So far, the Nike KD VI has proven to be one of the most popular models on the hardwood by Kevin Durant’s NBA peers. A new “Floral” colorway looks to provide appeal in the casual realm, fixing up the low top signature with a mature, flower power motif. Black branding and lining provide contrast on the upper, with a white midsole and icy outsole capping it all off. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more details on this “Floral” Nike KD VI.

Source: @easymoneysniper on IG

  • Sup3rJ3rk

    @nicekicks these are EXTs btw. You can tell by the tongue.

  • streetbleach

    nicekicks Daaaaaamn, these would be 100x better if the soles were black. THEsneakerFARM

  • 2Keeens

    FozzEscobar they not my style but they kinda hot

  • FozzEscobar

    2Keeens I feel you bro they look tough to match

  • AyeeItsLogan

    They crazy but clean at the same time

  • WhySoChoosey

    Bro you see these?! llcoolju RT nicekicks: Nike KD VI “Floral”

  • llcoolju

    WhySoChoosey nicekicks yea I did I don’t know how I feel about them, I gotta see more pictures

  • YouGoJayy

    llcoolju WhySoChoosey them thangs a fasho cop

  • llcoolju

    “YouGoJayy: llcoolju WhySoChoosey them thangs a fasho cop”yea them wavy bruh! I just seen more pictures

  • WhySoChoosey

    YouGoJayy llcoolju yeah ima have to get them too

  • YouGoJayy

    WhySoChoosey llcoolju yeahh his “energy” kd’s that’s bout to come out is wet too

  • WhySoChoosey

    YouGoJayy llcoolju *searches google*

  • llcoolju

    “YouGoJayy: WhySoChoosey llcoolju yeahh his “energy” kd’s that’s bout to come out is wet too”I ain’t seen them yet

  • WhySoChoosey

    YouGoJayy llcoolju man when do them come out? Those are really wet

  • YouGoJayy

    WhySoChoosey llcoolju 31st Bro

  • WhySoChoosey

    YouGoJayy llcoolju man it’s too many releases this month

  • YouGoJayy

    llcoolju WhySoChoosey yeah Bro they a fasho cop. I’m coppin the christmas & those

  • WhySoChoosey

    YouGoJayy llcoolju yeah ima have to get those too

  • CharlieCalcoJr

    where can i find these??

  • CharlieCalcoJr

    Some one please tell me where i can find these size 6.5-7!! please!!!!!!!!!

  • bonJuliaan

    nicekicks when they drop and damn 46 retweets in a min

  • OnlyReal1inHoco

    nicekicks crack

  • _hathorn

    nicekicks when do they come out

  • Elj_trio

    “nicekicks: “Floral” KD VI ->”

  • AlmightO

    nicekicks Ight_Doe juice said they ass

  • This_is_Dane

    nicekicks when do these drop?

  • IceCreamJudas

    nicekicks Yo, shoes look like a curtain!

  • Ball_is_Tall

    “nicekicks: “Floral” KD VI ->”
    These are ugly

  • OnMy_Steez

    nicekicks uiiiiiiiii !!!!!

  • BomB_Shxxt

    nicekicks TheCongoPrince

  • LaydiLove

    CMRE24 Ransooo_AK this is dope!!!!! Swagger less monkeys lol

  • ImTrue_Ambition

    “nicekicks: “Floral” KD VI ->”Waiting On These

  • w0ahhderr

    “nicekicks: “Floral” KD VI ->” woahh

  • El_MaNy_03

    nicekicks los quiero

  • vicktor_ious

    WildCard_Stein1 saw em, these are better doe

  • CGudda1193

    nicekicks I want emm

  • WildCard_Stein1

    vicktor_ious ow they’re hot…

  • vicktor_ious

    WildCard_Stein1 ewwww not at all lol the ice creams are so ugly

  • WildCard_Stein1

    vicktor_ious hahaha how bout these jawns

  • vicktor_ious

    WildCard_Stein1 yeah the weathermans are dope I think that’s what they’re called at least

  • WildCard_Stein1

    vicktor_ious yeah they are the weathermans

  • vicktor_ious

    WildCard_Stein1 which ones you gettin?

  • WildCard_Stein1

    vicktor_ious denims

  • WildCard_Stein1

    vicktor_ious hahahaah

  • bigsnkby

    nicekicks these joints tuff

  • jimthejedi


  • YungSoleR

    Jay__Rosay nicekicks shits is flee bro

  • Jay__Rosay

    YungSoleR bro i know u got the plug put nikka on lol

  • YungSoleR

    Jay__Rosay I am the plug.. I’ll keep u posted when I get info bro

  • YungSoleR

    Jay__Rosay lol I am the plug.. I’ll keep u posted when I get info bro

  • Kyle Anthony Fitch


  • Mike Blash


  • Carl Carter


  • Gabe Benavidez


  • Thomas Akasouthsidetheswooshead Mitchell Jr

    Um, No

  • ShitrealGlizzymanback Stackingthesepros

    them bitchs ugly af

  • Vince Vgb Vespe


  • Auggie Carrillo

    Brandyn Diaz these are so gay

  • Robert Ortiz

    Cop doe

  • Mrgo Getit


  • Stephany Meunier


  • Christian Sánchez


  • Dustin Ray


  • Shanita Wilson


  • Thomas L Montana

    Drop like poo

  • Salinna Ealy


  • Malikaih SwaggKing Kershaw


  • Jared Poindexter

    Looks like a couch

  • Jason Robbins


  • Ryan Eyssen

    The amount of floral designs on sneakers is too damn high….

  • Christian Calix

    Those ar3 my bicth

  • Tikiya Trulyoneof AkndMack


  • Michael Berry

    Dylan Ray

  • Daniel Cameron


  • Will The-Thrill Grigsby

    Since when did dudes start wearing flowers on their hats, pants, shirts, and shoes???? Most deff drop in the bottomless pit

  • Taron Yates


  • Cody Pereira


  • Saniah Ross


  • Luke Rager

    Drop, not a floral hater, but these are the most uncomfortable sneaker to ever reach the marketplace!!

  • Daryl Ussery

    Them hard I need um in my life

  • TheCats Meow


  • Kenny Cole

    Darron Moon cope or drop

  • Rory Bett

    Love the look of the tongue

  • LaVontae SuckaFree Rosebear

    These Bitches Wet Quinntrail Young

  • Miguel Feliciano

    Ez cop

  • Shaedon Castor


  • Betty McFab Zhoung

    definitely copping

  • William Christopher Harris


  • Jean Quinones


  • Jon Gallardo

    Copppp them hoes hard af

  • Isaiah Benjahmin


  • Jon Gallardo

    Andrew Hernandez

  • Marc Dioso


  • Sunny Chien


  • Matt Paraiso

    i want these

  • Jonathan Gomez

    Do these come in men’s?

  • Darnell Dunn

    they ugly…. but id cop jist to wear them when i go to PR

  • Reggie Thompson

    Already got em def cop

  • LeRoy Whitmer


  • Tristan Fleming


  • Mike Moore

    Tyrel Rodie

  • Catrina Moncrief


  • Bonnie Phillips


  • Lionel M. Price

    Shot…dem shits the worst

  • Sa Romeo

    KD VI Aunt Madea?

  • Farret Tejeda


  • Star Gangg Ty

    DROP!!!! them shits uglyyyyyyy

  • Siennika Pryor

    drop it like its hot.

  • Joe Roach


  • Geoffrey Ryan Kantner

    Def. cop

  • Alvin Thehnic Caples

    Drop, defiantly

  • Luckee Strike

    Totally copping these for my grandma!

  • Anastasia Redmond

    eeeurgh drop

  • Jimmy Ervin

    I gotta get these I jus wish he did the gum bottom not the icy blue

  • Masaki Barringer


  • Anthony Sa

    This will be my first KD

  • Rocky Johnson

    Ngockhanh Ngo

  • Ryan Slawson

    I would rock these HARD at a Chinese restaurant.

  • Kevothe Real Heart


  • Gabe Carlos

    So ugly it’s nice!

  • Rafael Vicente

    with the right clothes, those joints gon look sweet af!!!

  • Young Snipes

    Definite Kop!!!

  • Robert Trotter


  • Jaxon Greening

    Looks like jonaskis

  • Wessrick Hackler

    Ugly tacky crummy shoe

  • Elvis Nguyen

    Cop for sure.

  • Noah Atkins


  • Isaac McDowell


  • imaniperez95

    I actually like these

  • Derrick K. Kennerly


  • Ongelic Johnson


  • Elijah Black


  • Trivonea Williams

    Wth was they thinking when they made these garden looking shoes soso ugly

  • Chris Bell


  • DeontaThurman

    COPP. These joints shittin

  • Henry Williams

    Cop some now

  • Wesley Warren


  • Dwayne Bally Clersainville

    I love the amount of people saying they wouldn’t get them, better chance if me finding them

  • Jessica Renée Clark

    Ralph Martinez

  • William Lewis

    Them some ugly assistance shoes

  • Daveon Long

    I would rock these wit the jacket will use to wear in fresh prince at school when he turned it inside out

  • Ralph Martinez

    Been seen them you’re late

  • Rosalinda San Diego

    if it’s floral pink i’ll cop it

  • Shawn Lambert


  • RichnYung

    SirSlimeAlot Oh GAWD *sean voice**

  • Stanley Liu


  • James Perez

    Lance Niel Catubigan

  • Tyler Lee


  • Joe LaMantia

    Yes. Robocop. Y’all stay sleep.

  • _TerrenceJay

    nicekicks ineed these !

