Even on the sideline, Michael Jordan still wears the best shoes in any NBA arena. While watching his Bobcats, MJ surprised sneakerheads by sporting an unreleased colorway of the Air Jordan 13. This pair sees a predominately black upper met by a grey mudguard, white pods and yellow outsole. Spotted by Sole Collector, this colorway resembles a pair previously seen on Chris Paul’s Instagram page. Whether or not Mike swapped the laces or if these will releases is unknown, but peep Money in these rare 13s in the pics below.

Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13 PE

Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13 PE

  • L1ONxK1NG

    “nicekicks: Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13 http://t.co/8gkTDtXpBS” he need to be careful before he go and get robbed again

  • MrPoloNJs_3

    nicekicks release those, please!

  • daddyfatsacx

    nicekicks the must be fake! Haha

  • Jeso1401

    nicekicks I like #Kobe shoes but I wouldn’t mind getting these….

  • DickWhitman

    Nike probably set up his home computers with NikeID for all his models. Each morning he’ll sit and play around and figure out a combo and hit “create”. Lol Love these unreleased kicks btw.

  • rscott919

    @L1ONxK1NG yeah… that was just a hoax.

  • GadingKinara


  • caden013

    nicekicks can you believe the bobcats record is better then alot of teams in the nba? Including the lakers

  • JGrubis

    nicekicks either the 13’s look just like the 6’s, or you guys are dumb

  • Stephen Gay


  • Edmund Gray

    I wonder if you sneaker heads would call those fake since they never came out? LOL

  • Jolly Wong


  • Akeem Lamar Williams

    So what?

  • David Shafman

    Jordan smart , he kno yall gonna buy them.thats wat he doing advertising

  • Doc Heed


  • Will Glenn

    Marlon Daniel

  • Samuel Howard

    They not fake if Jordan got them on

  • Devin Dixon

    Jordan Brand should drop these instead of rerelasing wit They Nasty Asses

  • Terry Bruce Herring II

    Here come the trollers. “Fakes” “so what” “those are trash” here we go.

  • Erik Reddick

    I seen these in 06….

  • Corey Sosa

    dope shoes

  • Kyle Kenney

    They are not going to come out, would be nice but no.

  • Julian Guarino

    Didn’t those come out in like 05

  • Stephen Mitchell

    Antonio Lewis

  • Trill Yung Mesk’n

    Stop worrying what the man got on his feet & worshiping damn shoes these are real j’s if mj rocking em

  • Fabian Hernandez

    Sabino Lopez

  • Kyle Kenney

    I’ve never seen him in the flint 13s

  • Florian Vierpunktfünf Wuiderer

    so much money he have, but no nice track suit? it looks like sleeping clothes… sorry MJ

  • Phillip Di Docta Hall

    Fakes :p… Loll thats a dope colorway

  • Juan Bravo Bello

    Abel Rodriguez Caballero

  • Sabino Lopez

    Seem them yesterday on sneaker talk

  • Daniel Nichols

    fuuuck yea

  • Khris Mari Corral

    Fresh kicks, needs to give them a release date

  • Tyrone Scorp Gonzalez

    release them joints !!!

  • Troy Thompson

    They ugly

  • Ryan Ry-ry Gambiza

    ezz are fresh joints

  • Tikiya Trulyoneof AkndMack

    yeah I would wear them

  • Andrew Dwayne

    I wonder if mj gunna be at the bobcat/bulls game in chicago Saturday…. same day the 10s drop

  • Jayson Gamaro Gatmaitan

    U all haters are just jealous of his airness…

  • Zhamduday Serrano


  • Jay Desai

    Hell yea. If I could get my hands on a pair without getting into a fight or being stabbed.

  • Michael W. Hatch

    How are they fake if Jordan, himself, is wearing them? People are idiots!!! Those 13’s are dope!!!

