp expect him to tear his ACL and MCL

  12. Chris Gonzales says:

    cant wait till red mamba loco

  13. Zeek Capo says:

    They given shoe deals to anybody I see smh

  14. Dillon Gallman says:

    Raymond Toscano