As the Air Jordan 10 prepares to see a strong year, the question still remains as to which makeups will launch. Following an official release date for the “Bobcats” colorway, the Air Jordan 10 GS Wolf Grey/Black-Legion Red sees a girls grouping on the celebratory silo. A shiny base is contrasted by smooth black trim, laying the foundation for legion red bars to shine. The Air Jordan 10 GS Wolf Grey/Black-Legion Red is slated to release at Finish Line and select Jordan Brand accounts nationwide on January 11th.

Air Jordan 10 GS

Wolf Grey/Black-Legion Red
Release Date: January 11, 2014
Price: $120

Air Jordan 10 GS Wolf Grey/Black-Legion Red

  • Beyond_Psycho

    Henny_Hardaway I got money loo

  • Lewis Cotto


  • Alfredo Oliva


  • Demethia Neak Brown


  • Michael Suazo

    Hypebeasts be like “those Kilroy 10’s”

  • Ricardo A. Pasco


  • Keaune Sparrow


  • Micheal Moore


  • Pedro-Luis S. Rodriguez

    Cop 2 pairs.. I need dat

  • Jesse Castro

    Hypebeast be like “cop” because they don’t know what GS means.

  • Brent Greene

    Drop. Red is awful.

  • Léandre Dizzy-wright


  • Aaron Jackson


  • Hemp Dsr

    At 120$ why not?

  • Pedro-Luis S. Rodriguez

    You just got know how to rock um

  • Jay Arnoux


  • Jamar Kritikal Thelwell


  • Hemp Dsr

    The last red fusions were gs, sooooo bad they were unavailable in men’s

  • Michael Willis


  • Eric Schmidt

    DROP…. 2xs

  • Roshell Mack


  • Michael Turner

    aw yeah cop dem!!

  • Sleazie Wonder

    so all yall got girly sized feet huh?

  • Nany Mattei


  • Joe MacDonald

    Grade school^

  • Chance Jolivette

    drop they look cheap like some old master p sneakers mixed with platinum fubu

  • Drailand Bell

    Only if I had a kid, lol

  • Meaty Pablo

    Just release the Chicago 10 again instead of that nasty silver. Why doesn’t any one notice the GS?!

  • James Sampson

    Vince Murrain

  • Vince Nova Murrain

    These are hella hard!!! James Sampson

  • David Goodrich


  • James Sampson

    They drop friday too. These are hella dope Vince Murrain

  • Suraj Patel

    Tanvi Patel

  • DA Key


  • Christian Cazares


  • Al Passarella

    Drop. The Bobcat 10’s are dope.. I more excited for the Air Tech Challenge Huarache!!!

  • Jessica Reyes

    Isaias Canizales these are thowed foo!!

  • Isaias Canizales

    Jessica Reyes they only on kids though so I’m out lmao

  • James Sampson


  • Javier Flacko


  • James Sampson

    They for bitches anyway

  • James Sampson

    GS = Bitches

  • ???


  • Vince Nova Murrain

    Well damn

  • James Sampson

    Im sayin..

  • Mike Jones

    Philip James

  • John Juwon Suh

    This will in the outlet stores

  • Gregory Graham

    Ugly! The 6rings cw are muchhhh better

  • Frederick Ricky Samuels

    Drop them ugly as hell. They going to far with that plastic look.

  • David Stein


  • Bj Lyons


  • Brian Manns


  • Og Brandon Too OneHunned

    They would be fresher if the grey was suede!

  • Saul Regalado


  • TheDrumPHInatic

    nicekicks I swear next time I’m not answering the phone

  • notasmartmanbut

    nicekicks ewwww D R O P P P!

  • Paul Stephen Ubaldo


  • Phillip Garrett

    Need these in my life..

  • Christopher Daniel


  • Damone Cardin

    them ugly AF!

  • Shawn James


  • Bryant Baucom II

    Mercedes Livinthelife Esparza

  • Christopher D Breezy

    Drop Em..

  • Philip James

    Mike Jones only kids I heard

  • Jimmy Jones


  • Arman Lewis

    Cop cop cop!

  • michaelfrango

    nicekicks These would be nice in Men’s too.

  • DaReal_Raheezy

    nicekicks kids always have the best color ways

  • LeBeatzz

    nicekicks absolutely not.

  • Christin Lynn


  • Chelece Gordon


  • Floyd M. Doby Jr.


  • Ray Best

    I hate 10’s but those are dope!

  • ChrisMackerr

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  • Andre Semenchuk

    If Neil Armstrong did ballet

  • Mary Johnson


  • Ryan Preston

    Mmmmm DRRRRRROP!

  • Myrick Bell

    The kiddos can have these..not O.G. enough for me

  • Specterre D’noir

    i wonder who’s choosing these materials….

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  • Marsportshop Elaine

    Look so good ,what time they will come

  • ThePrufessa

    Well DUH! they’re a GRADE SCHOOL release ONLY genius!

  • ThePrufessa

    Doubt that. And the X’s are my favorite Jordan’s of all time.

  • Endo Doesha



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