  • Tcp Custom Kickz

    Has a fear pack feel to it

  • Th? Trí Tr?n

    about sneaker heads :v

  • I-am Noel Garcia

    Viktor Castaneda

  • Chiv O Mtz

    Alex Thrax date un quemon rey

  • Delteze McReynolds Sr.

    “Life over Fashion” thatz just making his pockets fatter and the rest broke. What’s the point, just to say you got some J’s been there done that. . I can see if it was fair for all and not limited. People that get paid a day after they come out can’t get them for they son/daughter cuz there is no more left.. what a shame..

  • Sammy Connolly

    Yeezus Pinky Pfarrer

  • Charlie Francisco

    He’ll yea I’ll rock them, they’re Jordan’s

  • Brian Key

    Hell yes!!!!

  • Mike RugbyBoi Harvin

    Yea I like 13 a lot anyway

  • David Dalton

    You can keep them ugly m*********** a car note for a pair of shoes kiss my ass

  • Jay Herdman


  • Jay Herdman


  • Samuel Fernandez Barrera

    Luis Eduardo Montaño Olvera

  • Michael Azstro Boii Oretade

    Why does MJ never come forward bout the fights over his shoes and do suttin bout it … i love my VIII’s but i think he should say suttin

  • RuzzellAlinea

    even though many says its not a good looking pair of shoes, its still a Jordan. release them!!!!

  • Ace Corleone

    Dem shyts hot

  • Bryan Enriquez

    Sneakerheads be like: Where did you got those J’s MJ? FAKE.lol…i like the colorway tho’

  • Christian Lorenzo

    They’re dope, but still not worth sitting outside a mall overnight.

  • Miguel A Robles

    If he wears them , they are legit ….release them joints!

  • Terrance Bullock

    Mike is just waiting for yous to hype up and buy. Lol he knows what he is doing.

  • Gabriel Antonio Marquez Bugna

    Patrick Mhark tignan nyo yung 13 nya haha

  • Jay Herdman

    ooooh dayum

  • Robert Davis

    Got those lol

  • Beau Wimberley


  • DarriousMarquinKeyes

    If yu not a Sneakerhead yu dnt know what yu looking at. Drop nd ill cop

  • Tommy Chanthavong

    Made in china. Lol

  • Tamel Ahmed

    Akmol Noor Abad Rahman

  • Clyde Drex Laureano

    grabe noh? 13 agad. kakalabas ilalabas palang yung 12 haha

  • Kelvin Shorty K Taylor

    I’d rock em

  • DarriousMarquinKeyes

    Can’t be there’s yellow at the bottom

  • Jerome Torres

    Let the hype begin as the violence follows.

  • Jesse Torres

    Mario Cortinas nice

  • Timo Ekman

    He’s wearing them, because he can…!

  • Michael Palomo

    Black and Silver.. Spurs colors

  • Michele Pio

    André Grier Lue

  • Jonte SleepyWhite Brinson

    Switch the white & black then maybe

  • Priscilla Martinez

    Yall stop all the hate talk.
    You dont like them, dont wear them.
    People get killed everyday, boycott all you want people still dying.

  • Jonte SleepyWhite Brinson

    I like the yellow bottom though

  • Gabriel Williams


  • Jamil Razi Powell


  • André Grier Lue

    Michele Piointeresting colorway I would most definitely purchase

  • Bruce2103

    Of course they will stand outside for days for these our society is retarded

  • Michele Pio

    André Grier Lue those are nice!

  • Jamil Razi Powell

    Those are NOT OREO 13’s

  • Wilson Iraeta

    Let the hype begin

  • Keandre J. Kelley

    Dee. Howard

  • Shad Garrett

    Tierre Carson

  • Kevin Makeitrainonyou

    Trap Lord Biggy Filip Jovcic

  • Steve Scott


  • Ryan Johnson

    Ice cold I need them to come out

  • DarriousMarquinKeyes

    It depends on what part of it yu is actually are looking at because my I get mines frm over seas. So less headache nd I get to live another day

  • Augustine Gonzales


  • Carlos Ortiz

    Jordan look high af


    These are not Oreo 13’s so learn your j’s before speaking these are a never released colorway of black lime green ans suede gray oreo’s are black and white

  • D.j. Stevens

    Oreo 13s

  • Shon Wilson

    Hell yea I gotm already …were u been

  • Jeane Rodrigo

    Alessandro Vutão olha esse but!

