Jordan Future Officially Unveiled

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Jordan Future

The Jordan Future sees an innovative entry from Jordan Brand, combining forward thinking styling with heritage hints. An Air Jordan 11 outsole is instantly recognizable, introduced in the modern hue of the moment: volt. A sleek, woven upper relies on woven construction with 3M hits. Asymmetrical lacing adheres to a strong profile on a model that’s said to be lightweight, reductive and without overlays. Check out detailed photos of the Jordan Future below and look for this model to launch on March 1st for $185.

Jordan Future

Release Date: March 1, 2014
Price: $185

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Source: Complex

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228 Comments on "Jordan Future Officially Unveiled"

  1. SupaBeats

    Are they serious? These are terrible. Why is the whole shoe woven? Did they think that minimal branding would make these better. This is pure junk, and I would like to say for sneakerheads around the world “FU Jordan Brand”. The designer of this shoe should be assassinated like Bin Laden for creating this crap. #Navy Seal Team 6

  2. SupaBeats

    You might as well buy socks, and glue a rubber bottom on them.LoL! This has to be purely for athletic purposes, because style is definitely absent. I thought last year was terrible. It seems like they keep getting worse year after year.

  3. SupaBeats

    These look like something old people would wear. Granny’s and Grandpa’s will be lining up for these hand woven corn catchers.Lol!

  4. Chris Brown

    These look like something old people would wear. Granny’s and Grandpa’s will be lining up for these hand woven corn catchers.Lol!

  5. dr_mario_XXX

    The sole is dope looking, but I really wish Jordan brand would stop making shoes that look like damn banana peels. I mean, the XX8’s were bad enough, but this is just ridiculous.

  6. Jordan Brown

    in my ipinion i feel jordan brand had lost there touch and that these new release r okay and all but there gimmicky and sorty tacky i feel jordans

  7. Giuseppe Joe

    Roshe / footscape upper feel…atleaatbwe now know a lot of 11s will drop this year …XI sole on mass production line

  8. CopperStone05

    next year they’ll ve ripping of the 11’s lacing system. the following year…they’ll be using the 11’s tongue.another slave marketing strategy from jb.

  9. Justin Seth Smiley

    That’s a sweet shoe. Love the 11 bottoms with a casual top. I will be getting those if and when they release.

  10. Stephanie Parra

    Why are 11 soles being wasted on this sock of a shoe. On that note they look like they would be as comfy as Roshe’s but y do they have to be so ugly !!!

  11. James CHill

    finally something without the hype. just because most of you dis like the shoe dont mean someone else wont swag them jernts out. just my opinion.

  12. A Tony Rix

    Ii just threw up . not only in my mouth …But on the whole of London! shameful thing is. my mouth spew contained images of what I just witnessed , and then that contaminated the entire water supply the rest of Great Britain so sadly they also just spewed! and will continue to spew , (up Chucking / as you call it ) till these hideous things are removed from view !!! erghh and arghhhhh + VOM!!!!!

  13. Larry Love Aldrich

    Everybody talkin s*** about the shoes and no they’ll be sold out everywhere will be the height issue you can get everybody talking crap right now cracks me up

  14. BrandonHaines

    why couldnt he just use that pattern in place of the patent leather or something, come on Jordan get serious bruh. Aint nobody buying these shyts, unless you live in the retirement home.

  15. Antoine Smoophis Randall

    That’s not my style but I’m sure it’ll be plenty of people that will get them simply because their Jordan’s. Me I’ll pass.

  16. Daniel Descry Lee

    they could have designed an 11.0 with modern tech and that shoe would have flown off the shelves…how do you miss the mark this poorly?

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