The Jordan Future sees an innovative entry from Jordan Brand, combining forward thinking styling with heritage hints. An Air Jordan 11 outsole is instantly recognizable, introduced in the modern hue of the moment: volt. A sleek, woven upper relies on woven construction with 3M hits. Asymmetrical lacing adheres to a strong profile on a model that’s said to be lightweight, reductive and without overlays. Check out detailed photos of the Jordan Future below and look for this model to launch on March 1st for $185.

Jordan Future

Release Date: March 1, 2014
Price: $185

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Jordan Future

Source: Complex

  • Bank$


  • Argentino405

    If they come in all black/red I would get em

  • Soundwave787

    11 + 15

  • rant and whine

    running out of ideas i see…

  • KevinBorja25

    NOOOOOO way!

  • PerryMcIver

    this is disrespectful to the 11s in my opinion, that’s dumb bottom could have gone to a way better design or hell new type of 11.

  • royanthony24

    11 + a roshe ?


    why a jordan 11 sole? I feel like the 12’s would of been a way better option. Smh

  • SupaBeats

    Are they serious? These are terrible. Why is the whole shoe woven? Did they think that minimal branding would make these better. This is pure junk, and I would like to say for sneakerheads around the world “FU Jordan Brand”. The designer of this shoe should be assassinated like Bin Laden for creating this crap. #Navy Seal Team 6

  • SupaBeats

    You might as well buy socks, and glue a rubber bottom on them.LoL! This has to be purely for athletic purposes, because style is definitely absent. I thought last year was terrible. It seems like they keep getting worse year after year.

  • SupaBeats

    These look like something old people would wear. Granny’s and Grandpa’s will be lining up for these hand woven corn catchers.Lol!

  • Kirren Rimal Roy

    Jibrail Choudhury Jack Lovezcheryl Flowers

  • Devin Atkinson

    Kaelin They look fresh fr ima have to get’em

  • Marcus Poohdini Sadler

    Coming soon to a Outlet Store near you!!!

  • CJ Coles

    Bish Whet

  • Dustin D. Young


  • Adam Drapala

    looks like the 13’s in a lower cut with an 11 bottom

  • Nicholas Kanganis


  • Cory Wilkerson

    Not too happy with this shoe.

  • Mikey Mudwater

    Ugly as hell just like most Jordans but somebody will buy em

  • Caius Keitus

    Sk Konate dammmmnnnn

  • Charles Hill

    They should’ve use the 28’s bottom as a launching point instead og the 11’s.

  • Robert Masushige

    They getting desperate over there!

  • Chris Brown

    These look like something old people would wear. Granny’s and Grandpa’s will be lining up for these hand woven corn catchers.Lol!

  • FrankBens


  • Adam Zuckerbrod

    this is another example how tinker hatfield can design a shoe in 30 mins

  • Valentin Nicola

    Florin Deju

  • dr_mario_XXX

    The sole is dope looking, but I really wish Jordan brand would stop making shoes that look like damn banana peels. I mean, the XX8’s were bad enough, but this is just ridiculous.

  • caseyp


  • David Williams

    Manny these are nasty

  • LeRob James

    Look Like the old NDestuks ……

  • Frank Bens


  • Maurice Mckinney

    Nobody is gonna camp out for these

  • Justin Thao

    Cool idea, cool concept, ugly shoe.

  • Whyte Dynamyte


  • Roy Pops August

    Jordan is a phony…

  • Justin Jones

    Foamposites mixed with gloves. Ewww

  • Neicul Lucien

    Chukka woven+11Jordan

  • Darnell Yancey

    A S S !

  • Kenny Loso Ramsey

    Church FutureBoy Godson

  • Jason Jonathan

    look like roshe and jordan 11

  • Jordan Brown

    in my ipinion i feel jordan brand had lost there touch and that these new release r okay and all but there gimmicky and sorty tacky i feel jordans

  • Jose Solis

    They went backwards on the cushioning front if you ask me but I like the look

  • Jordan Brown

    lost thrre touch and from now on i want any new release unless there juat plain clean

  • Bill Chen

    Hellllllll nnnnnnnnnaaaawwwww

  • _Black_Phil

    “these are turrible” 

    -Charles Barkley

  • Dominic Bocanegra

    Evan Anderson

  • Israel Munoz

    Joe Flores Kendrick Bowser Anthony Cardenas Raymond Sanchez

  • Elio Cruz

    Ah I see Nike let everyone test out the shoe before its release based on all of the negative reviews.

  • Maoey Wowie


  • Demetrius Thompson

    Wow! Those are the worst ever

  • Eneree Cranford Jr.


  • Papo Rivera

    They better try selling these for 50$ I still wouldn’t want them.

  • Travis Dunson

    Just make a blk/volt green 11. They getting lazy with these cyborg designs.

  • Mike Rousseau

    Travis Zugay

  • Alex Chiang


  • Ryan Moore

    I love these.

  • Suge Knight


  • Emma C Roberts

    wouldn’t buy those.

  • Christopher Henriquez

    WTF is this it looks like a sock

  • BSr

    lmfao wow

  • Stacey Bazu Liburd


  • Mudassar Hussain

    Oh my gawd there ruining the 11 game

  • Erik Wren Jordison

    Ugly. Will still sell out though…

  • Mark Cee

    Shoulda made a pair with the gamma blue soles to

  • Jose Mercado

    Still kinda ugly but…. Better than last year at least

  • Joe Walters

    It’s just the bottom of an 11, which is a great design. They aren’t calling it an 11

  • Michael Mccellon

    I hope the future is not that unoriginal

  • Rasmus Vistesen Nørgaard

    Michael Kokholm Til shoppen evt 😉

  • Harry Bigg Mike Hwang

    Sam Nou

  • RecklessNY2

    pretty much a roshe run with the 11 bottome

  • Kenneth Bellinger
  • Jumbo Gincredible


  • Konkapot WitlessPenguin Davids

    Alexander Zambookie Wynos

  • TimothySou

    judging from the comments im hoping i will be able to cop these easily when they drop?

  • Emanuel Mundy

    Say all #*#* that now, then say it on release day so I can get mine.

  • Dwayne Cochrane

    Probably a good shoe to ball in….

  • Lukas Kim

    LOL i saw this David Choe

  • Tito Kidd Montes

    those are gonna be good to ball in!!! I’ll cop a pair they’re pretty dope

  • Tommy Olivet

    Could b the ugliest shoes ever n theyll b high demand cause of the jordan logo

  • ???? ???

    RIP Jordan Brand.

  • Matt Atencio

    Ugly but probably comfortable to ball in

  • Vast Data

    I like em’ and I don’t…I would have designed it better

  • Ed Dufresne

    You’ll find these in Savers on the clearance rack collecting dust.

  • Daniel G Jacksun

    im not down with just straight completely ripping off the XI sole…. maybe for just the base

  • Shaun Cobbs

    It would be nothing but a hooping shoe!!!!

  • Chris Reeves

    I need more pics!!! On foot pics!

  • Matt Rodriguez

    I think there dope

  • Dawon Hall

    Waist of money….. These are not worth $185…. I’ll be a fool if I spend my money on these….

  • David Jay

    So no 29s then?

  • Terry Bruce Herring II

    Those are actually fly to me.

  • Theodosis Rikoudis


  • Xiak Ni Ako

    hop i could get one!!!!

  • Giuseppe Joe

    Roshe / footscape upper feel…atleaatbwe now know a lot of 11s will drop this year …XI sole on mass production line

  • Laurenina Haileab


  • johnny kilroy

    nice colorway

  • David Cunningham II


  • Aldrin De Chavez Martinez

    Algel Jingco

  • CopperStone05

    next year they’ll ve ripping of the 11’s lacing system. the following year…they’ll be using the 11’s tongue.another slave marketing strategy from jb.

  • Tim Gardner

    Jordan 11 chukka…I aint mad ill prob rock me some nike chukkas

  • Jessie Ray

    Nice detail…if i hooped I would cop

  • Steve Galindo

    I would not beat up someone in a footlocker for these ugly ass shoes.

  • Angel Ramos


  • Gregory Hill

    Garbage especially for $185

  • Jiz Khalifa

    They will sellout just cuz of the 11s bottom

  • Aaron C. Neal


  • KritChatikavanij

    the look like grandma shoes

  • Jonas Lobolia Giese Anderson

    Mirza Asger Hjorth hvad siger i?