  • Rommel James Gebaña Hipolito


  • Erik Wren Jordison

    Like OMG a new colorway of some from I thru XIV Js!!!!! Better cop just because! Better cry until they are released and then camp for a week. I really need to pay rent but I need that $160 + tax for them joints.

  • Chris Dennis

    Ya those are definite cop

  • Diamond McMullen

    duh 13s go hard plus im feelin the black i got the playoff 13s smh too wet

  • Vutão Panganai

    Pensei que fosse um novo Jeane Rodrigo…

  • Scott Thal

    Of course, especially if I see Jordan in them…..ugly

  • Jorge Lopez

    Bad ass… Wayne Wilkes

  • Derrick Johnson II


  • Jeane Rodrigo

    esse aí já tava bom!

  • Ray Guy

    Brandon Shenas

  • Vutão Panganai

    prefiro o meu mesmo man…rs

  • Donnie Carter-James Curry

    Love em!!

  • Lance Somera

    Really cool.

  • Ichabod Mundy

    Citrus colorway?

  • Mark Rangel

    birmingham barons 13s?

  • Christina Northington


  • Kurtis Martin

    Christopher L. Whitmore Sr.

  • Eddie Munguia Jr

    Nathan Herrera

  • Jeff Calhoun

    He owns samples and never released shoes.

  • Michael Foster-starks

    Lol, jordan like watch and wonder mofos, and as we can see they all wouldve said they were fake, AND THERE HOT IN IN A CRAZY COLOR. ..

  • Dee. Howard


  • Sharon Beltran


  • Love James Lester

    He look silly on the sideline with sneakers, but mike always said when you have real money you don’t have to show people.

  • Herbert DocHolliday Smith

    Why does he look silly wearing sneakers?

  • Rabi Adebayo Sneed

    The 13 is my favorite, and that yellow on the sole is killing it.

  • Ben Whalen

    Mike Sidor Jourdan Whalen

  • Lee Saya

    Kyle Priebe check out those 13’s

  • BMi Bailey

    Hell yeah

  • Anthony Billups

    Sam Young

  • Topcity Kowboy

    needs dem, how do I get dem!?

  • Galla Ranks Muzic


  • Alfonso M. Valencia

    Mario Pizano Hector Mares

  • Nes Za Mo Ra

    Anthony Sue

  • Kerron Alves Henry

    If love 13s so much, never clicked a link faster

  • Raul Castaneda

    Juan Ruiz Rudy Castro Oscar Chavez

  • Galla Ranks Muzic


  • Tino Mills

    No number 1 they’re ugly number 2 I am not a hypebeast

  • Jon LaRoche


  • Shannon Campbell

    Michael, read this… look at the Jordan 13’s MJ is wearing… they haven’t even been released yet!

  • John Fred Adriano

    Bernard Legaspi

  • Ida-Harvannish Barnes

    Shad Carter

  • Justin Johnson

    He’s a mason. I shoulda known

  • Dre Flacco


  • David Baskerville

    I would cop just cuz it’s a 13 and those are my favorite Jordan’s but other than that they are pretty basic

  • LiCari Crick


  • DarriousMarquinKeyes

    I neva set they was

  • Dexter Gonzalez


  • Joseph Roberson

    The nation’s murder rate finna go up

  • Manny F Rios

    Would you pay your rent if they dropped? I love my J’s and good kicks but in the end of the day if not for you, you’re only impressing other dudes and hoodrats

  • Nosaj Kire Rellim

    plain.. Even if they are released there will only be a few pairs floatin around for us normal people

  • Nosaj Kire Rellim

    I stay buying gucci

  • Sunshyne Anderson

    They my new fav. Best I’ve seen I’ve seen in years. Still looks like the ones from 96

  • Akmol Noor

    I can’t wait

  • Amanda Collins

    Ugly and these M.J. are too pricey to be ugly.

  • Carl Cahoon

    Probably wears one pair for every day of his life lol

  • Amanda Collins

    Look like repeats of older shoes…just a price change.

  • Vicky Parolise

    Micheal Parolise

  • Garry- Boyoh -Bowron


  • Nathan Herrera

    Those are sick…..Sweet

  • Ana Margarita Comia

    Zola Luarca

  • Katrine Kaboli

    Those are sick! I had the black and red and blue and white…back in the deeezy! Lol

  • Bo Little

    Them is nice

  • OBryan Merrell

    Tyrone Goodgame what u think bro?

  • Tyrone Goodgame

    They are ok I wouldn’t buy them

  • Victor Madrid

    this guy probably has jordands he can wear now that wont be released to the public for years

  • CooLaid Savage

    There Fake …. Jk there dope

  • James F Lyons

    Jon R. Peralta MJ can’t do this. It’s not fair to us lol

  • Markyy Mark

    Rondo pass

  • Jay Bentley

    I would rock them all day must be a Chicago thing

  • Anthony Muñoz

    I so want those when they coming out

  • Jon R. Peralta

    Those are pretty sick James!

  • Quinton Jones

    Jena Snowden

  • D Rock Payne

    What if they were fakes…lmao

  • Juan Tamayo

    Adilene Medina I want these babe

  • Ryan Casison

    I’d cop them! They look dope

  • Rolanda Corleone

    GET EM MIKE?????? LMAO

  • RLSmoothDudeAC

    MrPoloNJs_3 Your about to try and get them!

  • MrPoloNJs_3

    RLSmoothDudeAC if they ever gonna them lol

  • Robert Ross Romero

    Ronnie Romero

  • Anthony Sa

    I have seen these pop up more than once in the past few years. I am pretty sure we will see a release at some point

  • Dominic Houston

    Love mf retro Js

  • Chris Knightner


  • Xiak Ni Ako

    as long as its A’Js and is original, i’ll have one please!!!

  • Quinten Jones


  • Gabriel Betancourt


  • Dominic Houston

    The best shoes ever can rock em wit any fit

  • Raymond Markice-Redclaymade Phillips

    Would grab in thing under the Jordan 13 silhouette

  • IndemdayzSneakerhead

    these will be dope

  • Byron Greer

    Anthony Diaz

  • Muhnnad Abu Hisham Abdelrasoul

    Sam Sam Abdelnabi

  • Adam Caballero

    Jonathan Irizarry

  • Manny Jerman Ortega

    Meanwhile Americans, still don’t apply for jobs or go job hunting. SWEET!

  • Adam Caballero

    why you so negative?

  • Manny Jerman Ortega

    not negative at all just annoyed.. with the system.. i would like to help people and let them know who is hiring etc not when a sneaker is being released etc.

  • Raj Chana

    I defo would.

  • Ernest T. Brown

    Yes hell. A must cop. Jordan know what he doing.

  • Tom Daniel

    Mike Hardman

  • Jerome M. Patton

    people are going kill each other when they come out

  • Muhamad Sadeq Sabet


  • Gabriel Betancourt

    How did we go from Jordan’s to Jobs lol.

  • Thabo Phokojoe

    Wteva jordan wears i wnt

  • Chris Davis

    Cool grey 13s

  • Ismael Rodriguez Jr.

    They have that Glow 4 colorway…they good.

  • leviofbertie

    thegreat4kay lord have mercy I gotta have them

  • Michael Simmons

    Damn right

  • Raphael De Laghetto

    He dress like like a 70 year old man

  • Adilene Medina

    Where when & how much? Juan Tamayo

  • Garrick Escarte

    Don’t worry they’ll be out a couple days before Christmas this year.

