What’s a boot without some genuine leather? Doing it right, Nike re-imagines the Roshe Run SneakerBoot in premium leather for its aptly titled two-pack. Suited for winter weather, the summertime stunner adopts a higher cut for its cold climate-accustomed cousin, featuring durable sidewalls, as well as reinforced quilt-stitched toe box and tongue. Coming through in mercury grey and black options, you can pick up either of these Roshe Run SneakerBoots at Shop Nice Kicks on January 16, where they’ll be available for $120.

Nike Roshe Run SneakerBoot QS

January 16, 2014

Nike Roshe Run SneakerBoot QS

Mercury Grey/Mercury Grey
January 16, 2014

niek-roshe-run-sneakerboot-premium-leather-pack-01 niek-roshe-run-sneakerboot-premium-leather-pack-02

  • Aja Jackson


  • Davey Boy Helem

    not a hater, but no…

  • Anthony Hoyt

    honestly the black pair isnt bad. i’d cop the black pair

  • Chris Ross

    Hell nahh

  • Bobby Walsh


  • David Lopez

    Wasn’t a fan of the Roshe Run boot but these leather ones seem dope

  • Sandro Martinez

    they kinda nice

  • Oniel Zambrano Limongi


  • Samuel Miles Mayer Check


  • Alexander Vladimir

    Give me both

  • Brandon Franco

    Tony Chavez these are nice

  • Damian Bradley


  • Eric Edub David

    Jesse Marquez

  • Desmond Brown


  • Coolyj Rwandada
  • Ezequiel Robles

    Any release date on them?

  • John Colebank

    Ill rock em..

  • James Sikayun


  • Obey Chris


  • John King

    Justin Mayo

  • Trevor Miklo H

    Both look good

  • Kade Matthews

    You know the games messed up when you accidentally read sneakerbot instead of sneakerboot

  • Mert Ertu?rul Eskinova

    these are dope

  • Andrew Kairupan

    Yeezy look a like

  • Seb Ibarra

    Ashan Alwis that you yeah!

  • Jake Smith

    Ryan Blanchard Blake Smith

  • Phillip Moreno

    Look at these babe Jazmin Patino

  • Brandon Weibel

    Dan Schwalm

  • Jazmin Patino

    how much babe? pretty cool

  • Tysean Harris

    Nice gotta get these fa sho

  • Aaron Cheng

    Ryan Harms Ryan Stein cop fo sho

  • Janthony__

    nicekicks these already released in England !!!! That’s what that dude was talking about

  • Brandonbruce23

    nicekicks right

  • RocBoiKazadi

    nicekicks drewcastillo

  • TheCreperie_

    nicekicks Black ones, I always prefer a darker pair of sneakers with hits of cool!r

  • TylerJH_

    nicekicks all black erythang

  • BeighMANNNN


  • BeighMANNNN

    nicekicks antswagxo

  • AndrewUlloa243

    nicekicks black pair

  • Afolox

    nicekicks WOW! I never liked the front of that shoe, but seeing them in leather, it makes all the difference in the world!

  • freddiefauni

    nicekicks give me both!

  • drewcastillo

    RocBoiKazadi Yup!!! I’ve been eying those and the release date for a while!

  • RocBoiKazadi

    drewcastillo those are pretty sick

  • SoFLAnativendn

    nicekicks the merc grey!

  • safa_say

    nicekicks CoolyJRwandada i want it !!!!!

  • CoolyJRwandada

    safa_say nicekicks j’allais dodo la mais demain je te send un link, pas sur qu’il y est du 39 ou 40 par contre

  • Andrew_stringer

    nicekicks “Premium leather”…what do those word even mean coming from nike these days

  • CoolyJRwandada

    safa_say je viens de regardé et la taille 41,2 c’est la plus petite de ce pack… et pourtant la paire t’irais bien

  • safa_say

    CoolyJRwandada Wah j’ai le cœur coupé en deux la

  • zertuche_j

    nicekicks who do they release

  • CoolyJRwandada

    safa_say miskina il pourra mm plus servir pour un don d’organe lol des que j’ai des news en taille fille I’ll let u know,promise

  • youngkickslover

    nicekicks black but nike won’t make them in a 14

  • Diego Alvarado

    really clean

  • Ron Green

    Gotta cop…by any means necessary!!!

  • Larry Ng

    emailed Nike and they said there were no plan for US release.. Ahhhh spent extra and got from Japan already…. :(

  • Tommy Zhu


  • MAnii ZaRa


  • Jennifer Trevino


  • Cesar Bear Vialpando

    Semir Badic der ist sexx

  • Xander Edward

    Teddy Raskin

  • Kyle Winkler

    Annie Holland

  • mightyfrog1

    nicekicks ugly

  • RugbysFuture

    nicekicks I like em , Cop !

  • SaxxGirlGenius

    nicekicks def cop

  • F2WMMA

    nicekicks cop!

  • RobinDinero

    nicekicks def cop

  • rnudels

    nicekicks omgitsjules whatca think

  • _kingwin

    nicekicks tuff

  • AG_TheGenius

    nicekicks TGiFolashade these are sooo fire

  • velvet_h00p

    nicekicks nikecrewneck i might have to man… all jokes aside

  • nikecrewneck

    velvet_h00p i will eurostep finger roll these joints into the basura breh

  • f__kATM

    Tk_MrAlltheTime those are fresh bro

  • NicoleSexxig41

    nicekicks loving both pair can’t decide…