Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13

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Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13 PE

Even on the sideline, Michael Jordan still wears the best shoes in any NBA arena. While watching his Bobcats, MJ surprised sneakerheads by sporting an unreleased colorway of the Air Jordan 13. This pair sees a predominately black upper met by a grey mudguard, white pods and yellow outsole. Spotted by Sole Collector, this colorway resembles a pair previously seen on Chris Paul’s Instagram page. Whether or not Mike swapped the laces or if these will releases is unknown, but peep Money in these rare 13s in the pics below.

Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13 PE

Michael Jordan Wears Unreleased Air Jordan 13 PE

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  1. DickWhitman

    Nike probably set up his home computers with NikeID for all his models. Each morning he’ll sit and play around and figure out a combo and hit “create”. Lol Love these unreleased kicks btw.

  2. caden013

    nicekicks can you believe the bobcats record is better then alot of teams in the nba? Including the lakers

  3. Trill Yung Mesk'n

    Stop worrying what the man got on his feet & worshiping damn shoes these are real j’s if mj rocking em

  4. Florian Vierpunktfünf Wuiderer

    so much money he have, but no nice track suit? it looks like sleeping clothes… sorry MJ

  5. Michael W. Hatch

    How are they fake if Jordan, himself, is wearing them? People are idiots!!! Those 13’s are dope!!!

  6. Delteze McReynolds Sr.

    “Life over Fashion” thatz just making his pockets fatter and the rest broke. What’s the point, just to say you got some J’s been there done that. . I can see if it was fair for all and not limited. People that get paid a day after they come out can’t get them for they son/daughter cuz there is no more left.. what a shame..

  7. Michael Azstro Boii Oretade

    Why does MJ never come forward bout the fights over his shoes and do suttin bout it … i love my VIII’s but i think he should say suttin

  8. Priscilla Martinez

    Yall stop all the hate talk.
    You dont like them, dont wear them.
    People get killed everyday, boycott all you want people still dying.

  9. DarriousMarquinKeyes

    It depends on what part of it yu is actually are looking at because my I get mines frm over seas. So less headache nd I get to live another day


    These are not Oreo 13’s so learn your j’s before speaking these are a never released colorway of black lime green ans suede gray oreo’s are black and white

  11. Erik Wren Jordison

    Like OMG a new colorway of some from I thru XIV Js!!!!! Better cop just because! Better cry until they are released and then camp for a week. I really need to pay rent but I need that $160 + tax for them joints.

  12. Michael Foster-starks

    Lol, jordan like watch and wonder mofos, and as we can see they all wouldve said they were fake, AND THERE HOT IN IN A CRAZY COLOR. ..

  13. Love James Lester

    He look silly on the sideline with sneakers, but mike always said when you have real money you don’t have to show people.

  14. Galla Ranks Muzic


  15. Shannon Campbell

    Michael, read this… look at the Jordan 13’s MJ is wearing… they haven’t even been released yet!

  16. David Baskerville

    I would cop just cuz it’s a 13 and those are my favorite Jordan’s but other than that they are pretty basic

  17. Manny F Rios

    Would you pay your rent if they dropped? I love my J’s and good kicks but in the end of the day if not for you, you’re only impressing other dudes and hoodrats

  18. Nosaj Kire Rellim

    plain.. Even if they are released there will only be a few pairs floatin around for us normal people

  19. Anthony Sa

    I have seen these pop up more than once in the past few years. I am pretty sure we will see a release at some point

  20. Manny Jerman Ortega

    not negative at all just annoyed.. with the system.. i would like to help people and let them know who is hiring etc not when a sneaker is being released etc.

  21. Juan Tamayo

    Not sure, these aren’t even out yet lol, they might come out, they might not. I will let you know, they’re hot though right?

  22. Michael Mike Myers Robinson

    what yall fail to realize is that jordan has about 15 pairs of each shoes in colorways that hasn’t drop yet or wont drop.

  23. Andre Kraybill

    they did come out in different color schemes. pros always get player exclusives. his outfit is worth $500+ IT SCREAMS LOOK AT ME!!!

  24. Sef Coriz

    All the Jordan fanboys are probably writing letters to jordan brand right now, asking to release this color way.

  25. Justin A Williams

    Not all people that buy sneakers get money illegally lol so I’ll buy some Jordans now to help fund these prisons :P

  26. craigfrussel

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    $82/hr on the computer. She has been out of work for 10 months but last month
    her paycheck was $18010 just working on the computer for a few hours. read this….

  27. Kwasi Johnson

    If they released them joints right there hell yeah ain’t paying $200 for yhem though cause that’s not what I paid for my other ones!

  28. Marcus Woodfolk

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  29. James Gonzales

    My birthday is coming so when those shoes come out James Leo Gonzales Jr and Elena better stand in line cause I want those. I don’t care if it’s 40 degrees below zero. Lol

  30. Edmund Gray

    everybody has a thing, even the adults who stand in front of APPLE waiting on IPHONE. If you’re gonna do that with Jordans you have to be fair and do it with all the ignorant shyt lol

  31. Edmund Gray

    I was just funning around because the sneaker game has become waaay too serious. I’m 36, you couldn’t even wear J’s when I was in high school unless you wanted to walk home shoeless. People swear they know real from fakes and really they don’t. I once put up a picture of 2 shoes I got from footlocker and told ppl to tell me which one of these is the fake pair. ppl were trying their best to say this and that about either pair. Shyt went completely silent when I showed proof both pairs were bought from the store legit. Seems like it’s just a bunch of haters in the shoe game now who call every pair fake that they can’t afford or get their hands on. #sad just enjoy the fact that you can wear these shoes and still have life not like it was when I was coming up LOL

  32. Jozch Epfh ZR Nhou

    obcourse he has the right to wear that because he’s already the part owner of the JORDAN BRAND shoes

  33. SoleTakersResrv

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  34. SoleTakers1

    We have guaranteed shoe reserves for the Oregon 5’s, AJ3 Powder Blue, Kobe Prelude 6-8, LeBron 11 Graffiti, Zoom the Flight ‘Green Abyss’, AJ 10 Bobcats, and most major releases. Don’t waste your time figuring out who is a scammer because we are 3 years US-paypal verified and you get an official tracking # with our service. Hit us up at SoleTakersReserve-at-gmaiI


    ar2191996 nicekicks hahaha he started wearing fakes after he got held up 4 his own sneakers..it was a joke idiot, #donttakeitsoseriousbro


    ar2191996 nicekicks I’m gonna follow you bro just because you & your 8 followers got balls for calling out an #OG #sneakerhead Just #relax


    “Asvp_rich6: SPORTSRAPPLIVE nicekicks you’re retarted” thanks, pretty smart yourself thinking someone would really think 23 wore fakes


    “Asvp_rich6: SPORTSRAPPLIVE nicekicks who’s 23” my point exactly! If you respond who’s 23 in a Jumpman23 convo you get #blocked ASAP

  39. MrKiddCobain

    nicekicks Lol they do look fake like from eBay… They are real but surely an eBay fake like color way. Easy pass

  40. CatDaddyn_Pete

    “_JustCallMeTy: CatDaddyn_Pete _BaringStLeek them jawns number light with a sprite”no wit a diet coke

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