  • Juan Tamayo

    Not sure, these aren’t even out yet lol, they might come out, they might not. I will let you know, they’re hot though right?

  • Earl BlackOrca Harrison Jr.


  • CB McNutt

    Luis Israel

  • Remi Astorg

    His sense of style is questionnable indeed… What’s with the guerillero cap?

  • Compiz Mrpartytime

    Hell yea

  • Jorge Pina

    “everybody panics”

  • Justin Ford

    Would look nice at the Raiders game

  • Jameel Brown

    Carl Cannon III

  • Hoang Bach Pham

    Công Chúa Louis

  • Michael Candon

    m to the J

  • Gerrick Hewitt


  • Ramish Mond

    Julien Mond u know these go hard!

  • Micheal Parolise

    Damn Vicky Parolise Damn Damn those go hard

  • Rudy Da Rudster Chavez

    Hell yeah!

  • Caius Keitus

    Frek Sco

  • Matthew C. Earl

    why in the hell would MICHAEL JORDAN wear fake MICHAEL JORDANS?!?!

  • Shane M Ferguson


  • Marchella Lilsmallz Alexander

    y would somebody say they fake if the creater has them on dumb fucs i swear

  • Toby Jones

    Those things are fire. Yes I would!!

  • Marc Garza

    Yes those r the new kawhi Leonard for spurs that why black &silver

  • Juan J. Robles


  • Aarin Wendt

    Fakes. Lol

  • Marc Maranan

    Isaac Iverson Denz Vega

  • Michael Mike Myers Robinson

    what yall fail to realize is that jordan has about 15 pairs of each shoes in colorways that hasn’t drop yet or wont drop.

  • David Goodrich

    wow they said they fake they dumb i swear jordan is wearin them idiots i swear

  • Farris Bueller

    Hell nah

  • Paul Stephen Ubaldo

    Too much hype… sick of it

  • Sterling Stewart

    Athena Taijeron

  • Andre Kraybill

    they did come out in different color schemes. pros always get player exclusives. his outfit is worth $500+ IT SCREAMS LOOK AT ME!!!

  • Isaac Abrahams

    Daniel Bouras

  • Jason Rivera

    He’ll yeah

  • Sef Coriz

    All the Jordan fanboys are probably writing letters to jordan brand right now, asking to release this color way.

  • Chris Osby

    Anthony Lindsey

  • John Artis Jr.


  • Paulo Kamene


  • Paul Lee

    Lol Jordan ties his shoes Devan Patel

  • Kenneth Scott

    I like em but I wouldn’t kill myself trying to get em/somebody else for them.

  • Bo Calas

    Jc Casanova de pinga el MJ

  • Ashley Nick Peele

    Al Dekle Cornelius Cowart

  • James Poli

    Joshua Poli Keith Hubbard Justin Poli Leland La’ulu

  • Justin A Williams

    Not all people that buy sneakers get money illegally lol so I’ll buy some Jordans now to help fund these prisons 😛

  • Marcus Houston


  • Ben Delva

    Marvin Desmornes

  • Jonas J-Truth Walker


  • Matt Murray

    J.r. Torres

  • Marvin Green


  • Mike Garcia

    Herman Fatulo Garcia

  • Anthony Diaz

    Byron Greer if those come out they gonna hella hype

  • craigfrussel

    my buddy’s step-aunt makes
    $82/hr on the computer. She has been out of work for 10 months but last month
    her paycheck was $18010 just working on the computer for a few hours. read this….

  • Kenneth Ignao

    John Rivera

  • Kwasi Johnson

    If they released them joints right there hell yeah ain’t paying $200 for yhem though cause that’s not what I paid for my other ones!

  • Danny Ortiz


  • Nikki Shelton

    Ashley Shelton,Jermaine JG West

  • Richard Delle Donne

    I want them!

