Jordan Melo M10 “Year of the Horse”

Jordan Melo M10 Year of the Horse

Built for basketball, the Jordan Melo M10 “Year of the Horse” celebrates the Zodiac calendar on the hardwood. Carmelo Anthony’s latest signature shoe carries a molded black leather upper, residing snugly over the famous Flight Plate technology. A bright graphic sleeve pops out from under the base, carrying rosy hues and festive tongue tagging. Get a detailed look at the Jordan Melo M10 “Year of the Horse” in the photos above and below and look for these to launch on January 18th in Asia, followed by a global release on an undisclosed date.

Jordan Melo M10 Year of the Horse

Jordan Melo M10 Year of the Horse

Source: Hypebeast


  1. Larry Johnson says:

    Melos is ugly as’f now

  2. Adam Tsikretsis says:

    i like

  3. MatthewCGreschl says:

    Are those icey soles??

  4. Alex Perez says:

    love the black leather. rainbow brite crap on the shoe? not so much.

  5. vanjosh72 says:

    nicekicks can you get these in the UK?

  6. S_Woods22 says:

    nicekicks cornyyyyyyy

  7. iwishahoecould says:

    nicekicks etimdara it’s iight

  8. jo72102 says:

    nicekicks yes, i like them

  9. Min-Seok Jang says:

    RukphOn Maneenobhpol

  10. cashinmyhand says:

    “nicekicks: Are you digging the Jordan Melo M10 “Year of the Horse”? http://t.co/z6eAlzQTgg http://t.co/3BX9zc6AIK“yes

  11. Jonpaul Whitenight Iad says:


  12. Allboutsneaker says:

    nicekicks they look like a combo of the retro 9 and the 28. But I like it

  13. Jojhit Antonio Cadaoas says:

    how much?

  14. Damone Cardin says:

    the florals are colder

  15. Valentin Nicola says:

    Man, ALL these Year of the Horse colours on the shoes are FUGLY!! The black leather is awesome here though.

  16. SoleTakersResrv says:

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  17. QBZane10 says:

    release date and price?

  18. asap_itty says: