Put your own spin on this year’s most talked about Christmas colorway with the Nike Kobe 8 “Shedding Skin” iD Option. Pit Viper, Blue Coral Snake, Solid, and Chroma uppers are available to carry a shedding layer of skin over their standard facade. An array of glow-in-the-dark features also distinguish this update, as does the Kobe logo jewel on the tongue. Start creating your Nike Kobe 8 colorway now at NIKEiD.

Nike Kobe 8 “Shedding Skin” iD


  • Bradd Henry

    Never wanted a pair of Kobe’s into now

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    Juan Zuniga

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  • Jose Alfredo Cisneros

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  • Mounir Abi-Saber

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  • Jdot BeastMode Vperiod

    I got the Kobe 8 “Christmas 2013” on deck.
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  • Christopher Cosme

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  • Brandon Mayes

    Lol missed out on Kobe Christmas! Make your own lmao

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  • Nguyen Minh Quang

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  • sneakerphile42

    Eh, this option is really tough to work with. Not much seems to come out looking right

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