  • Ralph Francois

    Marcella Leonty

  • Anthony M Young

    Oh hell yes, I would cop these

  • Hakeem Loyd

    them are nice i want some

  • Roberto Lopez Jr.

    Aldo Miranda they sick!!

  • Ivan Cazares

    im sure he has his own rare pair of shoes that just for him that no one else owns

  • thegreat4kay

    leviofbertie yeah them thanx nice

  • Jonathan C. Woods

    Mike be having the killer colorways. Where’s those gum button 11’s?

  • Marcus Woodfolk

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    remind me of graphite 14s

  • Dennis Hampton

    Lol at you guys…

  • Jayden Arrow

    He owns Jordan’s he can wear what ever

  • Andre Williams

    Hey! If you want to buy Jordans, cool! Don’t they look like every other Jordan sneakers?

  • Justice Olivares


  • Cyndy Lupa

    How to buy Michael Jordan shoes

  • nikye23jj

    sjbrown73 nicekicks I want them!!!!

  • Max Henry

    I wouldn’t wear anything that jordan wears lol

  • Shawn Harris

    Mos Def a Cop and I hate the 13’s

  • James Gonzales

    My birthday is coming so when those shoes come out James Leo Gonzales Jr and Elena better stand in line cause I want those. I don’t care if it’s 40 degrees below zero. Lol

  • James Leo Gonzales Jr

    Those ain’t dropping anytime soon lol

  • James Gonzales

    What’s the story on those shoes

  • Jopoy Pandaraoan

    If MJ wore it, we should cop it! #saysthehypebeast

  • Charles CashJr Chappell

    I hate 13s but these are mean!

  • Douglas Hunt

    Luis Mujica

  • Kasiem Stone Scott

    I rather have a pair of Pat Ewings.

  • Arman Lewis

    Yes…..yes….and yes again

  • Christopher Castillo

    Oh sh*t!

  • Lisa Grace

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  • Easybreezy_24

    nicekicks without a doubt

  • Kaymarc Ularte

    the colorway rocks!

  • basicksickness

    nicekicks sooooo oreo 13s…..

  • yaziJazz

    nicekicks crazy….men we dont get those in panama central america danm

  • Cole McGarry


  • Andy Newin

    Poyo Loco you should consider gettin me a pair

  • weird_sycho

    nicekicks I would cop dem

  • Nate Brunner

    Eric Toom

  • Fernando Oliveira

    Fagner Santos Silva

  • Tim_ThaWhip

    CeeJay1ch Dretastico so clean!!!

  • Eric Nemic


  • Julien Mond

    Agreed Ramish Mond

  • Myrick Bell

    Without a doubt…The Goat is rockin em

  • Matthew Ayanti Johnson


  • Andrew Garcia

    Jan Carlo Agustin Darren Kyle Salvador

  • Raphael Angelo Bumatay

    Francis Blas Callanta Lik Buendia 😀 (y)

  • Abel Lara

    Hell yea

  • Adrian Quiroz

    Alexia Martinez these go hard Adrian Quiroz

  • Edmund Gray

    everybody has a thing, even the adults who stand in front of APPLE waiting on IPHONE. If you’re gonna do that with Jordans you have to be fair and do it with all the ignorant shyt lol

  • Edmund Gray

    I was just funning around because the sneaker game has become waaay too serious. I’m 36, you couldn’t even wear J’s when I was in high school unless you wanted to walk home shoeless. People swear they know real from fakes and really they don’t. I once put up a picture of 2 shoes I got from footlocker and told ppl to tell me which one of these is the fake pair. ppl were trying their best to say this and that about either pair. Shyt went completely silent when I showed proof both pairs were bought from the store legit. Seems like it’s just a bunch of haters in the shoe game now who call every pair fake that they can’t afford or get their hands on. #sad just enjoy the fact that you can wear these shoes and still have life not like it was when I was coming up LOL

  • Edward White III

    The 13 was my favorite!