  • Kaymarc Ularte


  • Joe Harkins

    These are just getting ridiculous

  • Wal Nhial


  • Jonathan Borrero


  • Will Olson


  • Viseth Heme

    Only Westbrook would wear these ugly kicks

  • João Henrique

    Matheus Carvalho

  • Matheus Carvalho

    eu vi mano, sem maldade, eu curti esse em!

  • João Henrique

    Eu tbm Matheus , sei lá achei bonito..

  • Dajae03

    When do these release and this is a most deff cop
    You guy can stay sleepin its fine with me lol

  • Justin P Kerr

    def drop.. that swoosh has no business being on the toe box, floral patterns are for insoles or sock liners.. nice outersole though

  • Julius Robinson


  • Janer Rangel

    me voy a comprar unas, me deben hacer juegos con mi ropa hawuaiana

  • Hanson Carmona


  • Adam Tsikretsis


  • Terrell ‘Aeris’ Mallard

    these are the first KD6s i actually like

  • Michael Reyna

    kind of dope

  • Mel Jay


  • Aaron Winder


  • Michael Taylor Jr

    Jakari Taylor

  • MO So Trill

    Cop cop cop (drop that relase date now)

  • MO So Trill

    The best kd 7 design hands down

  • Keem’ Rothstein

    Most of you simpletons have no taste or culture, definitely a cop

  • baroisgolden

    nicekicks are the floral nukes out right now in stores ?

  • baroisgolden

    nicekicks are the floral nikes out in stores now ?

  • Ronald DuGreat

    Snorri Steinn Guðjónsson þurfum við ekki aðfá okkur svona til að spila í?

  • Tanguy Derensy

    J’vois que t’aime bien les godasses, comme les nanas. Manque plus que la collec de sac a main !

  • TrentDavis

    best KD 6 ive seen so far

  • TrentDavis

    loving these they would go nice with some cargo shots but its gunna be hard to get socks with them that match

  • Hârry Jäh K?ñg

    Kristian Josh Rivera

  • Gicquel Laurent

    déjà Nike c’est moche, mais alors la .

  • Josh Lacy


  • Nada Siddig


  • Rossan Clare

    Rod Carlo F. Panlilio Oh oh wee

  • Andy Capaz

  • Yna Briones

    maybe for girls

  • Josh Jackson

    Looks like a design for the ganja smokers … I like em!

  • Omar A. Aceves

    Saul Aceves napes lol

  • Claude Everage II

    Grandma’s couch

  • Shakira Washington


  • Nick Villigas

    Drop like a bad habit.

  • Roosevelt Smith

    These are tight…especially for the ladies…hell I would rock them too…n I need a size 9 for my daughter so she can rock kds too

  • Brian Matthew Lee


  • Domian Williams


  • Denisse Hernandez

    Wtf is this?

  • Daive Darmond

    who killed the couch?

  • _KingElliott

    nicekicks Yes.

  • sNate_

    nicekicks yes

  • emac5136

    nicekicks most def

  • blvknative

    “nicekicks: Could you see yourself rocking the Nike KD VI “Floral”?”

  • J_Soares2

    nicekicks yes when do they come out

  • Daniel Muango Bartolomeu


  • Daryl Valdez


  • Zipporah Hankins

    Them cold

  • Rico Swain


  • Conisha Carter


  • Treya F. Alcutt


  • Christy Smith


  • Will The-Thrill Grigsby

    you trippin son. Go ahead with ur lil flower self. You wear skinny jeans?

  • Josh Lavene

    Drop! But they’d match d-wade’s pants!

  • Bryan Banks


  • Emmanuel Seth Obeng


  • Dylan Hansen


  • fjaybeck

    Cop… for wifey

  • Cuongdn831

    Are you guys tired of not being able to cop any online releases? My boy has the answers for you and willing to help you out fellow sneakerheads!


  • AmyZoe

    where can i buy these at?

  • JanVazquez

    When Are They Releasing ?


    I just want to know when are they coming out ?, cause I have plenty of clothes to match the fabric on the shoe they look so nature looking that’s why I like them.

  • DrePegram

    when do they release

  • http://rfhdfrdhfrfdhftrh ang1111

    they come out april 19

  • Guest 08

    ang1111 Are you serious? Did you get this from a trusted source?

  • cquevedo813

    Guest 08 ang1111  no hes an idiot, they come out march 7

  • cquevedo813

    KMONEY_TRILL  march 7

  • cquevedo813

    JanVazquez  march 7

  • GloCapone

    JanVazquez  March 15th

  • darrell2014


  • darrell2014

    How much for size 9.5 please help

  • DavidMora

    If you don’t match these with a matching floral hat, belt, wallet, undershirt, socks, and underwear….dont get em. Dem thangz be fiyah. #casm

  • biggiebiggs

    cquevedo813 Guest 08 ang1111  ctfuu they come out march 15! do your research people!