They’re coming back. While official images of the Air Jordan 6 White/Infrared are yet to hit, an official release date has been confirmed. Reported by Finish Line, the sixth silo from the AJ franchise is set to drop at Jordan Brand accounts on February 15th in the nostalgic home colorway. For those keeping track on their calendar, this release falls on the Saturday of All-Star Weekend. Let us know if you plan on copping this Air Jordan 6 in the comment section and stay tuned for official photos of the 2014 version.

Air Jordan 6

Release Date: February 15, 2014

  • Ayoo Justin

    Must Cop

  • James Daniels

    I just want varsity red 6s..

  • Junior Hendrix Santamaria

    David Macedo I had this back in my 10th grade

  • Lukasz Ignasiak

    Is quality better then last olimpic?

  • Mike Reyes

    Just release the carmines already and I’m done for the year

  • Bryson Smith


  • Stephen Benningfield

    Is there a relese date for the all red ones?

  • Aaron C. Neal

    You damn right

  • Marcellus Williams


  • Kyle Winkler


  • Keaton Bendel

    Drop dem

  • Ryan Suspect

    yesssssssssss i love these kicks iam getting them

  • Andrea Brighetti

    Un mito!!!!!!’n

  • Aaron Aj Juliani


  • James Emanuel Dozier Jr.

    How much

  • Dorothalia Green

    Brandie Nicole

  • Ric Ray

    Tell em’ Keef…..

  • Gregory Graham

    Nope where the Carmines at

  • Majic Juan


  • Deonta Thurman

    Drop it like its hot

  • BrandonRozayRose

    its the 15th also

  • Dee Mike

    Dropping, they flopped last time they came out!!!!

  • Jeremiah Brathwaite


  • Jeremiah Brathwaite

    white is a disaster waiting to happen

  • Zack Arts

    Petera Tamarua

  • Curser Patron


  • Terence Wan

    Adam Wang

  • Phar Ian

    cop bro

  • Carl Daniels

    Pass they look okay….

  • Kenley Vlado Pierre

    I’d rather get the spiderman foams thats droppin on the 8th

  • Vincent Paulo de Famo

    HAve 1 black & White

  • Rashod Briscoe

    Yall do know they are not varsity red right? Same color as the thermal map foams

  • Lee Saya

    Jeff Bartzen we gotta get these son

  • Daniel Repinski


  • Bryan Marcelino
  • Tony State Street


  • Ashley Minner

    I’d rather have the Carmines & “Toros”

  • Dwayne Phillips


  • Payne A. Ortlieb


  • Itz Jaedre

    Still got mine DS from last release

  • Rodessah Taihia


  • David Cunningham II

    Still got mine from the pack

  • Carlos Semedo


  • Al Po

    I gotta have dis Duh

  • Hoàng Minh

    Must have

  • TakumaNishiyama


  • Andrew Guindi


  • Marques Young

    Coppin mos def

  • Marques Young

    OG color ways are the only ones I cop

  • Greg Dematteo

    Copping !!!
    All day. !!!!!!!!!

  • Dietris SupaNova Davis

    Coppin these

  • Duran Dblock Cromer

    Cop them guys!!

  • Shawn Firpo


  • Stefan Kojovic

    Mateo Steckel

  • Ivan Inga

    na, coppin da carmines, r them all red 6s suede or leather.

  • Jay Walker

    Will Noles

  • Darrel James Bautista


  • Jasper Rivera

    Auto cop

  • Kenny Persaud


  • Abel Lara

    I have These

  • Daniel Jordan

    not if they’re that yellow

  • Curtis Deas


  • Arnel Abrenica


  • Christopher D Breezy

    50/50 Might Cop Em..

  • DA Key


  • Jonathon Bryce Scheller


  • Mario Samano

    idk too much white for me

  • Paul Stephen Ubaldo

    Too much hype..

  • Bianca Roscom


  • Johnlery Zmilie Manarang

    Jesse James

  • Josh Menchak

    Pedro David Cardona

  • Jose Laureano

    I think all leather from pics I’ve seen…

  • Jonas J-Truth Walker


  • Mahammed Dobashi


  • Kurahashi Ikki


  • Yi Zhang

    Kristian Manzanelli

  • Isaiah Benjahmin

    Coppin them and the blacks!

  • Time2ballup

    Damn just 1 day after my birthday.

  • Boo Gotty

    Yes a must

  • Mason Gabehart


  • Marquise James Moore

    Someone tell dm what’s so new about these I live in New York and I see them in stores

  • Dior Johnson

    Got the infrared pack so these are a not. Carmines and the sport blues for me

  • Jen? Borsi

    B?n ronda…

  • Jodan Laver

    Mark Laver these drop soon man!!

  • Gilbert Lindgreen

    Daniel F. Allen. tagger og Emilie Moldow bare fordi jeg kan

  • Tutu Heart


  • Eddie Perez


  • Angelo Flowers

    Waiting on the blue 6 to drop-in

  • Ziad Joseph

    Def cop

  • Kenny Runkel


  • Joseph Morgan

    I swear the person or people that are behind these pages are jack asses how am I suppose to buy the sneaker u don’t post the release date

  • Benjamin Savage

    Got the infrared pack but as the ‘infrared’ wasn’t infrared enough yep for sure!

  • Pedro David Cardona

    Can’t wait Josh Menchak!

  • That Uncut Raw

    “too much hype”? It’s the Infrared 6, what do you expect? You kids need to do your research and wake up.

  • BigTopApps

    anyone know if these are real? Transparent SeeThru Retro 4s in Yellow… crazy stuff

  • Jimmy Sevenways

    Yes. Yes. Yes

  • Bxkid

    @bigtopapps first and foremost those kicks are 5’s and they’re most defiantly fake!!!

  • Bxkid

    first and foremost those kicks are 5’s and they’re most defiantly fake!!!

  • ChrisMackerr

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    I am here to help!

  • SteadySupreme

    cop for sure.

  • Ruben Joe Alvarado

    Amy Diaz

  • Naeem Abdul-hamad

    copping cant wait till februery


    I think if you read the entire blog, and not just look at the picture, you’ll notice at the bottom, is a release date : February 15th 2014 

    Don’t limit yourself on the knowledge you can obtain on your own, it makes you look bad.

  • process02success

    ok guys we have the jordan 6 white/infared officially for preorder email us if interested 
    serious customers only no bs thank you

  • TrillKickz

    623-383-7620 reselling text me for more info !!!