  • Mirza Misimovic

    i think not. just too odd

  • Mirza Misimovic

    J.R. Smith proof i guess

  • Victor Menendez

    These bad boys nice

  • Brandon Miller


  • Darryl Buczkowski

    Steven Ponzetti these bro!

  • Chaz Smith

    Im a collector so ill have these for show

  • Dawan Relliford

    Would pay $40 only! Would only be used on the court!

  • Jovi Villanueva

    I like them..I bet they are comfortable..oh and I but what I like

  • Domz Abella


  • Dewaun Jesse Lee Jennings


  • Luis Bacon Melendez

    Jordan’s future lookin’ dark with these.

  • Chris Hicks

    Just why why why why!!! What in the world would make them think these look good!!!

  • Stephan Reid

    Fake look at the Jordan sign

  • Jay Jackson

    Yep ugly til about a week before the release date smh

  • Ato Campbell

    I hope all this hating means a easer cop no lines nor raff tickets

  • JaysonClarence

    wtf ?

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Vu Bill ew

  • Justin Seth Smiley

    That’s a sweet shoe. Love the 11 bottoms with a casual top. I will be getting those if and when they release.

  • Justin Rankin

    These are nice

  • Stephanie Parra

    Why are 11 soles being wasted on this sock of a shoe. On that note they look like they would be as comfy as Roshe’s but y do they have to be so ugly !!!

  • Younes Tarnaoui


  • Dejan Panic

    Please tell me these are making their way to Australia

  • James CHill

    finally something without the hype. just because most of you dis like the shoe dont mean someone else wont swag them jernts out. just my opinion.

  • Co Ferdinand

    Nice color

  • Ezekiel Blowenmoneyfast Greene
  • Paolo Lee

    IPON na…..

  • Jason Riley

    Looks good to me

  • Anderson Lopez

    They suck

  • A Tony Rix

    Ii just threw up . not only in my mouth …But on the whole of London! shameful thing is. my mouth spew contained images of what I just witnessed , and then that contaminated the entire water supply the rest of Great Britain so sadly they also just spewed! and will continue to spew , (up Chucking / as you call it ) till these hideous things are removed from view !!! erghh and arghhhhh + VOM!!!!!

  • ????
  • Tommy Julian Nunez

    Angelo Portillo roshe run flyknit 11s

  • Jay Benjamin

    i feek u cuz I’m coppin them hoes lol

  • Jay Benjamin


  • BertDuperior

    Look like roshe 11 hybrids

  • Dalton Rivas

    you a hype

  • Francis Javier Guemarez

    I like these

  • Anthony James Gonzalez


  • Samantha Louise Cruz Mesa

    Frederick Flores Jr. Tingin mo pre?

  • J.L. Hall


  • Jochen Wüst
  • Charlie Cross

    David Deck

  • YanskiFlores

    just like my jordan 11 sole :)

  • Daniel Pressman


  • John Locher

    J.R. McGinnis i can dig it

  • David Deck

    gonna puke

  • Carlos Fernando Albayeros

    The air beaver

  • Amistad Julius

    Waste of money for these. Unless if its cheaper. Haha

  • Aaron Winder

    Good concept bad design

  • Larry Love Aldrich

    Everybody talkin s*** about the shoes and no they’ll be sold out everywhere will be the height issue you can get everybody talking crap right now cracks me up

  • Alaine Arnedo

    Disgrace to jordan 11’s

  • Shaunn Holden

    People need to cop diff shoes. This jordan crap is repetitive, dated and boring

  • Ognyan Stefanov


  • Chris Foster

    No thanks

  • Magdiel Torres

    Jomar Alfredo me vine !!!!

  • David Loewen

    like dese

  • Miguel Angel Vazquez IV

    Carl Spruill thoughts?

  • Ni WhooLawd

    Ugly as he’ll

  • Kyle Giuca

    Jordan 11 flyknits?