  • Tyrome Mims

    me & mike need to talk[i’m in houston]
    got top designs

  • James Anthony Tanwangco Martinez

    I prefer the classics

  • Eric Toom

    Nate Brunner those are sick

  • George Aguas

    Boxb buot buot sad color manoy oh. lol

  • Boxb Ediza Cubero

    unreleased PE na pa iyaha George Aguas way mahimo ang mga sneakerheads cya na gud na! haha

  • Connor Coney

    maybe look pretty good simple colorway

  • Markley Steven

    Can i have your shoe idol!!

  • Georgio Nestor Dalaperas

    dope kicks but hes either high, drunk, or both. i love it

  • Mhed Ellazar Leabres

    Adz Leabres

  • Adz Leabres

    Ronz Yuzon

  • Wilfred Nyarko

    da arenas stil pops. big ups Jordan. u da best of all tym

  • ChrisMackerr

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  • Mhara Forteza

    Slydon Manarang

  • Michel Khan

    e qual e esse?

  • Daark Knight

    They already in line for those now that you’ve shown this pic lol…..

  • Jon Gallardo

    Them hoes tough

  • darylvalerio

    cupcakevenus hahaha chocnut im a changed person. Tigilan nko s shoes hahahaha

  • cupcakevenus

    darylvalerio owws?! bili mko chocnut tpos staggard payment, can?

  • darylvalerio

    cupcakevenus hahaha pano kta ibibile nyan eh c jordan lng meron nyan.. Whatsapp m me

  • cupcakevenus

    darylvalerio wrong spelling wrong, staggered pala!

  • Ronnie B. Pride Jr.

    Tan Ngo Brown Skin Chulo John L Horsley Jr.

  • Jozch Epfh ZR Nhou

    obcourse he has the right to wear that because he’s already the part owner of the JORDAN BRAND shoes

  • Ricky Rand

    He is Jordan brand shoes

  • Winona Dolino

    I love Michael jordan

  • Loo Wii Tapay


  • Robb Ramirez

    I’m calling these Shadow 13s. Nike needs to release these ASAP.

  • Dajaun Seow Lauren

    Shoe game iz planters !

  • Robin Layfield

    Shavekia Layfield i like

  • Bishop Solo


  • Piro Kennerly

    DeMar Kennerly James Hall

  • Ila Klion

    Eric Nadekow

  • Been Broke

    Forsho gone and release them

  • Vape ThreeOne

    Rockin fakes

  • Vape ThreeOne


  • Mr Laurant

    He’s smirkin in the second pic like yeeeeeah…I got you NI**as in my pocket!!

  • SoleTakersResrv

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  • SoleTakers1

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  • guapoe765

    nicekicks no

  • RealityRayzor

    nicekicks nope

  • JayLuke2

    nicekicks yes they do

  • DaReal_Raheezy

    nicekicks you know they are… The baron 9s are the give away

  • In_Da_Feild

    nicekicks @ManyLango

  • glsmith04

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  • GlennFarinas

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  • madblankstains

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  • Julius613

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  • Asvp_rich6

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  • DreJohnWRDB

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  • MandalineA

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    ar2191996 nicekicks hahaha he started wearing fakes after he got held up 4 his own sneakers..it was a joke idiot, #donttakeitsoseriousbro


    ar2191996 nicekicks I’m gonna follow you bro just because you & your 8 followers got balls for calling out an #OG #sneakerhead Just #relax


    “Asvp_rich6: SPORTSRAPPLIVE nicekicks you’re retarted” thanks, pretty smart yourself thinking someone would really think 23 wore fakes

  • snkrsandshoes

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  • snkrsandshoes

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    ar2191996 I’ll let JManziel2 know u reppin for that #ovo though.keep up the good work! I was rockin my 11s here http://t.co/sKIayiuYQa

  • Asvp_rich6

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  • ar2191996

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  • ar2191996

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  • papppapp900

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