On-Foot Look: Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”

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The “Gamma Blues” are here. Jordan Brand’s 2013 Holiday release takes the iconic patent leather design and gives it a never before seen style code that is suitable for any scene. Based in black, the Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” features two detailing hues, with the nickname color blasting the Jumpman, and varsity maize on the tongue and heel. As with any Air Jordan 11, this rendition is versatile option for the court or the scene with an array of different kinds of pants and shorts, from denim and camo to joggers and chino.

The Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” is given a complete preview in our latest On-Foot Look. Click through to get a full look at the newest 11s when they are worn with different styles, and tell us how you plan to wear them in the feedback box at the bottom of the page.

Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”

Color: Black/Gamma Blue-Black-Varsity Maize
Style #: 378037-006
Release Date: December 21, 2013
Price: $185

Cuffed Pants






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Jordan Howenstine is a full-time Staff Writer for Nice Kicks who is originally from Lansing, MI. He is a basketball addict and sneaker enthusiast currently residing in Austin, TX.

143 Comments on "On-Foot Look: Air Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue”"

  1. Anthony Delmont

    I STILL FIND IT FUNNY PPL BUY 200 dolla shoes and then they Pants or jeans be like 40 or Less??? GO get some true religions Nikkaaa.. Or somethingg In that same 200 Price range.. Thats called No fashion sense

  2. Christofer J. Matéchen

    Id rock the gammas naked and be happy. Not everyone can throw money around. Gotta prioritize. Jordans > name brand jeans. all day.

  3. Anthony Delmont

    LOL Not when they crease after a couple Wears.. Are u serious?? but yes in this case ur Right because these are the 1ST EVER time this is released.. BUT the YEEZY 2 COME OUT NEXT WEEK thats a MUST COP!!!

  4. Zac Callaghan

    Yeah thanks for showing me how they look on someone else’s feet like I needed reminding they will never be on mine cheers…..

  5. James Child

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  7. Omigod ItsTike

    These ain’t even limited dummies. And what’s with these lame ass ‘tie my shoe’ and ‘show my watch’ pics? You walk all the way down the street to tie your shoe? What time is it? Oh look at my watch down by my ankle

  8. gopherballs

    nicekicks hi, is anyone on this account? Do you know or sell the camo pants used in your “on feet pictures”? Thanks.

  9. James Child

    You have to have an elite account. When you do there are no worries they make plenty of them just don’t go throwing them out there. Just kicks has plenty to go around they may cost a bit more but no one gets hurt at all. I charge $375 that’s $160 over retail price after tax depending on your state in which you live. There is no room to hate on Jordan as a man, he did what every other company has and built a strong brand. Can’t hate success!

  10. Kevin Humes

    I got my pair 185 retail in the store! Then 100$ to my boy for the ticket instead of having to go through the madness nd camping out over night 100 dollars extra was well worth it no waiting in line at all took me 5 minutes

  11. Johnathan Laxa Woo

    I seen it in person i didnt like it i will said concord,bred and space jam way better than the gamma no doubt

  12. Jay Herdman

    people killing for these hasnt changed ever…was buying J’s in 87 at albee square in NY and the store clerk said I should keep em under wraps till I was away from the mall cause there were hoods outside that would “roll u” for them kicks

  13. Garner Ricardo Buckley III

    I thought the Columbias were suppose to come out this year… Forget these gammas, ppl bought these for the sake of buying.. Real talk

  14. Robin Fair-Sanders

    Has anyone experienced any difficulties with mall security while on line at the Footlocker dead stock releases?

  15. its1llegal

    True religions are probably the most bait jeans out there, everyone rocks them even broke asses. It’s not about the price of the items you wear, its how you feel when you wear them, everyone commenting on this guys fashion sense, hes taking pics for nicekicks in new sneaks just to show you.!

  16. its1llegal

    Everyone saying these shoes ain’t even limited, or these shoes look cheap etc. They obv never had the chance to try a pair on let alone buy them, look sick in person and even better on feet. Enjoy wearing your dead-ass Lacoste’s or Gucci’s haha. People thinking if you’re wearing an outfit worth 1G+ means you look fresh, dead wrong! Most of you look worse than someone with outfit under 500.

  17. Jareds11111

    I have a Footlocker BOT that you can use with the Yeezys that come out on Friday, Updated 12/23. Comes with instruction Video. Very easy to use. Worked on Jordan 11 Gamma this weekend. Can use on any Footlocker release. 50$ Best Bot around. You stand zero chance of getting the Yeezys without this BOT. please make sure to provide an email when purchasing.   email jaredsclash2134yahoo.com for the bot
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  18. JayNelly

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  19. JayNelly

    Text 1-773-870-1799 for great prices on these, the 12s, the 3lab5s the taxis and many other shoes old and new releases. I have all types of the 11s pretty much.

  20. JayNelly

    Text 1-773-870-1799 for great prices on these, the 12s, the 3lab5s the taxis and many other shoes old and new releases. I have all types of the 11s pretty much.

  21. JayNelly

    Not sure about shoe comparisons byt I hear they run real small and have seen a lot of people trying to trade for bigger sizes. Hmu if you want a pair. Text 1-773-870-1799

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