The Air Jordan 3 “Powder Blue” launches this weekend, but what does it really look like? From the packaging to the hue of the blue, get a detailed overview of this upcoming launch in todays’ unboxing video. Check out the clip above for a preview of this pair. Let us know in the comment section if the Air Jordan 3 “Powder Blue” is a cop or a drop for you.

  • MAY_Ichill

    sameOL_luckei mfs so saucony

  • sameOL_luckei

    MAY_Ichill lmao idk wat that meen but they a must for me

  • Rataface805


  • Rataface805

    Copping ,mines

  • ChrisMackerr

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  • DullyB24

    nicekicks please tell me jordan is announcing better releases soon

  • SpilledCo

    nicekicks we just released our elephant print jordan 3 inspired rug.. I think you’ll like!

  • Matt Goldstin

    Jordan Peterson

  • Rina Tiponya


  • No Worries Quintine Cash

    i like these sawlit

  • Abel Marasigan


  • Jernie Favor

    Fernz Seña

  • Bubba Williams

    So many things to match with these comes to mind instantly.

  • Michael Lamar Edwards

    Honestly I’m not really feeling these

  • Brian Bimmer


  • Eddie Redice

    easy to turn these into south beach customs: easy pass though+– the only blue i wear is carolina, navy, and royal

  • Whardo VeeCee

    John Christopher M Reyes

  • Ben LaPlaca

    One word. GROSS

  • Matthi?u Ramos Gutierrez

    Sooo nice!

  • Gideon Acheampong

    there hype shoes they look okay tho

  • Mike Munoz

    Anel Maldonado Crystal. Please and thanks.

  • AbeRenteria

    I have multiple Guaranteed pairs from footlocker raffles hit me up if your interested (NoLowBallers Plz)

  • Anel Maldonado Crystal

    Mike Munoz I really like these !

  • Josue Torres

    6.75% [10] ******

  • Josue Torres

    I like them.

  • Kenny Royal-ruler Campbell


  • Michael Alemu

    Jimmy Vansant

  • Leonard Lee Williams Jr

    I’m a fully grown man, can’t wear a powder blue sneaker

  • TomWalshHK

    nicekicks trying to cop those joints!

  • Luis Cuellar Martin

    Nita Sánchez,tirate el rollo y pillame estas bambas!!!!

  • zoowithroy

    alyssakeiko nicekicks GIMME GIMME GIMME

  • Nita Sánchez

    Luis Cuellar Martin cuando cobre el euromillon!! Jajajaja

  • alyssakeiko

    zoowithroy I’m worried if I wore them people would mistake me for “cool”

  • zoowithroy

    alyssakeiko bro i like you so too late you’re already cool game over case closed book it

  • alyssakeiko

    zoowithroy #VERIFIED

  • Jay Herdman

    oh for sure they be hot

  • Josh Bryant


  • Dawson Allen

    Matt White these are fresh

  • Matt White

    Chani Michele Coyle your first jays?

  • Chani Michele Coyle

    No Matt White

  • NitoRamos

    Resellers don’t even want this TRASH! LOL! BIG TIME FAIL

  • TaeLilTeejayCrawford

  • VershellaRandall

    Just incase you didnt receive them, We still have these in my store if you’re interested. You can contact me at 240-454-3990 or email me at You can also check out or new website.