  • yakukei23

    I like Jordan but this is really bad. Would drop

  • Tristan Snaps Trinidad

    Jordan designed by Jeremy Scott lolz

  • Matt Murray

    Nick Beninati Rahul Robert Miso Soup Brandon Pray ugliest shoe ever made

  • Gabe Altenberger


  • Tamara Jones


  • Eddie Redice

    some red ones would be dope and if that silver thread is 3m

  • Anthony Peralez

    DC Davis

  • BillyLapuz

    Kailangan ng magipon para dito…

  • Arvy Trinidad

    They bought And-1 designs.

  • Shawn Sheets

    Woven flyknit chukka jordan 11s. Ugly.

  • ShadGregoryMossShadmost

    Release Date?

  • Imani Preyor

    womp womp

  • Michael Guzman

    if it was gamma blue idk bout that green

  • ShadGregoryMossShadmost

    Everyday i COP All Jordan’s

  • Michael Kokholm

    Det er 100! 😉

  • Mark NoZe

    Ugly and very expensive! No Noo Nooo….:-/

  • Kyle Dawkins

    I like

  • Veezie Forbes

    Worst shoe ever, reminds me of an oven mitt.

  • Kenneth Gumabong


  • Hadj DatBoii Faison

    I like would be even more dope in a different colorway

  • Jared Greening

    Leviticus Riwai cuz watta ya think of these

  • BrandonHaines

    why couldnt he just use that pattern in place of the patent leather or something, come on Jordan get serious bruh. Aint nobody buying these shyts, unless you live in the retirement home.

  • Leviticus Riwai

    Yeh I saw that this morn, it’s sumthn different, I don’t mind it

  • Dominique Nelson

    Moon boot #uncleruckus

  • Time2ballup

    Da fuq?

  • Ucity Trae

    How people gonna talk down on this and they copped the 28’s?

  • Rob Mugga

    They just mixed the soles with the gamma blues … these jordans ugly AF

  • Rich Alejandria

    not bad… waiting tip they get better uppers…

  • MaqSparrow

    im gettin these

  • Carence Bennett

    Antoine Smoophis Randall??

  • Antoine Smoophis Randall

    That’s not my style but I’m sure it’ll be plenty of people that will get them simply because their Jordan’s. Me I’ll pass.

  • Antoine Smoophis Randall

    Carence Bennett

  • Aio Lueders

    Vahe Navasartian.. wa vind je

  • Vahe Navasartian

    Aio Lueders ze hbbe daar hun voete aan geveegt , trekt op niks :p

  • Dave Archer

    Aaron Monnot the uglyier the better ay

  • Aio Lueders

    haha alz dan

  • Naptowns Finest

    Must cop

  • Alex Elghanayan

    Ridiculously ugly worst jordans ever

  • Brandon Pray

    Did they design this shoe blind? Honestly…

  • Daniel Descry Lee

    they could have designed an 11.0 with modern tech and that shoe would have flown off the shelves…how do you miss the mark this poorly?

  • David A. Marquez

    Half the cats in here that say they’re ugly will be the first running to cop a pair. No thanks.

  • Leafar Zurc


  • Mauro Cisneros

    And this is when jordan goes out of business lmaoo

  • Irvin Sandoval

    David Barrera oh lawd

  • Wayne Harris


  • Nick Dominguez

    Um idk about these. I think they are oddly cool. But probably wouldn’t cop them.

  • Christopher Castillo

    They will look cool when they come out

  • ParisWillis

    They look like cheap footscapes with an 11 sole….. can’t even rock with it

  • Tahj Ba


  • Frederick Flores Jr.

    Samantha Louise Cruz Mesa di ko alam pre kung matutuwa ba ko o ano e. Hahaha

  • Dayo Odeyingbo

    Jp Davis

  • Daniel Milton


  • Charles CashJr Chappell

    Two thumbs down JKendall

  • JKendall Bruce

    Man…. Seen these the other day. Except black an white sole… I’m good on these too Charles Chappell

  • Steve Chrysler


  • Estela Vasquez

    Un poco raros jajaja

  • Brandon King

    This is all Drakes fault.

  • Blu_Blazez

    DAF!!! No hating plz…waste ur energy elsewhere

  • Bigblackeric

    Jordan 15lab11

  • ncredibo

    I’m cop’n!!!  These are definitely different fasho?

  • NyleOlds1

    i like them but 185 is too much

  • Evan Anderson